Waiting for Jesus… I mean, Superman by Melinda Bielas

mindy BielasI grew up in a white-middleclass-fundamentalist-Protestant community. As a result I learned to think of God as my Father, and Jesus as my savior, similar to the fairytale prince in shinning armor or the ultimate boyfriend. As an undergraduate studying Religious Studies, I learned of other ways to relate to the Divine and discovered how to be a Feminist Christian. However, many women with backgrounds like mine do not have the opportunities that I did to discover different and liberating pictures of God. As a result they must choose between a religious life that enforces patriarchal norms, or life as a “secular” feminist. A recent song by a modern rock band, Daughtry, “Waiting for Superman,” reveals how the dependence on a male savior prevents Christian women from claiming their own personhood, independent of a patriarch. Continue reading “Waiting for Jesus… I mean, Superman by Melinda Bielas”

What’s Your Super Power? (And Who’s Allowed to Have It?) by Sara Frykenberg

Sara FrykenbergI recently went to see Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.  I saw it two times actually.  Readers familiar with my posts about cosplay and video gaming will not be surprised to learn that I am also a fan of comic book heroes and heroines; and Superman was my childhood favorite.

I was both attracted to and wanted to be like Superman, specifically, Christopher

Christopher Reeves as "Superman."
Christopher Reeves as “Superman.”

Reeves’ Superman.  One of my strongest childhood desires was also to fly like a bird.  I remember jumping off the end of my parent’s bed over and over again, convinced that if I flapped hard enough and kept on trying that I could fly.  The older I got, the more I realized that I also did not want to be “rescued” by Superman.  Rescue from the difficulties in my life was an unattainable fantasy.  So, I desperately wanted to be Superman.  Though I knew this too was impossible, perhaps I had only to try. Continue reading “What’s Your Super Power? (And Who’s Allowed to Have It?) by Sara Frykenberg”

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