The Song of the Forest by Sara Wright

My friend


When He comes
I forget who I am.
My story vanishes.
Boundaries dissolve.
Emerald green,
leaf filtered light,
clear mountain streams,
trees, lichens, moss –
become ‘all there is’.
In the still dawning
animals speak.

Nature’s ultimate gift is that given the chance S/he dissolves the artificial socially constructed boundaries that humans have erected to separate themselves from the Earth who is burning in the Fire, unable to breath, as many of us are beginning to do now.

We have a choice to re-establish interconnection – to become part of the original family that birthed us into life 500 million years ago… regardless of outcome.

Developing an intimate connection with Nature allows us to disappear into the whole. Ironically, dissolution of self is where peace is found.


Sara is a naturalist, ethologist ( a person who studies animals in their natural habitats) (former) Jungian Pattern Analyst, and a writer. She publishes her work regularly in a number of different venues and is presently living in Maine.

Categories: Activism, Earth-based spirituality, Ecofeminism, meditations, Nature, Relationality, Women's Voices

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12 replies

  1. The poem brought tears of recognition to my eyes.

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  2. LOVE!

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  3. Just yesterday I watched a report on the local TV news about a bear walking around a neighborhood in the northern San Fernando Valley. As people build further and further into what used to be wilderness, the animals in that wilderness sometimes retreat and sometimes become tourists in the new human neighborhoods. This 200-pound female bear walked along the top of the wall like it was a tightrope, climbed over other walls, and of course explored garbage cans along the way. The Fish and Game folks caught up with her, tranquilized her, and took her back into the so-called wilderness of the Santa Monica Mountains. I sometimes wonder what these Los Angeles bears would say to us if anyone cared to listen to them.

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  4. This poem is a delight! We’ve all noticed how, in the dearth of human presences, denizens of the natural world have ventured out—the mountain lion asleep in a tree in downtown Denver, the goats walking down the High Street of a Welsh town, the dolphins swimming up the newly clear canals in Venice.

    Perhaps if we humans stayed put, kept our mouths shut, and used our eyes and ears more, we would experience the peace that comes of living in harmony with nature.

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  5. You are so right – that peace only comes in stillness – never on the run.

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  6. Thank you, Sara. I needed to hear this today!

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  7. Beautiful, Beautiful – both poem and bear!! Thanks for the reminder of our connection to nature!

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  8. Sara, thank you for the wonderful, beautiful poem and your reflection. I couldn’t agree more. I’m so glad your bear friend is back.

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