Whale – Lord of the Sea by Judith Shaw – Part 2

Whale, a bridge between the spirit world and the physical world, breathes air but dives deep into the sea, reminding us to embrace duality while seeking balance and our highest truth.

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Hawk – A Soaring Visionary by Judith Shaw

Hawk, beautiful and deadly, soars high in the air –  circling and circling –  its piercing eyes focused below. Spotting Hawk, one is amazed by its elegance and power while feeling a strange and ancient connection to this magnificent bird. Yet it strikes fear in the hearts of small animals.  

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Wren, Herald of Dawn by Judith Shaw

Wren, the first bird to sing at dawn, is known as the Herald of Dawn. It calls out its joy as each day begins. 

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Crow/Raven – A Messenger of Magic and Mystery by Judith Shaw

judith shaw photoCaw! Caw! calls Crow. Gronk! Gronk! honks Raven. Magic and mystery are in the air. Ancient cultures saw birds as spiritual messengers, whose gift of flight gave them access to the spirit realm.

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