Hawaiian Adventure Shamanism by Janet Maika’i Rudolph

Plumeria, one of the fragrant flowers often used in leis.

While my experience of Hawaiian spirituality isn’t explicitly feminist, I am attracted to it because of its loving and gentle nature. It doesn’t feed the patriarchy. It is a philosophy that doesn’t use dogma but rather principles. It doesn’t work as a top-down power system but rather as an internal power extending to the external world. This is reflected in one of our principles: “all power comes from within.”

I was ordained as an alaka’i (spiritual guide) in October 2016 by Serge Kahili King the founder of Aloha International. He teaches Hawaiian Adventure Shamanism or Huna for short. Huna means secret. It isn’t a secret in the sense of something that can’t be shared but rather something that is esoteric or hard to see. You can think of it like the mists of the sea, hard to distinguish and even harder to hold on to. But all real nevertheless.

Serge gave me an initiation name that is a full sentence of Hawaiian words – Ho’ikea i na mea maika’i ‘O ka wahine ihupani. English translation: wise woman who manifests good things. When receive our name, we are asked to pick out one of the words to use as a nickname. Serge advised me not to pick ihupani even though it means “wisdom” because its literal meaning is to hold one’s nose. This refers to the concept of “diving deep” to access profound knowledge. I must admit, I do like that, but I picked maika’i instead which means beautiful or good. I love this whole concept. To honor the organization and be reminded of the work that I do, I use Maika’i as my middle name in many venues including here at FAR.

I wanted to write today about some of the fun parts of Huna. Well, it’s all fun because it’s all an adventure – it is adventure shamanism after all. I’ve picked out a few Huna nuggets for people to play with and enjoy. 

Probably my favorite (although truly hard to choose) is called la’a ke’a. La’a means “sacred”, and kea means white or clear as in light. The two words together mean lovelight. As a concept it means a radiation of clear or invisible purposeful energy. One of the most common ways we use it is called “pink fog.”  If we find ourselves in a tense situation, we picture or use our imaginations to the scene covered in pink fog. Then we energize that mist by deep breaths, or movement of some type. This helps the tension drain away. For short, we talk about “pink fogging” a situation.

The theory behind it draws on several Hawaiian Huna principles. One is that energy flows where attention goes. By putting positive attention on an issue, it can positively affect those issues. Another principle is There are no limits. What we are doing in essence is drawing on the limitlessness expanse and energy of the universe to concentrate energy or power onto a situation.

Any number of colors can be used. Some suggestions are green for open heartedness, or yellow for energy, such as solar energy. If we can think it, we can do it. We use this technique for healing both in person and for distance healing. When we work to heal others, a wonderful side effect is that we heal ourselves as well. This is a fun concept to play around with, especially to use different colors to get different effects. We surround a person or a situation with the la’a ke’a color that feels most potent to the situation. It all helps in healing because it relieves stress and can work on areas that are in pain.

I’m often asked about using la’a ke’a for protection. We can use white energy to increase safety but there are two precautionary notes about this. If you find yourself using it all the time, that indicates the presence of fear, and it might become more useful to deal with the fear directly. Because energy flows where attention goes, using a lovelight for protection all the time will energize that fear, especially over time. If we are in a situation where we or someone else needs protection, by all means use it, but do understand its repercussions. This is one of the reasons that I love the concept of la’a ke’a so much It gives us all the good stuff when needing help and healing and it helps us avoid the trap of falling into fear-based thinking.

Here’s another fun little Huna technique makes similar use of energy work. It also employs of another of our principles (actually a corollary) which is everything is alive, aware and responsive. Have you ever struggled to open a pickle or spaghetti sauce jar? Try this: Everyone and everything likes to be praised. So compliment the lid. Thank it for taking such good care of the contents within. Notice how wonderfully snuggly it fits. Maybe comment on how attractive it is. Then try opening the jar again. Feel free to continue using aids such as a rubber pad, but you will notice how much easier it is to open.

If you would like to learn more about these techniques and why they work, along with other fun Huna practices, I am doing a zoom workshop under the aegis of the New York Shamanic Society on Saturday, February 25th at 1:00 NY time. Hawaiian Adventure Shamanism: A Journey of Discovery to Inner Healing and Harmony

The workshop will run for at least 3 hours.

To Register or for more information email shamanicfirereiki@gmail.com or check out this newsletter.

You can also register and pay via Eventbrite.

