Change My Mind, Move My Heart: Feminist Ethics in Practice by Marie Cartier

As some of you know, this spring I am teaching “Feminist Ethics” at California State University Northridge. I recently posted a blog on this site regarding the students’ project April 4, 2012 The Feminist Toolbox by Marie Cartier. If you read the original blog you know that the students have been asked to find a problem in the public or private world that they will deconstruct and then find a full or partial solution for. For their actual final they must actually *do* their proposed solution.

Students must use the tools described in the earlier blog, in what I call “the Feminist Ethical Toolbox,” or what my students call “Cartier’s Toolbox.” The toolbox contains questions such as “Is everyone affected by the decision (the solution to the problem) at the decision making table?” and “If they are not at the table, are they represented at the table by someone who will speak to their interests?” among others.

As powerful as it is to construct a solution for a perceived problem and implement part of that solution, my students as they embark on results assessment of their problem-solution, find that even with the best intentions the problem can sometimes remain unchanged and they are battling with beginning a process of elimination—ok, if this did not work, what will work? Or how can I change the way I constructed the solution so that it will change the original problem?

One of the key concepts to another class I teach, “Women as Agents of Social Change” is that “Art can tell the truth like nothing else can.” This is a concept taken from a core text for that class, Bettina Aptheker’s Tapestries of Life: Women’s Work, Women’s Consciousness and the Meaning of Daily Life  (University of Massachusetts Press, 1989).

In teaching how to deconstruct problems and construct ethical solutions, we have found in the class that consciously using art as a toolbox element can help facilitate social change. What appears to happen with social change is that we can reason with another person, for example and “change their mind,” and then they can go forward and perhaps change their behavior. But, if their heart has not been changed—often they will not feel passionately enough about the change they made in their minds so that they go forth and actually live that changed life.

And also the converse is true. Art can move my heart but may not change my mind. When I am teaching social change that incorporates art practice we often find that if someone “moves my heart” then I feel deeply about what they have shown me and helped me feel. However as the feeling fades, my rational mind takes over and I may no longer be moved to reason through the steps that I must take to live a changed life.

So, in this current Feminist Ethics class we are challenged to deconstruct problems and then construct and actually “do” the solutions to those problems. We are incorporating into the toolbox the idea of not only “change my mind” but also “move my heart”– change my mind by helping me reason a different way and move my heart through art making praxis. We are evaluating as we look at our problem-solution constructs that both components must often be present for a person to feel strongly enough to reason through the process of individual social change and then contribute to societal social change.

This idea of utilizing strategies that both “change my mind” and “move my heart” is why so many social change projects want to incorporate a photograph or poster, a video, a poem, a painting—even though they also include reasoned deconstruction of the problem intended to change my mind into action.  So in addition to the six toolbox questions, students are asked to do an art component that will also “move my heart.” In preparation for this we recently had a classroom session where students presented collages that were visualizations of the world changed—what does the world look like if the problem that I had proposed has been solved—and if I were part of the architecture of making it change. They also were asked to do a spoken word piece that they used in presenting their collage. So we held a mini “coffee house” performance in our classroom that was a visual art show and spoken word “event.” Students then were asked to assess what kind of truth could be told through art that could not be told through scholarship.

It is also important however to note that we addressed the fact that scholarship also tells a truth that art cannot tell. And it is in the integration of both art and scholarship that I feel the most poignant and effective social change strategies are birthed.

Following this blog my students will again be posting their ideas for incorporating the “change my mind, move my heart” strategy into their problem-solution constructs. They will be doing this by posting in some cases the actual art and in others, their art ideas and also how art (broadly defined) helps them tell a truth nothing else can. We again hope that the “Feminism and Religion” blogging community will provide more feedback and fabulous conversation.

For instance one of my students, Jennie, has created a website about surviving rape—since she felt it was a problem that the resources out there had to do more with rape prevention, legal strategies for retribution and not necessarily with surviving what happened in terms of the survivor’s best interest.

You can check out her developing website at: Her website has for instance a footnoted scholarly article on rape (see “the inspiration”) and its aftermath of post traumatic stress syndrome and how survivor’s deal with the after effects of rape. But she also posts “daily meditations,” photographs and personal testimonies as well—in effect asking subscribers to interact with scholarship (footnoted essay) and art (poetry and images and memoir) in order to affect social change—a more constructive way for survivors to heal from rape involving community interaction and a step beyond what has been available.

