Outsider Looking In: A “Tradition” of a Different Name By John Erickson

The following is a guest post by John Erickson, doctoral student in Women’s Studies in Religion at Claremont Graduate University.  His research interests involve an interdisciplinary approach and are influenced by his time as the director of a women’s center and active member in the GLBTQ and women’s rights movements.  His work is inspired by the intersectionality of the feminism, queer identity, and religious political and cultural rhetoric.  He is the author of the blog, From Wisconsin, with Love and can be followed on Twitter at@jerickson85.

I often read on this blog about the effects various religious traditions have on people’s personal and professional psyches.  As I sit in class, I listen to people tell their harrowing stories of how they “escaped” restrictive religious practices or were able to “work within” their religious community to attempt to or even in some cases create the change they wanted to see.

Although I enjoy listening to my peers talk about the issues that have followed them along throughout their life, I find myself struggling to personally validate these experiences in relation to my non-religious background.  More specifically, I want to associate with your feelings but I just cannot seem to relate in any way no matter how hard I try.   Continue reading “Outsider Looking In: A “Tradition” of a Different Name By John Erickson”

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