To Your Poor Health by amina wadud

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This week I had started my blog in commemoration of Black History Month.  Alas it has sat in my computer unfinished as the deadline is well past for my bi-monthly post.  So here is why.

As I was listening to NPR one day, a man was describing the “types” of thinking developed as a consequence of the types of intellectual and physical exposure.  “Higher” thought (I hate that assessment of it, but it’s his word) he equated with things like knowledge of Shakespeare.  “Other” thought went with the days before (or current places and peoples without) access to some of our own human intellectual ventures (like Shakespeare’s plays).  What I, the abstract thinker (of course, I’m a theologian…) took away from this was that maybe I had ventured well into the realm of so-called higher thinking and as such had LOST touch with some basic thought for survival.

So I had a medical emergency. I have a hiatus hernia.  It was diagnosed just before I went to India, and medication prescribed.  I filled that prescription for over a year at my local pharmacy for about $10-$12 per 100 pills.  India is in a patents war with the US over medicine production, because they refuse to play into the over-costly game that is our US norm.  When my supply ran low I went to get a new prescription filled at my now local pharmacy.  They asked for over $300 for a 3-month supply!  Even if I only got one month it would be $169. I opted to do without altogether.  I figured my dietary adjustments, no citrus, no mint, no tomatoes no night time eating would be enough to suffice. Continue reading “To Your Poor Health by amina wadud”

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