She Who Lives: Carol P. Christ

Carol Molivos by Andrea Sarris 1

Carol P. Christ is one the bravest, boldest, and most revolutionary women we have ever known. For so many of us, Carol is a friend, a mentor, and the one who taught us to tell our stories. Her books, articles, and writings here on Feminism and Religion created a space for other women to ask questions, to challenge the patriarchy, and to affirm our value. 

Carol’s gift to us came at a cost to her. Like the lotus flower, she had to grow through mud before recognizing her own beauty. It was through her own struggle in darkness, her efforts to wade through its heaviness, that she found her strength, wisdom, and voice. She found the Goddess.

Carol described her journey as a Serpentine Path; one that began in despair and resulted in “rebirth and regeneration.” It led her from Stanford, to Yale, to her beloved home in Lesbos. She struggled with the “gap between what we know in our minds and what we feel in our hearts and in our bodies.” It is this disconnect that Carol sought to reconcile and ultimately found the power within herself to attain holistic healing. 

Her journey is a representation of the expedition that so many women find themselves on – leaving behind the confines of patriarchal religion and male dominated spaces to find a sustaining spiritual vision that is affirming to women and the Earth. 

Carol lived this spiritual vision through her writing, her activism, and her Goddess Pilgrimage. She is a trailblazer; the founding mother of the Goddess movement, and a woman who engaged her divine energy to create positive change and teach us that we have the ability to do the same. 

We may not be able to see Carol, to speak to her, and will desperately miss her physical presence and brilliance; and yet, she is here. Her spirit is woven into the Earth and is ever-present in our lives. 

According to Carol, “The simple act of telling a woman’s story from a woman’s point of view is a revolutionary act.” It is through Carol’s story that we have learned to share our own, to see each other, and to know that the Goddess is within us. And it is through our vulnerability and willingness to speak up, our empathy and compassion, our acknowledged connection, and care for one another – our continued revolutionary acts – that Carol lives. 

Carol P. Christ

December 20, 1945 – July 14, 2021

May she rest with the Goddess

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  1. Wow, Gina, this is so beautifully put! You’re right that Carol lives on in the earth and through her words, and through us.

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  2. Carol has had such a deep and comprehensive influence on spiritual feminist thinking and being… her presence in our world will be sorely missed as we mourn her passing… yet, her legacy will live on in the hearts and minds and bodies and worlds of those who were the recipients of her wisdom and teachings… rest in peace GREAT LADY

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  3. May her beautiful spirit lead her to a higher path in her unearthly journey.

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  4. Rest in peace Carol. This is a beautiful tribute to Carol, I didn’t know her personally, but I remember her blog posts at FAR. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and challenged us all to see past the established societal norms for women.

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  5. I am so deeply saddened to hear of Carol’s passing. What a wise, brave, and beautiful soul.

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  6. I am so moved by this entire tribute that I will post it on my blog. I have been so stunned by this depth of this loss that it has been impossible to put words together coherently -Words that truly express who Carol was and is. She will live on in every heart that she touched – and she touched many. ” Her spirit is woven into the Earth and is ever-present in our lives.” I see her in every green leaf on every tree… As you also say Carol lived her spiritual vision through her writing, her activism and her goddess pilgrimage becoming a model for the rest of us. And lastly,
    “… it is through our vulnerability and willingness to speak up, our empathy and compassion, our acknowledged connection, and care for one another – our continued revolutionary acts – that Carol lives.” Thank you Gina.

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  7. A beautiful tribute, thank you. Her work meant so much to me and so many others. She will always be a guiding light. My deepest condolences to her loved ones.

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  8. ❤️

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  9. Carol was indeed a treasured friend and teacher to many, many people whom she taught to love and honor the Goddess and our Blessed Mother Planet. I met her when she was still teaching here in SoCal and had just written She Who Changes. We met at one of her book signings and had a long conversation about how I believed that process philosophy is very much like paganism. She apparently came to agree with me as our conversation continued via email. It was Carol who, in (I think) 2012, invited me to be a regular blogger on Feminism and Religion. Boy, have I had fun with my posts ever since then!

