Witches’ New Year: She is Everywhere by Caryn MacGrandle

Samhain, the Witches ‘New Year’ was a busy time for me. I did a workshop at a local large artist facility Lowe Mill Arts in Huntsville, Alabama. I watched and participated in a releasing burning ceremony the next night at the same artist site. There is so much we are needing to release especially with where we are in the world right now. 

And then the following night, I was in charge of a Fire Circle at the Witches Ball at Mill Kat Healing Arts Center where I host my weekly circles.

I admit to some trepidation hosting the very public Fire Circle. I live in the deep south of Alabama most definitely not known for its open mindedness. A friend told me that she shared the Witches Ball event on her facebook page and received the comment, ‘that is how they indoctrinate you.’

Oh my.

But we are not in a time to be deterred by fear. I have been called to share this magic. And people need it.

I had my extensive playlist of divinely feminine songs and poetry. I had a belly dancer and drummers and encouraged people to dance, sing and participate.

And She showed up. She did.

Mama Bear. From Florida, visiting her daughter. We instantly knew each other. She told me excitably about a women’s event that she had just been to. I told her about events and the Circles that I host.

She asked to lead a song, and I said yes.

For me, this was the culmination of the night. Participation had not been all that great even though I heard feedback of how much people enjoyed the night, the ‘vibe’ and needed it. But still, I did not know how a participatory song and dance would go over. 

Have faith.

Mama Bear led us in a dance around the fire to Karen Drucker’s song “Holy, Holy, Holy”. 

And I felt it.

When people push past their skepticism and fear of looking silly, standing out, and not belonging, there is magic.

We had a large circle around the fire, and we pushed the energy in, threw it up in the air for a brief while and became part of the night.

I regret that I did not get her name or contact information. But you know what, She is everywhere at the moment. All of these women who have been attending these events and learning these ways to live. Now is the time to share that.

Yes. Surely we are Holy, Holy, Holy. We are whole.

Spirit Divine
Come to Me
Healing Me

Open My Heart
Allow Me to See
Beauty and Love
Surrounding Me

Holy, Holy, Holy by Karen Drucker

  • Picture by Chris Shultz of Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment

BIO: Caryn MacGrandle is the creator behind the Divine Feminine App which has been connecting and inspiring women [and other genders too] throughout the world since 2016 as a directory to find Sacred Circles, events and resources. Women find the app each and every day, and it currently has almost 8000 users from around the world. Caryn has also hosted Sacred Circles and events for the past nine years and is passionate about the power of a Circle to heal individuals and the world. She has participated in numerous online and location events such as the World Parliament of Religions in September of 2021 in which she presented a workshop on Embodying the Goddess:  Creating Rituals with Mind, Body and Soul and just recently a webinar/panel with Dale Allen presenting Dale’s Indie film award winning “In Our Right Minds: Leading Women to Strength as Leaders and Men to Strength without Armor.” Each and every day, Caryn (aka Karen Moon) works tirelessly towards her belief that the most important area to first find equality and balance is the divinity found within yourself.

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  1. Thank you again . This is timely for me. 2022 has been a rocky year for me with so many responsibilities and cares. And lately I’ve been the heavy burden of over extending myself, and feeling the lack of care for myself deeply. RLS woke me up, I forgot to raise my bed on the foot end. And I was just telling myself that’s it’s okay, giving myself a hug. Telling myself to be the one who cares for myself.

    And thought I’d read a bit. I’ve not done much self-care or attended to my spirit much. And maybe I needed to find this blog today.


  2. One of things I have learned by celebrating ritual for 40 years now is that many folks find ” ritual” suspect…We are a polarized country when it comes to religion with the rampant religious right in the forefront… My gut says celebrate YES, but be mindful of backlash that is part of this whole… 2022 has been a hard year… so much scarcity – this makes it easy to blame…


  3. “When people push past their skepticism and fear of looking silly, standing out, and not belonging, there is magic.” Yes! These moments in rituals, celebrations, circles, get-togethers — however people are comfortable calling it — when just the right thing organically happens are my favorite and so powerful. Every ritual is unique and the best stay with those who participated always so that they can share the experience at other rituals and just keep passing on the magic!


  4. Thanks for writing this and for all your work. I sing with a women’s singing circle called Women With Wings. We celebrate and honor the Feminine Divine. We are located in Bangor, Maine and can be found at womenwithwings.org. Could you please add the group to your list, if we aren’t on there already? Thanks!



  1. Witches’ New Year: She is Everywhere by Caryn MacGrandle – Adventures of A Mage In Miami

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