Three poems by Sara Wright

Spirits of the Forest

In Forest Presence

I listen,


and needles rustle


Hum inside

Hemlock bark


if only humans

 would listen


 erupt beneath

the forest floor


in a tapestry of threads

millions of miles

of white

 cottony intentions


made manifest

by Raven and


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Butterfly Wounding by Sara Wright

Bittersweet orange

invokes wounding

past torment endured

at the hands of those

who would harm.

Air is lightened,

cleansed by absence

Trees rejoice

Slaughter shifts perspective

 Despair presses Diamond.

Fritillary seeks

 her flower

lover in waiting

Tongue seeking.

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Butterfly – Soul Transformation by Judith Shaw

judith shaw photoI offer this look at the life and stories of Butterfly as a healing salve for our very troubled world. In this time of great, world-wide transformation, as we grapple with the many, many racial, social, economic and environmental injustices currently tearing the fabric of society apart, may the lessons that Butterfly brings help us on our path to love.

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