Jennie will be posting to this blog, as well as all of the other amazing students I am working with this spring. We want again to say that we are so very grateful to “Feminism and Religion” for allowing us to test the feminist ethical toolbox components and our new construct of “change my mind, move my heart” with a wider audience outside our classroom. We welcome your comments on the blog posts and also on the embedded links with in the following posts that will direct you to student on-line projects, or project components, if available.

And now– the Spring CSU Northridge Gender Women’s Studies 360, “Feminist Ethics” class presents the “change my mind, move my heart” art work! On with the show!

Marie Cartier is a teacher, poet, writer, healer, artist, and scholar. She holds a BA in Communications from the University of New Hampshire; an MA in English/Poetry from Colorado State University; an MFA in Theatre Arts (Playwriting) from UCLA; an MFA in Film and TV (Screenwriting) from UCLA; and an MFA in Visual Art (Painting/Sculpture) from Claremont Graduate University. She is also a first degree black belt in karate, Shorin-Ryu Shi-Do-Kan Kobayashi style. Ms. Cartier has a Ph.D. in Religion with an emphasis on Women and Religion from Claremont Graduate University.

65 thoughts on “Change My Mind, Move My Heart: Feminist Ethics in Practice by Marie Cartier”

  1. So for my project I have been fighting a sexual harassment suit against my manager. The case was recently closed and the issue was basically pushed to the side. The lack of help and understanding I have received has left me feeling a bit disappointed. For a while I really wanted to give up, quit, find another job and perhaps let that miserable company deal with themselves. But then, as I was creating an art piece I began to feel a change. As I was writing my poem I became angry yet determined. I realized that this is my battle and to simply let him get away with what he did would be shameful. It was through expressing myself in the artistic manner that I was able to understand how I really feel. I don’t want to give up and I certainly can’t let the pig that is my manager win.
    Here is my poem:

    Should I feel this uncomfortable?
    Am I being unreasonable?

    I keep being hushed
    And told that it’s alright
    But I don’t feel alright

    I tried to make this easy
    I wanted to be fair
    But I have been ignored
    And that is NOT alright

    I am standing up
    And you cannot stop me
    But I am going to be Alright.


    1. Hey Berlyn,

      I am so happy to hear your determination in trying to get this jerk. He can say sorry all he wants but he needs to put in his place, sorry won’t do anything because he needs to see the consequences of his actions. If they let him off the hook, who knows how many times he is going to continue. I wish you the best, I hope that you can resolve this. Be strong.



  2. The project that I am currently working with is Female Genital Mutilation. I have created a website and so far, is going well but still needs to further develop the site to make it reach more people. Two weeks ago, I had created a collage for the class that was made by picture that showed the invasion and severity of these procedure. It never gets easier to witness the pain and suffering these girls have to endure and when seeing these images rather just hearing about FGM makes at least my heart bleed a thousand times more and it becomes even clearer for me why we need to fight FGM. The other half of the collage had my vision of what the future looks like for young girls and women when FGM comes to an end. I will put up the collage I made in my next blog and instead share one of the poem I wrote as a way to show how personal testimony from those who have been affected by FGM( which is part of my website) is as valid as any research paper that has been do on this procedure….

    To Be Me…

    What I want is to be heard
    What I need is to be seen,
    What I would like the most
    Is to be me….
    I will never forget that day that changed my world
    I was six years old and told that something special would happen to me
    Something that would prepare me for womanhood
    I was six years old, excited over the big words and this new world
    But when I saw the table and how everyone in the room smiled at me
    A strange feeling grew inside of me
    I knew something was wrong
    But I was six years old, loved my parents more than anything.
    I was put on the table, mother holding my hand
    “Don’t worry sweetie, it will be over before you know it”
    But she lied to me.
    That day was the beginning of my pain.
    A pain I can never forget
    A pain that left me hollow for many years
    A pain I can’t explain with words how I felt when the razor blade
    Touched my skin
    To cut away my parts, my vagina
    To cut deep inside of me
    Five minutes felt like an hour and all I wanted was
    To die…
    But nobody heard my prayers
    You took away something that was part of
    My self….
    My soul….
    My identity….
    What completes me as a human being.
    And this was done without my voice because for you
    I have always been invisible.
    I can never take back what was taken from me
    I can never changes what happened to me
    The agony I sometimes feel when having my period
    The agony I feel when enjoy a night with my partner
    The agony I feel when looking at my body
    Knowing that I can never feel whole
    Never feel what I felt before I was six years old
    I never asked for anything
    I never wanted anything
    Expect to be loved for me.


