WordPress Alert – UPDATED

We have been getting messages from people who have been frustrated with WordPress because there are times when WordPress makes it difficult to post a comment.  We value comments and are frustrated as well when this happens. 

UPDATE: the best way to comment (even with no WordPress account) is that after typing in your comment, a window will come up to fill in my name, email, etc.: fill in the two pieces that are required: 1) your email and 2) your name – and then just that should be enough for you to be able to submit your comment.

If you have an account and are not able to post, the first thing to do is make sure you are signed into your WordPress account. Sometimes people have been inadvertently signed out. I had a situation where I had to re-sign in every day for a week until the problem eventually righted itself.  

We have also found that sometimes we need to be patient. WordPress might not accept a comment at first try. If you wait a few hours and try again it will often go through.

I have noticed that WordPress glitches often run in groups so I imagine something is going on at their end.

We really want to read your comments, as does our audience, so if a problem arises, please be patient and try again. 

If you have another problem, you are welcome to email us at: feminismandreligionblog@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “WordPress Alert – UPDATED”

  1. I have problems even getting to EDIT posts on my site. It tells me I haven’t got one! I have to leave tab open so I can just write posts. I have seen that this happens to many people? Why has it not been corrected? It’s extremely frustrating! Cheers


    1. Yes. I have a WordPress blog and their constant glitches stopped me from posting regularly long ago. Nothing has changed any time i attempt to make a new one.

      And even if I’m signed in here and have just Liked one of these posts, the system won’t let me Like a comment or reply to one.

      This is not 1992. How can a service be so flawed?

      The only reason I don’t leave them is losing or remaking all the posts and followers. Yes, I’ve had long discussions with them many times. Their responses don’t even seriously acknowledge any problems. Grrr.

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  2. I have had repeated problems – and it is annoying because we want to comment – commenting creates relationships even when we disagree…. I’ve also had the above problem, when I was told I didn’t have a site – this went on for three weeks last spring – poor Janet had too many emails from me….. it’s important that we know that we are not alone and sometimes it does pay to close down and go back to comment – the thing that drives me nuts is that I comment spontaneously – and yes, I’m the one that makes mistakes! – but once that comment is gone I can’t get it back!


    1. Hi Sara! You know, what I do in order to not lose my writing is that before I even hit “send” or “reply” I “select all” (ctrl+a), copy (ctrl+c), and have it ready to re-paste (ctrl+v) if it doesn’t go through. Or I use a Word document I keep open on my computer – kind of like a scrap piece of paper, and I type things out there first and then copy and paste to the appropriate place when ready. If something goes wrong, then I still have a copy of it :) Not ideal, but it works!


  3. Yes! I have frequent priblems with Word Press & my comments not going to thru to you. The FAR community here is one I truly to participate in. The lively exchange of ideas & diverse creative endeavors are so important. I’m much more isolated from this kind of intellectual & activist interaction & community now, since I retired from my college teaching, don’t live near there, & have an isolating chronic pain condition. Then Covid only made that worse for everyone.. This is not a “poor me” statement. As an activist I reach out as I can, when I’m able. FAR is unique. I would love to participate more fully. Keep the connections across our generations powerful.


    1. Hi Emily! I am always thrilled when I see a comment from you – it’s terrible that they sometimes don’t come through! The only thing I can think to do so that comments are not lost is to type them out on a Word document first and keep a copy there just in case you need to resubmit or try later on WordPress. I learned to do that a long time ago so that I don’t lose my writing due to technical glitches…writing takes me so long to begin with!


  4. I am not aware that I have a Word Press account and I have never had a problem with comments. I have a friend who does and she is unable (possibly blocked?) to sign up even to receive the mailings.

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  5. I have never had an account and yet when I’ve infrequently commented over the past year or two I’ve never had a problem.


    1. Hello contenta! Does WordPress still ask you for your email and name – and that’s enough for you to be able to submit your comment?


  6. I’ve had problems with WordPress ever since my website got moved there by my now-retired webmistress 7 or 8 years ago. Now I have to “log in” every single day when I read a post and write a comment.

    I am now convinced that WordPress was created and is run by hostile aliens from some other planetary system. WordPress wants to drain our brains and take over our computers.

    DOWN WITH WORDPRESS!!! And, gee whiz, right now I have to enter my email, name and website so I can post this very comment. WordPress is evil.


    1. Barbara I have to sign in every single day and this has been going on for about 5 months straight – sometimes it takes so long that I leave commenting to the end of the day and then there are the days when nothing goes through.. We’ve got to find a way to deal with this because we are losing valuable conversation to a stupid machine.


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