Wildflower Wonder by Sara Wright

Ephemeral Emergence  Arbutus trumpets    seduce bumblebees  three lobed trillium wings streak rose shining stars pearling forest floors wild oats bow bluebead swords  unfurl wild lily leaves clasp palms in prayer stained glass hemlock sky  filters light  fragrant needles fracture… Read More ›

TULIP by Esther Nelson

I’ve been blown away this Spring by the abundant beauty and sheer number of tulips planted throughout Roanoke, Virginia, a city I’m beginning to think of as “home.”  If I were to pick a favorite flower, it would be the… Read More ›

Starflower by Sara Wright

Snow tide recedes,  shrinking waves  expose papery oak leaves, thick tree roots, pine needles, fallen lichens, rich humus in the making… Mycelial networks   curl tips and tendrils embrace decay.