  3. For my project I focused on punk women being misunderstood, and judged for the way they act and look. When I did my research for GWS 400, and wrote my research paper there was this constant ideal of femininity that kept popping up. Punk women break these social norms and expectations for women. For my collage, I took pictures of women celebrities that girls look up to and pasted them on the left side, and on the right side, I found pictures of punk girls. I immediately noticed how femininity is presented in our society, how girls should act like and what we should look like. All of celebrities had long hair, beautiful faces, perfect makeup and nice bodies. It was shocking to see how different these two groups were. One interview that I received definitely tied in with our societies view of beauty. I will post my poem below which was based on the interview. In my poem, I talk about Krista’s experience at a job interview. She was trying to get a job at a motorcycle shop.

    Girls here have tits, not tats
    He said
    Screw this hick town
    And every man in it
    Judging me for my face tattoo
    And the clothes that me
    Myself and I
    Choose to wear
    My self expression hurting you?
    My bondage belt,
    My captains hat hurting you?
    Let me tell you
    What hurts me
    Your patriarchy
    And girls wanted here for their tits, not tats


    1. Hi Janette,

      What a great poem! I like how it is so in-your-face, and it tells the person directly how they feel about patriarchy. I am wondering who is Krista? I like how you choose the word “tits” and “tats”, it is so clever! I see the connection too, it’s like “tits” make up a women, but “tats” make you less of a woman. I like how how there is so much diversity amongst all the various topics people are doing. I never considered punk girls from this angle, and now I am seeing them in a different way. Good stuff!


      1. In my response, I stated that Krista is a girl that I interviewed for my project. Those are the exact words that were spoken to her at the job interview. The owner said we like girls here who have “tits not tats”. I found that to be a very strong statement especially to women. She was very pissed at that experience. She has tattoos (including a face tattoo) and she clearly did not fit this mans ideal of beauty. Thank you for your comment!!


  4. Hello all!

    As a reminder, the ethical problem I chose for this project is about toxic chemicals in cosmetic products, and how customers are not informed about such risks. I had trouble getting started because I was conflicted about where I stand on the issue, and was therefore not able to move forward. My project started turning out into a rage of anger of how I feel about standards of beauty in society, and I felt that my project was going in the wrong direction. As I did more research, I was able to pick a concrete standpoint, and really de-construct this issue in addition to constructing an applicable solution.

    The more research I do, the more freaked out I get as I’m getting ready in the morning, because I think “Yuck! I don’t know what I’m putting on my face…” Actually, as I’ve been doing this project, I’ve been a little bit more comfortable with wearing less make-up (not that I over did my make-up prior to doing this project).

    That being said, you will see in my poem how I feel about this issue, and what I am demanding as part of my solution. Note: It is untitled.

    I’m so conflicted
    I get it, I really do
    It’s fun
    It’s creativity
    It’s confidence
    It’s sexy!
    But it’s also manipulative
    I’m learning
    I’m seeing things in a new way
    We need balance
    We need truth.


    1. I really like your topic and your poem! I definitely wear a good amount of makeup because I love it! But I’m not one of those people who can afford expensive makeup. It is sad that makeup companies do not care what they put in their products. I am really looking forward to your presentation!


  5. For my project I would like to create a program for girls that are in middle school where they are able to speak freely about their thoughts and questions. I created a collage that expresses what I want to bring to this program such as positive messages and unity. Getting lost in the art while making my collage made me realize that I am passionate about wanting to make a difference in my community. It also made me realize that seeing something visually can help improve the message.
    I also wrote a simple haiku:

    Change is possible
    It’s time for a difference

    Below is the link to my collage.


    1. Sarai, i really like your topic and collage! i agree with you that it is time to make a difference. also agree that change is possible and overtime this issue can decrease hopefully!


  6. So I decided to make a video with my collage and poem. Here is the link if you would like to watch it. The poem is a little long, so I apologize for that.

    My project has been going really well. I have began filming and I already have a few interviewed lined up ready to be filmed. I’m starting to get really excited about my project as it is starting to really come together!!!

