Morning Meditation by Sara Wright

I have just returned from the brook where I offered up my Toad Moon prayers to the song of the Hermit thrush and to the rippling waters  – first honoring my body with a poem written just for her, and then by repeating my hope/belief/intention that the search has ended and my house will get the structural help she needs without invasive machines scarring my beloved trees and land… I release my doubt – a plague that has incarcerated me for months.

I felt my body rooting into forested soil… I belong here; I am loved here.

Peace filtered through the green – trees, seedlings, lichens, mosses, grasses and the clear mountain waters. Silence, except for thrush’s morning benediction.

A prayerful moment at the beginning of each day opens a spirit door – a portal into the beyond perhaps, but also a sacred portal into myself – though I have experienced this lifting of the veil throughout my life it wasn’t until this winter in a New Mexican Bosque that the trees taught me a lesson I needed to learn. I must create space to do this morning meditation intentionally every single day – for myself, as well as for the Earth adding a third element to ritual. My walks to the river and Bosque began as a survival mechanism to deal with unbearable heat and transformed into a focused morning meditation that I hope to continue for the rest of my life … I didn’t plan it; it happened, and the Bosque full of trees, roots, fungus and hyphae was the medium… S/he opened the door.

Now the challenge is to stay strong and true to what I know… a four year journey into the hero’s (?) maze was the way I learned that this particular earth ground needs and contains me…  Would her house timbers have cracked if I hadn’t abandoned her? She needs me to love her too.

It feels almost miraculous to experience a full moon in a grounded way after my experiences in the desert with an empty sky bowl of thin blue air, mighty winds that stilled the songs of birds and polluted the air, and nights that were never dark; the moon rarely slept perching in the sky for two weeks out of each month.

Too much air, too much stone, too much wind, a glaring sun…  a sky bereft of stars for too long each month, no green, and no water….

How grateful I am for home…

Seal Skin

This body is
my holy altar
my bounded skin
my embodied soul
my closet kin.

Sara is a naturalist, ethologist ( a person who studies animals in their natural habitats) (former) Jungian Pattern Analyst, and a writer. She publishes her work regularly in a number of different venues and is presently living in Maine.

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6 replies

  1. I hope I am reading correctly and you have found someone to do the work.

    As for morning meditations, I watched the sun come up from my newly planted pots on my balcony the last two mornings. Such joy to see the sun come up and to see that the plants were thriving and putting out new shoots and buds.

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    • I finally have Carol – thank goodness – I don’t know just when the work will begin but it is supposed to happen. It’s been a hard summer with all the waiting but I have managed to keep some sense of balance thankfully, mostly due to my relationship with Nature – sometimes endurance is all.

      As for you – well I love the vision of you watching the sun come up from your balcony….and am imagining what might be growing in those pots…. such moments of pure joy permeate our lives with meaning.


  2. It sounds like you powerfully and beautifully aligned with your chosen home and all the life there. I also hope, like Carol, that you have found someone to do the work–or will soon. I love the poem prayer “Seal Skin.” Thanks for sharing it.



    • Yes, I am aligned with this land… just now I am feeling for all the trees that are burning… and I think I have found someone to do the work – now its a question of when –gosh it’s been a journey this summer. Thanks Elizabeth, as usual!


  3. It’s great that you’re Really Home and feel so grounded in a place that you love. Bright blessings!


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