Feminist Ethics Class and Final Problem Solving by Marie Cartier

This spring I taught “Feminist Ethics” at California State University Northridge. I have posted two blog on this site regarding the students’ projects for that class: April 4, 2012:  The Feminist Toolbox by Marie Cartier, and May 12, Change My Mind, Move My Heart: Feminist Ethics in Practice by Marie Cartier.

In the original blog I explained that the students were asked to identify a private or public a problem that they could find a full or partial solution for and that their actual final had to actually implement their proposed solution. Students had to use “The Feminist Ethical Toolbox,” or what they call “Cartier’s Toolbox,” in their solution. The toolbox addresses questions such as, “Is everyone affected by the decision (the solution to the problem) at the decision making table?” and “If they are not at the table, are they represented at the table by someone who will speak to their interests?” among others.

The second blog addressed combining art with scholarship/activism so that we do not only change minds but also move hearts. Students had to attempt to combine art with their problem/ solution-consciously using art as a “toolbox” element helps facilitate social change. It is in the integration of both art and scholarship that the most poignant and effective social change strategies are birthed. Continue reading “Feminist Ethics Class and Final Problem Solving by Marie Cartier”

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