    By the way, my ethical problem is on how rape survivors and survivors of sexual assault sometimes don’t have the proper support system from family and friends because the family and friends don’t know how to handle.

    My solution is to create a video for those family and friends educating them on what to do after a rape, how to handle it, and to put them in the shoes of the survivor.


  7. Hello everyone,

    So my project is about protecting our environment as much as possible. I think personal reflection in how we treat our planet is very important. We don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes right away, but by at least putting the effort and recognizing how we do affect the planet will cause us to change.

    Our Home

    A planet in need
    Because of people’s greed
    Continue this mishap and see
    Devastation cannot be easily ignored
    Endangers our livelihood
    Fight against planet exploitation
    Give back everyday
    Have compassion and responsibility
    It is not hard
    Just do it
    Keep life going
    Life is important
    Make a difference and see
    No effort goes unseen
    Open your heart
    Please make our planet happy for you and me


    1. good beginning and spells out your passion for the issue- now if you can focus this on a specific thing folks can do i think you can put your solution into action as we talked about in class


    2. To Sillykimchi,
      I am not in your class or even your school, but I had to post on the fact that you went the enviromental route for your project and not with some of the more “obvious” or more “popular” routes like rape culture (even though you could look at the rape of the Earth by humans), or beauty ideals, or gender stereitypes, etc etc. I am a graduating senior in WGSS departemnt at CSULB, so I too know about these issues and how important they are, but I always feel most passionate when I take or see other people take a different path. That being said, I agree with you that how we treat the Earth is a direct reflection of how we treat others. I also believe that our inside clutter can become outside material clutter and mass comsumption. In order for us to be truly happy and healthy, the Earth needs to be too! You are correct on asserting that every step even if it seems small is worth it. Good luck on your endeavors and adventures.


  8. My project is a website which contains Gynecological facts and myths as well as helpful information directed toward the female Armenian community. In this culture young women do not receive GYN care until marriage or pregnancy because they believe a GYN is strictly a woman’s doctor not needed for young girls/ maidens. This poses a risk for any young girl who may contain or contract an illness or condition which a GYN can detect. Below is the poem I was inspired to write:

    For Daughters

    For my daughter there will be
    No shame in womanhood
    Her body will not belong to culture or society

    My daughter will not succumb to patriarchal binds
    And decisions made with the woman in mind
    Will actually have the woman in mind

    For my daughter words like stigma, taboo, will bear no recognition
    Her thoughts will not be muffled, nor her voice stifled
    And a woman will no longer need permission


  9. Hi hi all,

    As Dr. Cartier so elegantly wrote in her post, I’ve started a website called and am combining scholarship and art at that URL. Interestingly enough (and I suppose/should have figured) I am having some “things” creep up for me emotionally, as may have been obvious in class last week! It’s good, and sad, and healthy and uncomfortable. All the things that healing should be. However I’ve since decided to take weekends off from writing the Daily Meditations (this girl needs a good 36-48 hours plot decompress haha). So… Guess this update is more about how the project is changing my kind and opening my heart to the healing within me that has yet to occur… Is in the process of occurring.


    1. oh very honest comment jennie! you are doing AMAZING work– so keep it up with the level you can — and taking week-ends off has been proven (by the ACLU even!!) to be a good idea for all concerned ;)


    2. Jennie, I appreciate your presence and am thankful that you have shared some of my journey. I to have found more than I was expecting and stopping for those moments of re-centering and self embracing is vital for continual focus and clarity. peace and laughter we shall share, Gina.


  10. The whole idea of gender nonconformity of women I think is a powerful topic. The idea is not whether it is punk or not, it is whether the woman takes control of her look, and that she doesn’t conform to the looks doled out to women by malestream media, heteronormative dating rituals or what your friends might think.

    That women are so locked into gender conformity, and in this day and age, how many women age 18-25 have you seen who have short hair? A punk woman would disrupt this.

    However, tattoos are a new kind of conformity, and when was the last time you saw anyone age 24-something NOT with a tattoo… it is no longer transgressive, it’s the hurd again.

