Symbols of Hope – Event in Support of Ukrainian Refugees by Mary Condren

Despite the many assertions, made since the Second World War, that never again could we see war on European soil, the past several months have proved otherwise. Ukrainian refugees have arrived all over Europe, mostly women and children, or elderly male relatives. They arrive with only the clothes on their backs, exhausted, traumatised, stressed over the possible fate of those they have had to leave behind.

Laura Shannon Pysanky Eggs

As a neutral country, Ireland does not offer military assistance.  However, thirty thousand refugees have been welcomed, in houses, sports clubs, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and when they first arrive, until more suitable accommodation can be found, they are offered campsites.

Where do we begin to address, let alone heal, such brokenness? What kind of language would we speak from our common humanity? English, Irish or Ukrainian?  Or maybe we have other languages: the language of symbols, songs, poems and stories?

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