An LDS Girlhood by Amy Wright Glenn

Utah native Amy Wright Glenn will talk about her book: "Birth, Breath, & Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula." Courtesy Amy Wright GlennThis story is written from the point of view of my childhood self growing up in the LDS church…

This is what I said in church yesterday. I messed up and instead of saying “I’d like to bear my testimony,” I said “I’d like to bear my family.”

The reason I said this is because after you say, “I’d like to bear my testimony, I know this church is true,” you are supposed to say, “I am grateful for my family.” Well, I just stood there saying I would like to bear them. I felt so embarrassed especially when I saw my mom looking at me funny.

Mom always gets serious in church. I try to focus and be serious too. After all, I know Heavenly Father is watching me. But sometimes I giggle and daydream too much. Then I get in trouble because I’m the oldest and I should know better. Continue reading “An LDS Girlhood by Amy Wright Glenn”

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