Liminal Space by Carol P. Christ

From the Latin word limen meaning threshold.

When I returned to Lesbos in mid-October, I imagined I would be living in my new apartment in Crete for the holidays. In fact, my lawyer and my realtor insisted that I arrange to transfer money to Greece quickly, as they expected the contract to be ready soon.

When I opened the door and entered into what had been my dream home in Lesbos, I was greeted by the smell of damp and the sight of peeling paint. The previous winter had been the rainiest in many years, one of my living room walls is partially underground due to a slope, and moisture had seeped through the walls. I wanted to move out—and fast. Continue reading “Liminal Space by Carol P. Christ”

Gratitude Expressed by Deanne Quarrie

Deanne QuarrieWe are all experiencing troubled times.  Many are moaning and groaning, crying and screaming out.  Both sides are bringing such huge negative energy to our world.

For just an hour – a day – if you can sustain it – practice gratitude and appreciation. If we can all turn our emotions to the good in our lives, to the love in our lives and take all that energy and place it there – well, no telling what can come of that!

We have had out Thanksgiving meals and are well into the leftovers – the turkey sandwiches and if you are lucky, you still have some dressing and gravy. That’s my favorite part!

Here is an exercise I do whenever I feel troubled by negativity around me.  Take of some paper and pencil – or open a new document in your computer (which is what do). Begin to make a list of all the things you are grateful for.  It shouldn’t be hard. Most of us did some of this a couple of days ago.  As you think of things, they will prompt you to think of other things. Soon a good memory will come up followed by more. Feelings of loving appreciation will begin to flow toward those who participated in the good times with you. You may even find some forgiveness welling up for yourself and others for the bad times.  Keep writing until you have it all out there in front of you.  Most of us could easily have fifty things on that list.  As you are writing these things out, if you are like me, you will feel your heart lighten and brighten with good feelings – loving feelings.  This is gratitude. This swelling up of feeling inside us – this is our awareness of feeling blessed. This gratefulness feels lovely.

However, we need to do more. Appreciation.  Appreciation is gratitude expressed!  Look over your list.  Where in that list is an opportunity to express appreciation?  Are there events that included others – others who are still present in your life?  Can you tell them how much they mean to you?  What about family members, friends, co-workers, even your boss at work – are there feelings of gratitude there that can be expressed? Continue reading “Gratitude Expressed by Deanne Quarrie”

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