Whale Continues Singing to Me by Judith Shaw

The mystery evoked by Whale continues to fill my heart as Whale images fill up papers laid out on my drawing table.

Before there was land there was only Ocean, from which all life on land and even the land itself emerged. Water covers around 71% of Earth’s surface. Oceans, seas and bays make up 96% of that total and connect with all land surfaces. This vastness of salty water, which 226,00 known species call home is estimated to reach depths of 12,200 feet.

But much remains a mystery with many, many species yet to be discovered and only 10% of the oceans being mapped. And swimming in the mystery of this watery domain is Whale, a mammal like us – a bridge between the concerns of humanity and the mystery of the depths from which we come.

Since I finished my research and painting of Whale I can’t seem to get Whale and its cousins – Dolphin and Porpoise – out of my mind. Everywhere I turn, I see or hear of members of this cetacean family of marine mammals – from whale images in the clouds to a new Netflix series from South Korea in which the main character has a strong connection to whales and dolphins and receives genius level, heart-based inspirations from images of whale she seems to see swimming in the sky everywhere she goes.

Mama whale on top – baby whale below her

Several times, upon closing my eyes I have found myself in some other life, standing on a cliff by the Sea with others and singing songs – haunting, beautiful songs – that call the whales to our shore, who then sing with us. Together – whales and people –  we rejoice in the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth. Ah – what a vision that is!

With Whale we can dive into the unknown, commonly symbolized by water. Whale is the psychopomp – the go-between – who guides our souls from the world of ego, of rationality, deep into the unknown realms of the ocean – the world of the unconscious. This can be a difficult journey, but once undertaken with an open heart, it can change us forever – for the better.

Whale with its many stories of rescuing and protecting humans and its decades long commitment to protecting and caring for its young is also symbolic of the heart. With Whale as our guide we learn to follow our heart instead of our head.

At this moment in time our world faces both great peril in multiple arenas and the possibility of momentous, positive transformation. Whale and its deep ocean home offer us a way forward to a more balanced, loving system for human life. If we remain open to the mystery we are guided into by Whale’s song, we just might find the much-needed, heart-based solutions to our myriad problems here on Earth.

Post Script: I’ll leave you with this modern story of a woman rescued from a dangerous shark encounter by a giant Humpback whale.

Sources: EarthSky, USGS, Science for a Changing World

Judith Shaw, a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, has been interested in myth, culture and mystical studies all her life. Not long after graduating from SFAI, while living in Greece, Judith began exploring the Goddess in her art. She continues to be inspired by the Goddess in all of Her manifestations. She is now working on her next deck of oracle cards – Animal Wisdom – to be released this fall. Originally from New Orleans, Judith makes her home in New Mexico where she paints as much as time allows and sells real estate part-time. Give yourself the gift of one of Judith’s prints or paintings.

Judith’s deck of Celtic Goddess Oracle Cards is available now. You can order your deck from Judith’s website – click here. Experience the wisdom of the Celtic Goddesses!

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12 replies

  1. Fascinating! I bet you know more about whales than nearly anyone else. Bright blessings to your art and all your work.


    • Barbara,
      Most likely scientists who study whales know lots more than I do but I was surprised by how deeply I connected with whales – especially since I live 5,000 feet above sea level and far from any ocean or sea where one could be blessed with whale sightings. I did see one many years ago on a tourist boat off the coast of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. I hope to have the opportunity again now that the strong connection has been made.


  2. Judith, I so enjoy your posts. You bring me closer to the wonders of Nature and the Goddess. Blessings! Aho!


  3. Jan,
    Glad you enjoy. The process of writing and painting for my posts brings me much closer to nature also.


  4. such beautiful paintings and yes the dolphin and whale are our ancestors _ I have been wearing a dolphins ring for 30 years…. as a young fisherman’s wife zi spent so many many hours on the sea with whales and dolphins coming to the boat…. they are fascinated by us… messengers for sure. but we are poisoning our seas and both are in deep trouble today.


  5. Wow! This whole post is amazing! I loved the BBC news story about the woman saved by the whale. She said something about whales saving other species, meaning humans, and I had the immediate thought – I wonder if whales see us as another species or just another living being who looks different from them but is essentially the same? I remember reading about a number of instances where whales, porpoises and dolphins saved or protected humans, especially children. I wonder if that is one of the messages of whales – we may seem like we are very different, but we aren’t, and we need to be as concerned about the fate of whales and other species as we are of ourselves. I hope you will continue your relationship with whales, dolphins, and porpoises, and let us know what else you find out!


  6. Carolyn,
    That’s an interesting thought – Do whales, porpoises and dolphins have a concept of species or do they just see all life as one and in need of protection. I think you are right that one of their messages is that we are all one and must learn how to share this planet with all other life. The big question is – will we?


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