    Carol, our dear, blessed friend, live on in our hearts and memories and in the gentle hands of the Goddess and Her universe. Bright blessings!

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  10. I’m so saddened to hear this news. While I didn’t know Carol personally her work was instrumental in my journey of healing and finding myself. I was so excited when I found this blog to be able to continue to follow her. I feel like I have lost a friend. Carol, you will be missed.
    Gina, beautiful tribute. Thank you

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  11. dear Gina, Thank you for writing this lovely reflection on Carol’s life. Women’s Spirituality at CIIS is planning to host a symposium on Carol’s life and work, this coming Fall semester. Let’s stay in touch. Plus, as you probably know, Carol has asked Laura Shannon (in England) to be her literary executor and to edit a volume of a selection of Carol’s blogs on FAR.



    Mara Lynn Keller, PhD Professor of Philosophy and Religion

    and Women’s Spirituality MA/PhD Program California Institute of Integral Studies 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103; 415-575-6268; fax 415-575-1264

    Women’s Spirituality Program … Celebrating 26 Years

    The Women’s Spirituality program offers two graduate degrees:

    PhD in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration in Women’s Spirituality

    MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice

    Facebook|CIIS_WSE and YouTube channel

    View a short film about our program, “Women’s Spirituality in Higher Education,”


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  12. She who is remembered, lives. Blessed Be.

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  13. Carol P. Christ, You shall rest in Eternal Peace in the fact that I have returned to take over your place in championing the cause for women. I wished I would have known you earlier but the fact of your passing on 14 July 2021 at age 75 was not a coincidence. The timing coincides with my return to restore the kingdom of Heaven to its original position and to put Satan and the Antichrist along with the false prophet into the lake of fire once and for all. You and I already know that our God in Heaven is and has always been a Woman, not a Man. I shall take over the baton from you. While you rest in peace but I will suffer for this cause because it is already written in my destiny to do so. But I shall look forward to the day I shall see you again in Heaven in the big wedding banquet. Wait for me and I will join you once my cause is also complete.


  14. Gina, your beautiful tribute is such an act of earth magic and spellwork. As your words flowed into my memories of Carol, I experienced again what she revealed of being part of the existence of a sacred planet, finding Her own ways, amongst the stars and within the Self.

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  15. Reblogged this on silverapplequeen and commented:
    Another beautiful tribute to the late, great Carol P. Christ, who will never be forgotten by those of us who loved her & learned from her.


  16. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, Gina. You got it exactly right. Carol encouraged and supported me (along with so many others) as I began to tell my stories, and I owe my voice to her. What you say –“And it is through our vulnerability and willingness to speak up, our empathy and compassion, our acknowledged connection, and care for one another – our continued revolutionary acts – that Carol lives” — gives me the imperative to never stop. Blessed be.


  17. Thank you for your beautiful words. Christ’s writings influenced me when I was working through my spiritual journey as a young adult. She helped me to think in new ways that have stayed with me until the present. I will miss seeing her posts on this site.


  18. I am so sad to hear of Carol’s passing. Her work has made a big impression on me. I am so grateful for her life and her inspiration. May she be well received on the other side.


  19. She was a mentor. She shall be missed.


  20. Beautiful tribute to an amazing woman and guide. May her memory be for a blessing and may her journey in spirit be filled with peace.


  21. I was co-director with Karolina on the Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete and later Ariadne Institute in the mid 1990s and early 2000s. Starting a non profit business was new to both of us and we didn’t have the convenience of the world wide web. The work was challenging and fun. We found a special bond with tour participants and with each other. I believe that for most of us the tours in Crete and Lesbos were transformative. In recent years I lost touch with her yet she has always and continues to be an important presence in my life. Thank you Karolina. I love you.
    Jana Ruble


  22. Thank you for this tribute, which is so beautiful and right. Carol was a deep inspiration to me in the way she directed her life and work toward the Goddess and saw Her love everywhere. Her work helped me know what was possible. May the Goddess receive her with love.


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