Who Will Plant and Who Will Harvest by Marie Cartier

A Poem 3/27/23

We see the beginnings of fruit trees.
The first fruit, my Jewish friend says:

            The best of spring—as fruit
            Is what makes luxury, she says.

We could just eat vegetables –but
With fruit we have extra luxury, we have extra—
We have wine. Cheers- we have luxury.

I want that luxury feeling today. I want that
Feeling of –what is that feeling? Hope.
Another school shooting today. In Nashville.
Six dead – 3 kids.
A picture of a child being carted away.
Hands pressed to the window crying.
That is spring I guess, for me—that little face
Screwed up with tears, with crying.

Fifty school shootings in 2022, 13 so far this year. Three hundred and seventy-six since Columbine—which should have been the last.

One of the most dangerous things you can be is a child –going to school.

I don’t know where this poem is going.
There are 129 mass shootings so far this year.
It’s the Idea of March. More than one mass shooting a month–
And yet, the spring comes.

The green grass pushes up against the soil.
The tulips – those bulbs you planted pop up year and year again.
Crocuses pop pop pop  green buds  working to
Be something besides the seed of possibility.
To be a flower.
To be a tree.
To be a garden.
To be a forest.
To bear fruit.

Who are we as adults who won’t protect
The children? Those faces
Pressed against the glass?
Who are we who can’t figure this out-
Are we leaving it to the children to figure out?

Who will bear fruit? Who will harvest?
Who will seed the garden? Who will tend?

Who will plant and who will harvest?
It is spring and we are not protecting
Children. And somehow, we are still not doing it.
The seeds push against the dirt- wanting to flower-
Demanding water, sun, strong soil…to stay in the ground long enough
to flower. To grow.

But the fact is—we either tend, we safe guard, we make sure
or we live without flowers.

A garden does not tend itself.

And spring will turn the world either way.

-Marie Cartier
March 27,2023

4 thoughts on “Who Will Plant and Who Will Harvest by Marie Cartier”

  1. “Who are we as adults who won’t protect
    The children? Those faces
    Pressed against the glass?” If more people reflected upon this question we would live in a different world – how DOES one celebrate this season without grief?


    1. Condolences to you in your process. Wherever your grief has you today.
      Perhaps the evening breeze might delight you with a fragrance of Jasmine. Roses may have lost theirs to domesticated preference

      🕊️ Peace to you~

      Tina Sasuga-Paludi


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