Forward, Upward, Inward: A Spiritual Response to Right Now by Rachel Hollander

Brother Francesco, known to the world as Saint Francis of Assisi, left us many sweet and lovely poems and songs. In “The Canticle of the Sun,” he wrote about the gifts of nature. Brother Sun, his light and radiance.  Sister Moon and Stars for their beauty.  Brothers Wind and Air, through fair skies or storms. Sister Water for her humility, purity, and usefulness. Brother Fire, who lights the night, is playful and strong. And Sister Death, whom no one living can escape. And, of course, he included: 

Praised be You my Lord through our Sister, Mother Earth who sustains and governs us, producing varied fruits with coloured flowers and herbs. 

Mother Earth. We live on her, we eat what she provides, we use what wondrous supply she shares with us, and….

We are not the kindest of children. We are not always so Grateful for what our Mother so generously lends to us. Because it is a loan. Do not be mistaken. Mother Earth is not a bottomless well of giving. She is a Mother with expectations; a Mother who gives and then wants to see us give back.

These are tough lesson for humans; some humans, anyway. And never before have we been taught that lesson more clearly than right now.

In the weeks the world has been asked – and then forced – to shut down and shelter-in-place, these are just some of the “miracles” Mother Earth has shown us:

  • The water in the canals in Venice is clear.
  • The air in China is clean, birds are heard singing again.
  • New Delhi has blue skies (something those younger have never seen).
  • The Himalayan Mountain Range is visible.
  • The Tatra Mountains in Krakow can be seen.

Infrared photos are showing the air becoming cleaner. The other day, I heard an airplane and realized that I had not heard one in weeks. 

We are quieter. More reflective. More aware of our neighbors. More conscious of precisely how much we consume, and how much we don’t need to consume.

And, yet, I hear some saying, “When can we get back to normal?” Normal? Normal was sick. Normal was not good. Normal was what created this virus. We created it. We are it.

So, I began pondering on what this all means. Yeah, I know, it’s a large statement. That’s kind of how I think!

And a phrase came to me: Tabula Rasa. A Latin phrase that translates to “clean slate.” The dictionary defines it as, “something existing in its original pristine state.”

A clean slate. A return to the pristine. That is what Mother Earth is showing us. She’s saying:

“Thank you for slowing down. Thank you for stopping. Now, look at me. Look at what I am when you are not consuming, when you are not greedy, when you are not grabbing, cutting, clearing, building, destroying, and exhausting all of my resources….”

And she is also recognizing, 

“Yes, I am pristine….And you are hurting….That is the part that’s so hard for me to reconcile….I need your help with this….”

How can we ever think that we can “go back” to anything seeming like normal before this? Our family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors are struggling and hurting. They are seeking our Compassion. They are needing our support.

Many of us are dealing with fear, isolation, depression, anxiety. There are way too many who do not have a safe place where they can “shelter.” There are children who rely on school as their safe place. They are seeking our Compassion. They are needing our support.

And there are the helpers, the healthcare workers, the clergy, the grocery store workers, the truckers, the essential workers that too many of us never acknowledges as essential until this happened. They are seeking our Compassion. They are needing our support.

There are big lessons to be learned from this moment.

Through the grief, through the fear, through the rage, through the despondency….There is something to be learned here. 

There is no “going back” to anything that we have done before. 

Our best option – as we begin to come out of our shelters – is to choose to move forward, upward, and inward.

Forward, led by the voices of women who are sharing their wisdom with us; who understand the pain of loss and, yet, continue to work towards healing.

Upward, led by those who are innovating and creating new ways of saving lives; those who want to see us thrive.

Inward, led by the voice of our Inner Self, the part of us that we might call “spiritual” (for lack of a better word). 

That Inner Self, that is the part of each of us that makes us Kind, Compassionate, Patient….

Yes, it is a spiritual concept. It doesn’t have to be, though. It could just be a human concept. One doesn’t require faith or religion to be Kind or Compassionate. We just need to remember who we are, who we truly are. 

And then, at whatever point in our lives we find ourselves ready, we can come out from our homes, mourn our dead, greet our neighbors, and choose to face this new tomorrow with a clean slate.

We can choose to make Tabula Rasa an actual Practice as we begin the work ahead of us.

The work of renewal.

The work of repair.

The work of moving forward, upward, and inward. 


The Rev. Rachel Hollander is an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister in Cleveland, graduate student in theology and pastoral studies at Ursuline College, and author of a forthcoming book about living with depression. Connect with her on her website at and Facebook at SpiritsHome. 

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8 replies

  1. Wow!

    Normal was sick. Normal was not good. Normal was what created this virus. We created it. We are it.

    Amen sister!!

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  2. I echo Carol – Normal was sick… normal created this virus – we created it and we are it. There is no going back – whatever is ahead may be unknown but the old normal won’t be it.
    Wonderful, honest, thought provoking post – thank you,

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  3. From your lips and the goddess’s lips to our ears–and hearts!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. For sure! And brava for reminding us what we usually consider “normal” is majorly sick and that we’ve been working really hard to make our Blessed Mother Planet sick. Thanks for this post that reminds us how cruel “normal” really is. Let’s go back outside when we can, but let’s stop hurting each other and our Mother. Let’s bring Brighest Blessings to all our kin–people of any skin color, animals domestic and wild, flowers and tree and other plants, and rocks and minerals and mountains. Thanks for spelling out the lessons we need to learn.

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  5. I agree that we cannot return to our selfish, greedy “normal.” I would add however, that for many people ‘getting back to normal’ means simply being able to go out in the world without a mask to cover our expressions, to move freely, to be able to see in person (and touch) our loved ones, for elderly and ill not to be isolated and depressed. I don’t want the cruel, self-serving, earth-destroying, patriarchal normal back. But I would like the good parts back. I fear the extended lack of actual human contact is becoming detrimental to us. As an introvert (for the most part), I have lived and worked at home for years, so it hasn’t been a huge change to shelter in place. But even I am feeling some low level anxiety and depression. I have been enjoying Sara’s articles about Spring in Maine and Winter in Abiquiu; her descriptions of Nature help keep me centered. And I do love the idea of Tabula Rasa. Thank you, Rachel.

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  6. I really hate the idea of going back to ‘normal’ and desperately hope we won’t. All the young people (and others), who were so actively involved in climate change protests will be seeing the truth of how much those protests were needed – the practical proof of what can be achieved and they will not forget. They are our future.

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  7. What a lucid beautiful declaration. You are certainly speaking for my heart and mind. What amazes me most- gives me the most joy and hope right now is how very quickly the water has cleared, the air has cleared, the birds have responded. Poves to me that our efforts to go green are not just spitting ito the wind- it just takes most of us to get on board. There will be many more now, I hope, pray, wish it will be enough. So mote it be.
    Thank you Rev. Rachel Hollander

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