Waxing Moon at Refuge by Sara Wright

Waxing moonpiercesfringed HemlocksStarburstsblink in and outOwls conversefrom Needled Crownsbathed inAir and Light.Refuge Treesoothed byFamiliar callssighs deeply,soakingIn the Night. Refuge incarnates as Aphrodite…  In the forest I slip into a lime green skin with the help of one hemlock, under whose… Read More ›

Spruce at Dawn by Sara Wright

Spruce towersover weeping hemlockbalsam and pine.Pale peach cloudspaint the sky circlingfringed spires.Treesour first cathedrals…Some still gatherunder these boughs.Her Voiceis being Silenced.The Spirit ofthe ForestDeparts…

The Gate by Sara Wright

Unaccustomed to joy his kindness barely torched  her cells still under fierce attack from too many anti –bodies. What registered was quick – silver shining a clasp so easily undone…   A golden sun illuminated two  leaf strewn paths  gilded in… Read More ›