    Gender non-conformity among women is actually rare. Even in Los Angeles lesbian scenes it is somewhat of a relief to meet a true gender non-conforming woman. Not trans but lesbian!!! Trans think they have written the book on this, but it really is about butch identity which has nothing to do with the male medical machine carving up bodies. And gender non-conformity is anti-capitalism, it is anti-fashion police, it is about economic sanity for women to reject cancer causing make-up, or continually buying expensive clothing. This harms women economically, but proud gender non-conformity for lesbians is powerful, because it makes lesbians publically VISIBLE, everything else is “passing.” Passing does nothing to help lesbian youth, who won’t be able to find their elders in public spaces, and it just gender conforms to the feminine status quo, which is heteronormative and butch hating to the core.

    Punk women can challenge this, punk feminists can challenge this. I think the great threat to male supremacy is when woman gender non-conform. Just imagine a world where no women wear make-up? Where no women conform to the clothing that the oppressors manufacture and foist on all of us.

    Just imagine a world where butch was honored as a complete childhood to adult rebellion against the subjugation of women. Gender non-conformity is about a freedom fighter refusing to wear the slave clothing. Tit for tat indeed!!!


  11. For my midterm project I decided to talk about teens having unprotected sex, what are the consequences and what it can be done for this ethical problem. The solution will be teens abstaining from sex or having protected sex. So I decided to create a pamphlet with a list of places where teens can obatain contraceptives for free. I came up with a poem that represents teens having unprotected sex. A lot of out there having unprotected Sex and they end up getting pregnant and running their lives. It’s pretty sad, if you think about it. It’s risky. Be careful ! Don’t give it away!!


  12. My poem with my problem.
    Fat Women can’t disappear without being seen.
    Fat Women get noticed because of how big she is.
    Fat Women leave their mark in a bad way because of her size.
    Fat Women feel embarrassed and ashamed when she realizes
    the best clothes were reserved
    for women built like paper dolls
    Fabric folding behind their hard, flat
    arms and waists, belting them in.
    At one time, Thin Women might have been sorry
    to see Fat Women moving
    At one time fat women were seen as rich women because she could afford to eat whatever she wanted whenever she wanted

    This poem has made me seen my problem differently because women who are overweight are beautiful. You don’t have to be a size two in order to be beautiful. A woman should embrace her body no matter how large or how small she is. If our society had this attitude then I think fewer men and women would have eating disorders or go on fad diets that don’t work and damage their body.

    I need signatures for my petition!!!! Please sign my online petition.

    Petitions by

    var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push([‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-307455-4’]); _gaq.push([‘_setDomainName’, ‘’]); _gaq.push([‘_setAllowHash’, ‘false’]); _gaq.push([‘_setAllowLinker’, true]); _gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’]); (function() { var ga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true; ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);})();


  13. Hello everyone,

    So I had mentioned in class today that I was going to have a beach clean up day tomorrow. I know it is a little late notice, for those of you who said you would be interested, but if you can make it, that would be wonderful. I am planning to go after 1pm to Santa Monica Beach since it is the closest =D, I will be bringing trash bags and gloves so if anyone wants to come join me please let me know asap, that way we can arrange rides or meet spot. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay very long since I have to be back in the valley before 6, but a couple of hours will be good, if not I am also planning to do a few hours on Saturday if anyone can do then. My email is Also, this is my blog if anyone is interested in looking at it, hopefully tomorrow or Friday I will be able to upload some photos of the event and inspire more people to do their part.
    KH =D


  14. The problem that I am trying to solve is the lack of information that parents receive regarding the rights, services and resources that special education students have. So far I have created the pamphlets, give the workshop to six parents (4 mothers, and 2 fathers). In addition, I have taken some pictures to parents holding a pamphlet; I have placed four pamphlets in the special education office. Also I am in the look of parents to give them the pamphlets and invite them to go to the workshop. I’m standing in the main entrance every Tuesday before the bell rings to have an opportunity to talk to the parents. And last, I am approaching parents in the visitor’s parking lot before school (Most of them I know). Following, I’m posting my piece of art: a collage (some images) and a poem. I consider this collage and poem will help to say what nothing else can.

