Upgrade Complete – Reopened!

We are excited to have our new format and hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Xochitl, we are back up and running in only two days. We needed to upgrade our site because our old theme was no longer being supported. We are hopeful that this will solve the issues people have been having in posting comments.

Change always involves new challenges and we assume this will be no different. If you notice any problems or would like to comment, please let us know by responding to this post or by email /feminismandreligionblog@gmail.com/.

We are excited to have our new format and hope you enjoy it. As always we are so grateful to the FAR community for supporting this important work.

And thank you for your patience.

Janet (with Xochitl) FAR co-weavers

8 thoughts on “Upgrade Complete – Reopened!”

  1. Hurrah for the powerful women who made this possible… we need FAR more than ever I thought as I read Carol’s post for today feeling a surge of furious rage. A heartfelt thank you to Janet and Xochitl! Hugs too.

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