Earth-based spirituality

Earth Rises Again by Sara Wright

  A horizonbelching sooty smokepollutes once pure airpressing invisibleparticles, ozone into granite – lichen covered mountains –  plant/animal lungs are coated in filthjust as ours are. Death hangs overa leaden sky,the sweet scentof moistureis absent.Tomorrow’sbitter orange sunrisesignals what manystill refuse to believe:The Earth is on Fire.Those… Read More ›

Legacy by Sara Wright

When I planted my cedarin the gardenit seemed like an odd place –Why bury her amongst a plethora of summer flowersunless I feared she’d disappear?I was afraid to name her – Guardian. When delicate fronds dulled, turned brownI despaired. Weeks passed.I considered pullingher up… Read More ›

Vigil by Sara Wright

Preface: I am submitting this story for publication because it occurred during the Christian Holy Week and because it involves me, a woman who follows her dreams… That I did so in this instance was important in ways that I… Read More ›