Becoming Grandma by Beth Bartlett

“We’ve all witnessed the power of a moment when an elder holds a newborn babe. There’s this unique bond that connects these seemingly disparate ages. However, there is nothing more profound than these two ages witnessing one another.”  – Mary DeJong

On Palm Sunday, I held my son’s newborn babe for the first time.  “Who are you?” I asked. I’d wrongly expected my grandson to be a carbon copy of my son newly born, but here he was, a whole new being, entirely himself.  We were certainly witnessing one another as we gazed into each other’s eyes. Did he know me, my voice, my touch?  Or did he also wonder, “Who are you?” I expect we will spend the next several months and years learning who we are to each other.  

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Grown Up World: Sit in the Contradiction by Caryn MacGrandle

It occurred to me this morning in meditation that evidence of maturity and balance is being able to sit in the contradictions of this world.

We’re not all good. We’re not all bad. People can have good intentions and be bad for you. People can have bad intentions and be good for you.

‘All is well. Wellness abounds.’ Source (Abraham Hicks) says.

No it’s not. You respond.

Yes it is.

That is our task. To get back to ‘yes it is’ no matter what is going on in your life.

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