It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month – So, Do Something by Karen Leslie Hernandez

karen hernandezOctober is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. By the end of this month, approximately 93 women will have died at the hands of their partners and about 150 children will have died at the hands of their parents. And that is just here, in the United States.

As a Domestic Violence Advocate, these numbers are still stunning to me. Along with advocacy, I have written about it, lectured about it, preached about it, and at one point in my life, I was in an abusive relationship. I still cannot ask enough why these statistics are valid. In fact, I wonder… Why are they even statistics at all? Aren’t women and children who are killed out of rage, misogyny, misplaced anger and fear, more than just statistics? How can our system be so geared toward allowing harm to come to women and children, when, as a nation, we tout being so progressive? If this were true, we wouldn’t lose 93 women and 150 children every single month. Continue reading “It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month – So, Do Something by Karen Leslie Hernandez”

The Primal Connection with Domestic Violence by Karen Hernandez

karen hernandezAs we near the end of Domestic Violence Awareness month, I bring attention that as of today, about eighty-four women have died in October in the United States at the hands of their partners.


And three or four more will die today.

I was reading the other day about “honor crimes.” Removed from the regions where these acts occur, we here in “the West” judge these crimes, where fathers, husbands, and brothers act on their misogynistic tendencies and kill their daughters, wives, or their sisters for “shaming the family.”

I wonder – how is this act so different from what we call, domestic violence? The impetus for the killing might be different, but the fact remains, it is violence against a familial member, violence in its most intimate form, almost always against women, and violence that stems from control and power, as well as “justification” of ownership and righteousness.

Continue reading “The Primal Connection with Domestic Violence by Karen Hernandez”

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