Sedna in Spring by Anna Marie Laforest

With the Sun in Aries and then Taurus from late March through mid-May, representing Spring and the renewal of all things creative, it is a good time to think about the evolution of the goddess Sedna who created the walruses, seals, and new kinds of fish to feed her Inuit tribe which until then had to make do with bearberries, seaweed, and arctic moss. Sedna’s name means “provider of food,” but of course her creations came at a very dear price.

Her father, in a moment of patriarchal panic, cut off her fingers to separate her from their lifeboat kayak during a storm in which he could only think to save himself, as he was the chief of the tribe. As Sedna fell deeper and deeper into the sea, she was surprised that, instead of feeling frightened, she felt more like her real self than ever before. She saw her father (who had lied about killing her first love) and the “bad crow” husband he had selected for her instead, for who they were, and she saw her fingers, as they tumbled down with her, turn into wondrous, powerful animals.  

When she got to the bottom of the sea, her bones had been purified by her blood and the salt water of her tears, and her skeleton was radiant.  She quickly put on body weight, of a sea kind, and with the help of her sea-children she made herself ruler of the under-water world.

Astrologically, every person alive today has Sedna (the icy red planet detected in 2003 at the Palomar Observatory) in Aries or Taurus in their chart.  If you were born before 1966 she is in Aries for you, and you are part of the evolution of women who won strength through their tears, even in the face of deep wounding by outdated authority structures. With Aries flavoring, your creativity has likely had to push through a lot of resistance, either outer or inner, and your efforts may have felt like a blade of spring grass defying its way up through asphalt or hard red clay. Hard won, and perhaps sparse, or come in spurts over the years.

Sedna, Kellogg School Collection, Evanston, IL

If you were born after 1965 you have inherited your foremothers’ Sedna spark and are fanning it into very noticeable forms of creativity (especially through new projects, film, song, energy and body work) that feed your tribe, and not just the feminist tribe, but everyone. Once Sedna knew who she was, she became very collaborative. While walking along the icy bottom of the sea, thinking hard about how to complete her vision now that she had the resources, Sedna noticed something out of the corner of her beautiful crescent eyes. She turned and there was her original faithful dog-medicine lover, still in his parka weighted down from the rocks her father had drowned him with. She removed the rocks, using her strong wrists, and in turn he combed her bright red happy hair with his large paw-hands. Together they made the tribal rules for seal and walrus hunting and created a timetable for when the animals could swim near the coast.  

Sedna created her own “sea-cantations,” and taught water magic to all of her children. If a hunter did not treat the souls of the hunted creatures with respect, Sedna would pull her sea animals back to her with her long hair, and keep them from the coast until the tribe sent a shaman to bargain with her, women shamans at first because they recognized how ill-treated Sedna had been by her father. They were very skilled at combing the knots out of her hair, and they also massaged her wrists and the stumps of her hands where her fingers had been, caring for her wounds.

In studying astrological charts, I have noticed that clearing the Sedna-feminine-creativity-wound has been very powerful, especially for women. A strong clue to our “personal Sedna” is to ask whether we love what our hands are doing. For me, after years of typing and filing in a male-dominated career field, I left to become a certified massage and Reiki therapist. Only after many comments on my “healing hands” did I connect the dots to the very thing I hated most as a teenager, having to massage my dominant parent’s paralyzed hands and arms. Others have found healing links to former wounds through gardening, paper folding, soul-collages, colored pencils. One woman who was always criticized for “talked wildly with her hands” found herself years later teaching sign language quite successfully. Follow your hands and the “aha” will show up in time.       

Planetary Sedna will travel closer to the earth for the next 70 years or so, and then begin her journey back to the outer reaches of our solar system. Perhaps by then we will have incorporated her message deeply enough that we can be consciously creative without getting dumped out of our kayaks first.


Anna Marie Laforest, M.A., University of Wyoming, is a 3rd generation astrologer and author of Goddess Stories, Vol 1: Finding Themselves, in which 13 young world goddesses, from Brighid to Nut to Pele discover their sacred callings. You can read the full Sedna story at:

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  1. Is planetary Sedna in our local solar system? If not, where is she? Thanks for telling us Sedna’s story and connecting her to our lives. I mostly use my “healing hands” on my keyboard.


    • Hi Barbara, Blessings on your keyboard hands, I love your FAR posts! Sedna, discovered on November 14, 2003 at Palomar Mountain, California, is one of the first two dwarf planets seen just outside the Kuiper Belt. (The other is 2012 VP113.) Astrologers are delighted that the icy planet was named after a goddess whose mythology illustrates such a redemptive path of the returning Divine Feminine. Planetary Sedna has a reddish tinge, like Mars, and reminds women of their strength, even in the face of tears.

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  2. Oh, how I enjoyed this story of Sedna steeped in context. Thank you


  3. This is a beautiful post. I find your description of a woman with Sedna in Aries spot-on, including the difficulties with creativity. I like that Sedna’s deepest wounds, losing her fingers and also her true love, led to
    the great gifts she had to give.

    The sculpture of Sedna looks like a version of a mermaid, which is something to ponder.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing Sedna’s story. It’s beautiful and inspiring. I too have Sedna in Aries and know well the difficulty of reaching the mainstream world with our creative vision. Thank Goddess for places like FAR.


  5. Great article – love how you integrate Sedna into modernity -Carol


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