Closing for Upgrade

Dear Community,

As many of you know leaving comments on our site has often been a trial with the WordPress format that we use. We believe that leaving comments and having active discussions is one of the many gifts of FAR, and so this issue has been particularly frustrating.

One of our readers offered to help us. Through that help we were able to connect with WordPress to discover that the “theme” our site uses is out-of-date and no longer supported by their platform. That means – time for an upgrade!

We will be closing the site later today (Saturday March 4) and Sunday March 5th for this upgrade. We hope to be open by Monday March 6th.

We thank you for your patience as we do this work. We are so grateful for our many wonderful contributors and readers who make this such a special site.


Janet and Xochitl
FAR co-weavers

2 thoughts on “Closing for Upgrade”

  1. Hello…. I clicked on “read more of post” and received something about setting up a website. So reading the subject line indicates that there is a re-grouping of sorts so I will wait for your return. I really like these thought provoking posts and I hope they can continue. Blessings to all of you who work behind the scenes, Jan



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