3 thoughts on “#IceBucketChallenge – Raising Awareness While Being Good Stewards by Michele Stopera Freyhauf”

  1. As someone whose best friend and sister Arch Druidess is bring ravaged by ALS right now I find this kind of wonderful BUT with a little research on your own you can find local ALS charities where money goes directly to the care of people who have ALS because the caring for an ALS patient can be incredibly expensive and many have no insurance.


  2. I’ve lost at least two friends to ALS. It was awful watching them fail and fade. Why can’t that medieval church led by medieval men wearing skirts just stop trying to run people’s lives? That church certainly has means and privilege: I think they should dump ice water on their heads and donate to ALS. Thanks for writing this blog.


  3. Interesting post, but let’s not be silly about the water. Anyone who takes a bath or a shower every day uses more water than that bucket can hold. Yes, water consumption is an issue and a big one, but I don’t think pouring dirty water over oneself is the answer. Taking one less bath per week, installing water conservation measures in one’s home or apartment, not patronizing agribusiness which overconsumes water in mass production, etc., are much more meaningful ways to deal with water usage.

    On the trivial side, I take a shower with a bucket after swimming in the sea at my favorite taverna all summer long, the water is cool but not icy. It is the best shower in the world. That’s probably why I look so happy in my new photo, taken there.


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