Siddur – An Amendment by Ashley Roque

July 24, 2018

“Blessed are you O God, King of the Universe,
Who has not made me a Gentile
Who has not made me a slave
Who has not made me a woman”

Blessed are you Yahweh Elohim
Jehovah Jireh
Alpha and Omega
The Author and Finisher of my feeble faith
Who makes faith and hope temporary
And love last forever 

But I am a woman
In your eyes and in mine and in the monthly passage
Of my bloody womb
It all gives me away

Why does this happen?
The staging of Eve
Villainizing the serpent
The only one questioning “the Word of God” in the garden
Condemned to toil and subjugation and fertility games
When Cain gets a hedge of protection around him
For murder
For declining to be his brother’s keeper
Can I decline?
Can I step away?
Can I push and flush my common humanity down your porcelain drain?

Of course I can!
Because even then I will not be as evil, as deserving of a curse
 as Eve picking a grape. 

Why, oh why, give us this battle?
Why subject half the human race to this misogynistic rattle
And allow Your Bible writers to advocate genocide
 in Your blessed and sacred name


Blessed am I, Yahweh Elohim
Grateful, confused, deeply angry recipient of your extravagant grace
I see now the call to unveil
To pull back the #metoo confessions we have silenced in our churches
The desperate cry for help
Stapled down and shoved back
In the name of 7x7x7 opportunities to forgive
Exponential submission equals
Exponential permission to push and shove and beat us into
Exponential obedience

Why must we glean the fields of your Word like Ruth
With calloused hands and broken hearts
Hoping for Boaz
Knowing not even he will tell the truth? 

Give us the courage of
The five daughters of Zelophehad
Remind us of the sound of the voice of our mother, Huldah
Our Queen Esther who calls us all to stand
For each and every day on this side of the grave
Where misogyny reigns in the name of benevolent sexism
For such a time as this.
This is our call.
Hear the woman at the well whisper
“I do, I do, I do, I do, I do SEE YOU.”


How do we protect gymnastic girls from people who don’t believe them?
How do we protect black girls from assholes who do not esteem them?
Asian girls from a brotherhood that silences them?
Chicana girls from a government that dehumanizes them?
And white girls from a system that perpetually blinds them?


Blessed are you High King of Heaven
Who has made me a Gentile
Who has made me a slave
Who has made me a woman
 Who has given me a voice
Who has given me pain 

I know You are good and that Your goodness reigns
I know You are sovereign, sovereign over my pain
I know You are justice and one day justice will reign
I know time is ticking and it’s just a matter of days

Until then, my Elohim
Until then, my Beloved King
Use me! To unravel our invisible chains
Use me, to dismantle the words that put us in early graves.


Ashley is a Cuban American Christian feminist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She is currently in seminary at Claremont School of Theology. Ashley writes poetry and blog articles and is passionate about feminist theology. Follow her work at @ashleylroque on Instagram and Twitter.

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4 replies

  1. What a fantastic piece of writing! Rahhhhhh!!!!


  2. WOW


  3. How great is that!? It needs to be a song. Thank you, Sister. Rise.


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