Imix: Primal Mother and Dawn of a New Age by Michele Stopera Freyhauf

Michele FreyhaufIf you are reading this, then we survived another apocalypse.  People are fixated on end-times; especially predictions, prophecies, etc.  Specials on Nostradamus, the Book of Revelation, TV Evangelists looking for end signs plague television shows, movies, and writings.  Countdown clocks and reminders to repent are all around us.

What is unnerving is how we obsess about the end of the world instead of living in the world we have right now.

I would like to share a Mayan poem that I came across.  It is called “Imix”- a Mayan Oracle Interpretation translated by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bruner and I am drawn to it due to the imagery and symbolism:

I Am Imix, Primal Mother.

Still, dark womb of the patterned potential of becoming, sacred, interstellar genesis, I Am.

Nourishing, fertile abyss, I birth you.

Benevolent, my mighty cauldron of primal waters, enveloping the living seed. Eternal is my embrace.

As you are trusting and receptive, I sustain you with the sweet wine of my many gifts. 

I bathe your seed essence with abundant life force, for I am the primal sound of creation, the potent energy and vibration of the undivided waters.  

As stillness sources movement, so this tender seed is protected within my devoted watchfulness.

I Am the divine cradle of potential realized through primal trust.

I hold you close, my beloved, for you are of my lifeblood and do arise from the depth of my tender power, which is the very substance of your heart.

It is I who weaves the web of the universal connectedness of all life.

Within my silken tapestry is the story of the one womb that I Am, each shimmering thread leading back to me, Mother Mystic Spider.

Spinning arms of my galaxies embracing you, my form becoming  your form, weaving silken tapestry … all form… all form yielding to no form within which my womb is the Great Mystery.

Holy, hallowed temple from which springs the sweet song of creation, melody divine, I sing you, my cherished essence, gentle nourishment on your path of awakening.

Besides the beautiful life-giving prose, the beauty of this oracle reflects our interconnectedness.  As prophecies or predictions come and go and society continues to obsess over the end of the world – let us stop being an apocalyptic society and stop focusing on the end times; stop focusing on death. Let us awaken to this new insight and be cognizant of our connectedness to each other and recognize the beauty and miracle in our life.

As we survived another apocalypse or end-time prediction, I propose that we look at today as a new day, the dawn of a new age, a new beginning, a time for reconciliation, a time for change. Let us focus on the times here and now; being present to one another in a positive way – in this world that is in dire need of healing.

Michele Stopera Freyhauf is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University.   She has a Master of Arts Degree from John Carroll University in Theology and Religious Studies, performed post-graduate work in History focusing on Gender, Religion, and Sexuality at the University of Akron, and is an Adjunct Instructor in the Religious Studies Department at Ursuline College.  Her full bio is on the main contributor’s page or at  Michele can be followed on twitter at @MSFreyhauf.

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5 replies

  1. Blessed be!

    And isn’t it interesting that for a while our blogs seemed to be focusing on Christianity and especially the sins of the RC church, but now Solstice has brought us back to the primal Mother, in a series of posts. I think the same thing happened at Easter.


    • You are so right Carol! It is interesting how that keeps happening. I think our diversity on FAR brings a rich experience during these holy days. I really appreciate the interweaving and think it makes for a good balance of emphases. I’m so grateful.


  2. Thank you, Michele, for the beautiful Mayan poem.
    At this time of Mother, I share my own poem of the dark/light mother:

    In the womblike darkness of the labyrinth Ariadne’s thread lights a pathway through the spiraling coils that absorb and regurgitate the seeker and the wanderer into their own birth-sacks.

    Brave and frightened they tumble forth leaving behind the crags and crannies of her interior folds. Piercing the air with their cries they announce their agonizing arrival.

    Male and female she created them — stacked against millennia of forgetfulness — they teeter in a precariously delicate balance not knowing whether they will stand or fall.

    Mary — ALONE OF ALL HER SEX — sacred mother’s sacred daughter — mother of her sacred son-lover-husband- king, stands alone. The last in a long lineage of holy mothers, she holds the beacon, she casts the light into the mind’s deepest opacities.


  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this and showing again that She is the Mother Of Us All. She always has been. Let’s all wake up this blessed morning and see not only that we’re still here, but that we are indeed all connected.


  4. Reblogged this on Journeying to the Goddess and commented:
    The Divine Feminine ushers in an era of compassion and abundance, She is ruled by the wisdom of the heart.


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