    Knowing my rights

    I have started to realize
    that in order to make a difference in the world,
    I need to change myself,
    When I help others,
    I feel like I made a difference in their lives.
    I help them by encouraging them,
    listening to them,
    sharing my time with them,
    supporting them,
    and by being empathetic to them

    I am a Parent
    now I know my rights;
    I can walk without stress or struggle.
    I can walk with confidence.
    I can walk to the room
    knowing my rights.
    I can seat at the table and not to the side.
    I have the right piece to put the puzzle together


    1. you are doing amazing work sonia–i am so proud of you!!– i have an article i am bringing to class for you this week– about child anuse on special needs children in a school in massachusetts


      1. Dr. Cartier, I appreciate your patience, support, and guidance. I’m very grateful to you.
        My major is special education. People in that field try to persuade me not to follow my dream. When they find out that that is what I want to do, they all tell me in a sarcastic way, “Good luck!” Taking this class has helped me to open my eyes even wider to see the need of special education professionals (not only teachers) who can make the difference in the students’ lives. I have a passion to work with these students and will not stop until I fulfill my dreams no matter how hard it seems to work with them. I am driven and determined.


  15. My poem for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Sometimes in the workplace, you’re approached by someone who,
    makes you feel uncomfortable and often makes you blue

    You mull it over in your mind to overcome this strange feeling,
    but confusion seems to weigh you down and it sets your head a realing

    What often causes this at work, you find, is sexual harassment
    unwanted touching, jokes and such that causes ones embarrassment

    This isn’t just confined to fems, but all can be its victim,
    From the people that you work with who ignore the legal system

    Laws are passed and put in place to protect you when you’re working
    From bosses, peers and underlings, who take pleasure when they’re lurking

    Awareness is the key, my friend, to both victim and the perp
    They just can’t get away with it, from those you meet at work

    I don’t have any control over workplace bad behavior
    Nor do I think that I am here to be they’re only savior

    Yet by placing awareness pamphlets in locations at my workplace
    so there may be no more victims who file a harassment law case

    The truth that I was able to say by constructing art, was that I don’t have control over other’s behavior, that I can’t be the big savior, yet, I CAN gather the information into one for those who need help. To inform victims, what to do, where to go, and what’s the next step…


  16. My poem regarding body abuse.
    Getting hurt by others is painful especially if it’s by body abuse.
    There are a lot of people being hurt and others ignore it.
    People have to start listening to others and stop the fire, starting with the fuse.
    The ones being hurt can only share their experiences and rise above it.
    Pain is anything affecting the human body. It can leave you with scars, bruises, and a distorted image of oneself along with being unhealthy.
    Looking in the mirror and constatnly criticizing yourself can leave you feeling un-pretty.
    People hear but never listen, and body abuse is something that we shouldn’t be missing. Know that you are beautiful even if society does not always say so.
    Remember that you are beautiful inside and out because there’s always a rainbow at the end of the drought. You are never alone.

    What I was able to do with this art piece is gain a greater perspective on ways in which women can see how beautiful they are.


  17. Hey everyone…just realized that I haven’t shared my website that I has created for my project so here it is…. ….I recently created a facebook page to make the site more visible and make people more aware of the issues so here is the facebook page……
    Hope everyone is having a great day…


    1. mona- your website is fantastic…i am sooo proud of you–it is moving and incredible and honest and authentic…thank you for this work you are doing…i hope you can stay in touch with me and keep me posted on your results assessment….i’m very, very impressed


      1. Thank you professor….and of course I will stay in touch with you because I would never like to lose connection with such an amazing teacher…thank you for making you us do this project…not only do we getting more involved with ethical issues that needs attention for the sake of other peoples well being, but also for our own personal growth and for some, an emotional and sometimes painful healing that have not yet occurred…thank you…


  18. My poem is about the opposing views in the heated issue of abortion, because the false advertising that goes into CPC’s is born from strong beliefs against it.

    Choice is everything
    Since when did our bodies become yours?
    and not our own?
    Since when did your morals become mine?
    They never did
    Freedom shouldn’t be shameful
    So don’t make me fell ashamed
    Don’t make me feel stupid
    Choice is everything
    Let me make mine
    Since you made yours.

    Also, please sign my petition!

    and visit my blog:

    Thank You,


  19. My solution to began start up groups of women. who will meet and exercise with the goal to learn to support each other and break down the barriers of miss trust amongest each other is still on the move, but is at a reexamine stage. I have secured the support and resources of the original group, and a support group after the second group starts, but getting a solid second group started is more then I expected. I will discuss in detail during class


  20. What I was able to do with art was express a hope for not only young women but men to want to be influenced musically by artist who can uplift them and influence them in a way that is beneficial to their lives. With art, the artist will hopefully use their hearts to start thinking ethically about the content to create and create good music.

