Greece is in the throes of a terrible economic crisis. National elections were called last week and will be held on Sunday May 6.

I am one of the 5 candidates for the Greek Parliament on the Green Party ticket in electoral region of Lesbos. We are a small country of only about 10 million people. The Lesbos district includes about 100,000 people. It is truly amazing that I as an immigrant have been asked to run. It is also amazing that though most of our politicians are corrupt, our electoral system has not yet been completely bought. No polls are allowed during the last 2 weeks of the election. The final poll indicated that the Green Party will have a voice in parliament for the first time on May 7. No Green candidate from Lesbos is likely to become a member of parliament, but all of the votes we gather will be counted towards the party’s total representation. Unfortunately two right wing fascist parties are also likely to get seats, and no party looks poised to gain a ruling majority. What will happen next is anyone’s guess.

Ecofeminist Petra Kelly was one of the founders of the European Green Party of which we are part. Due in part to her good work, the Green Party’s goals include: sustainability, social justice, nonviolence, and participatory democracy. Not a hard platform to run on!

Here are my answers to 3 questions posed by one of the other candidates on the Lesbos Green ticket.

Why are you running?

My heart aches to think that we are destroying the beauty of the earth and the conditions of life on our planet. When I was young, a popular song lamented: “They paved paradise and they made it a parking lot.” I came to live in Lesbos in part because its natural beauty had not yet been destroyed in favor of the mighty automobile and the mighty dollar. Do we want to live in a world where our children and children’s children will not ever be able to run free under the trees or swim in clean clear waters in the sea? Do we want our children’s children to grow up in a world that is hotter and hotter in summer and more and more stormy and wind-battered in winter? If we do not change our ways, ours will be one of the species that will go extinct in the not so distant future. This thought makes me very sad, and until I die, I am going to do everything I can to preserve the conditions for life on planet earth.

Why now?

Recently I have heard others say, “We can’t do anything about the environment now. We have to think about the economic crisis.” Now is the time to take a good look at the patterns of domination that have brought us to our present crisis: man over woman, parents over children, humans over nature, politicians over the people, group against group, nation against nation, money above everything else. The Green Party calls us to create a different world—a world based in justice and equality for all, fairness, and compassion for those who have the least. The Green Party dares us to envision a world with no violence in the home, no violence in the streets, and no violence in our international relations. If we cut the military budget in half, we could begin to solve the economic crisis. If we put living in harmony with nature first, we could create a better quality of life for ourselves, our children, and the all the living. If we demanded participatory democracy, we could join together to create a better world.

Why the Green Party?

The Green Party has a vision for the future based in love for life itself. The Green Party asks us to think about why we are destroying the conditions of life on planet earth. The Green Party asks us not to accept domination in any form: all people—female and male, young and old–and all beings in the web of life– deserve respect and love. The Green Party asks us to imagine a world without violence. “You may say that I’m a dreamer,” but as John Lenon reminds us, “I am not the only one. I hope some day you will join us and the world can live as one.” If we put our love of life first, together, we can find a better way.

Karolina Krist

Candidate of the Green Party, Greek Parliamentary Elections 2012, Lesbos Electoral Region

Molivos, Lesbos, where Carol lives

Carol P. Christ is a founding mother in the study of women and religion, feminist theology, women’s spirituality, and the Goddess movement.  She teaches online courses in the Women’s Spirituality program at CIIS. Her books include She Who Changes and Rebirth of the Goddess and the widely used anthologies Womanspirit Rising and Weaving the Visions.  One of her great joys is leading Goddess Pilgrimages to Crete through Ariadne Institute

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  1. It is sometimes hard for people to see that environmental issues are issues of social justice. There still seems to be this huge disconnect. We have grown so disconnected to the earth that we can no longer clearly see our dependence on it, that the very breath we are breathing depends on the health of the ocean, that the ocean is in fact our lungs. This of course doesn’t begin to touch on the social justice aspects of climate change, but such carelessness with the very body we live in boggles my mind. Good Luck Carol.


  2. Carol, if I could vote for you from southern California, I’d do it! Good luck. I remember reading about Petra Kelly back in the olden days and thought she was very brave. I think you are, too.


  3. Your commitment to social justice is so inspiring and so integral to your work on Goddess spirituality. I wish more extremely capable women in the US and elsewhere who have their minds, hearts and spirit passionately involved in protecting a legacy of planetary life, so that we may begin to work towards the ideals of “freedom and justice for all…” allowed the Goddess to move them, like She is moving you, to take this positions of great responsibility. I wish you the best of health and a prosperous and long life to see all your aspirations fulfilled! I also pray that a group of tireless women and men join you in your ongoing endeavors. With loving gratitude!


  4. It is easier to run in the parliamentary system than the US system, because it is not win, lose, every vote counts towards the party total. I just came back from being interviewed by local tv on a second channel on a panel on women in politics. Yeah for us!


    • Inspired by the parliamentary system and different forms of democracy “we the People…” in the US need to become more aware of our responsibility to create and engage in a participatory democracy. It is up the People in the US to garner all the qualities needed to turn this country around from a world terrorizing empire of oppression in the rest of the world into a part of America which represents the character of its majority: the good people. I feel your victory will tear down lots of psychological cobwebs in US activists, including me. Wishing you Victory in the elections!


  5. This is the start of the future, and I welcome it. Cooperation and co-creation, empowerment through service to others, love without fear, and finally, justice! I am glad you are doing this. Stay positive Carol, and trust your source, as always. We support ya.


  6. Dear Karolina, you have written such a beautiful and eloquent plea for the Green Agenda. I hope the Greens can win representation in the Greek Parliament at last. Thank you for running and campaigning for the Greens. Who knows, maybe this will be the Year for Women in Greece too! That would be amazing, if you end up in the Greek Parliament!

    I imagine many others, like myself, feel very moved by what you have written and projected for Greece and the future of its people and the whole planet. Greece is so beautiful, and I am sure many understand this and cherish it, and also feel sorrow, as you do, about environmental decline. NOW is the right time to make certain that any new economic plans include the health of the environment — the people, animals, forests, seas. I wish I could vote for you too. I pray that many will!


  7. Thanks for all your support. I have been handing our flyers with a smile, saying “I am doing this for people and the environment together” or “for our children and grandchildren.” Lots of people have been supportive and wished us well. Electioneering ends Friday night and the resulte will be known late Sunday night or early Monday morning.


  8. campaigning ended last night. elections are tomorrow. we wait to see what will happen.


  9. Not a happy morning for me. We got 2.93% and needed 3% to get into Parliament. We got 3.36% in Lesbos and 3.83% in Limnos where I also campaigned. Siggghhh. Worse than that the Neo-Nazi Party got into Parliament….



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