Happiness is Analog by Mary Sharratt

I hate Fakebook.

Social media depletes my energy. It depresses me. It’s designed to create a sense of anxiety, comparison, envy, and lack as we compare our rough edges with the carefully curated images of other people’s lives. Images that only reveal the surface of things, because social media has no time for depth.

Social media kills authenticity. You have to be so careful what you post because you never know who might be trolling you or what kind of backlash you might get, especially if you’re female.

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A Case for Context by Sara Frykenberg

I have a close family member who is staunchly Republican and frequently posts videos from the conservative platform PragerU or “Prager University.” Video topics include: why the Democratic Party is the “real” racist party (as though either party is innocent of racism), the “war on boys” and masculinity, and how feminists don’t care about Muslim women (as though some Muslim women aren’t also feminists), among other issues. You get the picture. It is a propaganda media source founded by radio talk show hosts which creates short videos on every topic there is, presenting the conservative viewpoint as the simple “God’s honest truth” about the issue.

I’ve seen some of these videos. They are as offensive as they are misleading. But one element that is particularly egregious to me is their complete disregard for larger context. Continue reading “A Case for Context by Sara Frykenberg”

TikTok, the Pandemic platform for community, resistance, and activism by Anjeanette LeBoeuf

AnjeanetteIt’s July which means we have collectively endured 7 months of uncertainty, turmoil, darkness, and light. America, we are still battling all aspects of the virus: rising numbers of infected, those that deny its existence, those refusing to wear masks to help to stop the spread, and everyone else doing their duty by staying at home, washing their hands, and wearing masks. Yet, something else has added to the mix and the COVID19 pandemic; social media. Social media has taken on a whole new level for activism and resistance.

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Don’t Look Away by John Erickson

Why can’t social media be fun anymore? Why can’t we spread happy pictures of puppies, babies, and rainbows? While the answer may be simple to many of us, let me state it plainly to my relative: Because the world is on fire and we have a racist in the White House creating edicts that call for babies and children to be placed in ‘tender age’ facilities.

WEHO CA (June 7, 2015)©2015 Rebecca Dru Photography All Rights Reserved

Don’t look away. I know how hard it is to say this but don’t look away. All of those images, recordings, and other horrific accounts of the deplorable, sickening, and unconstitutional events at the camps they have set up along the southern border need to be your fuel to take action, get fired up, and take back this country from those that would want to destroy everything we hold dear.

I’ve written a lot about how the 2016 election has impacted my family. If you want to catch up on any of those posts, you can click here:
         * A Letter to Those I’ve Lost
         * Happy Anniversary

I didn’t think I’d be writing a series about my family post-2016, but if I learned anything, it is that the personal is political, and sadly, things don’t seem to be getting any better. Continue reading “Don’t Look Away by John Erickson”

The ‘Viralocity’ of the Human Race by Karen Leslie Hernandez

karen hernandezIn the past month I have found myself getting sucked in by #Walmartpeople and #viralvideos. In fact, I was so sucked in that Facebook even recommended one such video to me and I watched it several times. However, I don’t watch because I like these videos, and I didn’t re-watch this particular video because I enjoyed it. I watched it because to me, at least, it was so obvious that this woman was, and is, mentally unstable and I was so caught up in the viral aspect of this video. Yet, when you read the comments, people are outing her identity and Facebook page, calling her several expletives such as #slut and #uglybitch, simply adding to her hate. Hate, as we all know, begets hate.

I am perplexed by this whole viral video thing. It’s almost as if it’s a goal—your video goes viral and you too could end up rich, even when you have no talent—just like #KimKardashian. A world where you can become famous, making millions, from one post on Instagram because you once made a #sexvideo (that now costs over $10 million to buy) is mind boggling. Even more so that people support this, because if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be this hope for videos to go viral. Continue reading “The ‘Viralocity’ of the Human Race by Karen Leslie Hernandez”

A Theology of Indifference – What Have We Become? by Karen Hernandez

karen hernandezSay his name – Bashar al-Assad. From my research and understanding, as President, Assad is most responsible for Syria’s devastation. Yes, there are many other players, but, Assad holds a special place. Responsible for making sure the first shots were fired at peaceful Arab Spring protesters, to using chemical weapons on his own people, he is one bad dude.

Yet, what perplexes me is that people love him. In fact, they adore him. How do I know? I follow the Syrian Presidency on Instagram. Yes, the Syrian Presidency has an Instagram account. How can a man that is responsible for the deaths of millions have an Instagram account? Continue reading “A Theology of Indifference – What Have We Become? by Karen Hernandez”

Why I’m Not Watching by Katey Zeh

Katey HeadshotI just can’t. The Planned Parenthood sting operation videos. The GOP debates earlier in the month. I can’t bring myself to watch them. I used to jump without hesitation into the thick of the most vitriolic political exchanges and stand my self-righteous ground with the best of them, but I just can’t anymore.

I can’t. And I won’t. I do recognize that when I choose to tune out the noise of public debate, I am opting out of the conversation, at least in part. I shouldn’t be commenting directly on events of which I am not aware and informed. Nor should anyone else for that matter. I do end up relying on a community of commentators to fill in what I’ve missed by not watching. Continue reading “Why I’m Not Watching by Katey Zeh”

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