    I remember music when….

    I remember music,
    Growing up,
    Music was everything,
    and Still is everything,
    Just not the same,

    My generation of music was it,
    Everyone knows the 90’s,
    A period of amazing Hip-Hop & Rhythm & Blues,
    It was well rounded,
    It told a story,
    It got us dancing and taught us lessons,
    The period of music helped us get through tough times,
    It has influenced me greatly.

    What is music today?
    With no filter or remorse,
    It has taken a turn for the worse,
    Today all we hear is sex, drugs, party, drinking, and more sex!
    It makes me worry for this generation,

    What happened to good music,
    Please bring it back,
    All the conscious rappers and female MC’s,
    All of the R&B groups,
    All of the artist with soul!
    I have hope for our music.

    /Users/karismagideon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2012/May 7, 2012/photo.JPG


  21. I created a collage on beauty, as my proposed solution is to put together a sort of collage via video means to attempt some outreach and discussion on standards of beauty. With laser hair removal as the intended vehicle of how advertising (a) prompts us to want something that wasn’t necessarily desired in the first place and (b) isn’t the be all/end all when it comes to informing individuals, I decided to portray a world in which beauty embraces all kinds and breaks molds in the process. In reading for this class, the issue of norms and values came up a lot, as far as established norms, which don’t always work. Yet we still abide by them.

    Anyway, here’s my collage! Hopefully the sentiment is captured. Best~ Lindsey Darden


  22. As you may know there has been a good change in my family ethical issue… Maybe not as big of a change as I had really hoped for but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. My father has since allowed my grandmother to contact my sisters. It is limited contact via telephone but once a week conversations are better than sneaking them behind his back. I know this small step will eventually lead to bigger steps down the road. I can only wait for the days when my grandmother & the rest of my mothers’ side can actually “hang out” with my youngest 3 sisters :-)


  23. My ethical problem was a family issue involving my 3 youngest sisters not being allowed to communicate with anybody from my mothers’ side of the family. Because bringing all my mother’s family into this would be overwelming for my father I decided to base my project on simply reconnecting my grandmother with my youngest sisters… With permission of my father of course. That was the hard part. Since my grandmother has reached out to my father again there has been a small change in the right direction. My grandmother is allowed to communicate with my 3 youngest sisters once a week via telephone now… My response to this project in the art form was a poem I wrote:

    My three sisters,
    my grandma & me
    sitting in her house
    playing a game of Monopoly.

    The youngest sitting
    on my grandmother lap.
    Happy to be on her team
    she gives a small clap.

    Sitting there playing
    laughing a lot.
    We can smell the baking cookies
    wanting to eat them hot.

    The front door slam open
    Who else could it be
    My father walks in
    face red with furry

    Gasping for air I sit up
    warm in my bed.
    The Sun beaming down on my face
    Hearing giggles & laughter just ahead.

    Turning the corner
    to the nearby room.
    A sight still hard to believe
    I originally thought would cause a big boom.

    Dancing & singing
    to a beautiful song.
    My sisters & grandma
    have been here all along.

    Seeing their smiles
    as wide as can be.
    What once was a dream
    is an approaching reality.


  24. The toolbox was such a meaningful part of the class. Honestly, it really helped me see how feminism relates to so many areas of study.


  25. I’m excited to hear about the transformations these projects take. I recently completed a wonderful course on Community Accountability in which we had to create our own creative project that would center community accountability as a practice of transforming violence within our communities as well as a healing process for both survivors and those that commit violence. I recommend reading The Revolution Starts at Home, which centers violence and transformational practices within many activists and communities of color. We also used a community accountability toolkit put together by women of color. It functions as an alternative to the punitive justice system. In other words finding ways to heal and protect our own communities ourselves, and seeing ourselves as powerful and creative agents, rather than calling the police, which of course privileges certain folks based on their sex, gender, race, ableism, citizenship etc…


  26. For my midterm, I made a public relations campaign to raise awareness about a non-profit organization’s after school program.

    This is the world I wish to see
    A better place for you and me
    All children will have access to quality education
    and have equal access to resources and information
    These children will be persistent and have motivation.
    Possess self confidence, honesty, and integrity.
    If you want to see change,
    It’s time for us to nurture
    The children of our future.


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