Marion Woodman and Mary Daly – Soul Sisters? by Susan Gifford

Susan Gifford Conscious Femininity was the first book by Marion Woodman that I read August 2010; it is a collection of interviews with Woodman from 1985 to 1992. Marion Woodman was eye-opening to me – I started seeing a connection between the feminine side of “God,” mostly missing in our world today, and the ecological disasters that are looming.

Additionally, I recently read Mary Daly’s book, Beyond God the Father (I was enticed to read it because Sarah Sentilles wrote so movingly about Mary Daly on this forum).  Daly’s writing convinced me, at a deep “gut” level, that any possible “solving” of Earth’s current ecological crisis is directly related to an evolution in human spiritual consciousness – from a patriarchal, hierarchical view of all life to an equalitarian view.  And, this change in consciousness must be preceded by women’s liberation.  These three vital issues (ecological crisis, spiritual consciousness and women’s liberation) are inextricably linked.   Although Woodman connects these issues in a manner very similar to the way Daly links them, evidently I wasn’t ready to “get it” until I read Beyond God the Father. Continue reading “Marion Woodman and Mary Daly – Soul Sisters? by Susan Gifford”

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