BIO: Janet Maika’i Rudolph. “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE QUEST.” I have walked the spirit path for over 25 years traveling to sacred sites around the world including Israel to do an Ulpan (Hebrew language studies while working on a Kibbutz), Eleusis and Delphi in Greece, Avebury and Glastonbury in England, Brodgar in Scotland, Machu Picchu in Peru, Teotihuacan in Mexico, and Giza in Egypt. Within these travels, I have participated in numerous shamanic rites and rituals, attended a mystery school based on the ancient Greek model, and studied with shamans around the world. I am twice initiated. The first as a shaman practitioner of a pathway known as Divine Humanity. The second ordination in 2016 was as an Alaka’i (a Hawaiian spiritual guide with Aloha International). I have written three books: When Moses Was a ShamanWhen Eve Was a Goddess, (now available in Spanish, Cuando Eva era una Diosa), and One Gods

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  1. I love hearing about this adventure of yours…. one salient point: “energy flows where attention goes.” This concept is utterly real from a physics standpoint and is very important to take seriously.

    It’s also important to acknowledge the other side which is that we are living in a culture bubbling with negative energy and this too carries a charge that we need to acknowledge.

    Because we are all connected that dark energy is also always on the move.

    I have to say, my life experience, my forays into science, etc suggest that limits are real…

    It’s wonderful to have live posts…. I am missing them and the comments too.

    Thanks Janet!

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    • Oh no Sara, I just had the experience that you have described. I wrote you a lengthy reply and it disappeared rather than posting. Ugh to WordPress. Makes your point that limits do exist – WordPress certainly has them big time.

      Part of what I said what that you honed right in on important points and for that I thank you. I think I may know where you are coming from because “there are no limits” has been one of the most challenging principles for me to embrace. I find it interesting that “all power comes from within” is the one that has personally been the toughest for me and I used the two in this blogpost. I hadn’t even realized that.

      I do have to go now. I will answer you (again) in more detail when I come back. Thanks for your comment.

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  2. I think I know how damn frustrating this disappearance act can be – infuriating is more truthful – all power does not come from within!!!!! this is as androcentric as we can get – yes?


    • Darn, still having trouble getting these comments through . . .

      As you point out, Sara, energy flows where attention has merit in lots of fields. We energize what we put our focus on. You are right that there is so much negative energy these days but there is also positive energy and according to Huna, we can play a role in what gets energized in our lives. Its one of the reasons I devote so much time to FAR, I believe this site holds a special place that holds a space and a light desperately needed in the world.

      As my friend and fellow alaka’i Stewart Blackburn says, “It pays to pay attention to what you are paying attention to.”

      This also feeds into the “all power comes from within” principle. I had to look up “androcentric.” And I would disagree, in fact I think it’s the opposite. In my view, its top-down power structures that feed the patriarchy. If everyone begins to own their own internal power, it would be much harder for a tyrant type leader to take charge.

      Here is how it has worked in my life. As you may know I had a violent abusive childhood and survived a knife-point rape in my 20s. Throughout the years I have used Huna techniques for healing but perhaps my largest breakthrough came after my mother dies in 2018. I realized at that point I was the only living person on this to have “memories” of these events and my own body was the only battlefield that was still holding these memories. I’m kind of small and my body is a poor battlefield. While I can’t change what happened to me, I could change my relationship to those events. And that’s not a power that someone else can take away from me. It is my own internal power. I struggled with this principle for a long time because I felt so out of control and sometimes still do. But as I’m learning to harness that internal power of my own, those times have lessened significantly.

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      • I get the reason for the power to heal self coming from within – I do think it’s both and but I see your point – and yes yes to the necessity of dealing with that battlefield – the legacy of our abuse – our poor bodies – I have so much compassion for them now- what I meant by androcentric is the power over system that is dominated by a few men – patriarchy of course – evidently I wasn’t clear and should have used a different word. As for feeling out of control – I still have that problem too at times – this is when I make use of protection for myself


  3. (Good thing I am doing the word doc process described below as I have been trying for hours to post this. This will apparently be a long slow slog but I’ll keep trying. Sorry about that.)

    Sara thanks for challenging me. And I really mean it because when I have to articulate the ideas, they help me to understand them in new ways. I am going to have to respond slowly, first I am writing it down in a word document first and then pasting it into comments so if it gets lost I have it (once burned . . .). Also I have a bunch of meetings today so I need to respond in between them. So here goes. First is “there are no limits.”

    Here is my take. “There are no limits” is a tough one for me because we do live in human bodies that have perceived limits. There are several ways I think about this. The first comes from the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah. Somewhat in the middle are two “sephirot” or vessels of the divine emanation. One is chesed which means lovingkindness and the one that balances it is gevurah which means severity (also strength and judgement) The best way I heard this dynamic described (I can’t remember where) is that chesed is like the soft ice cream maker that constantly dispenses the delicious treat. But you need gevurah to hold it, to give it shape to make it usable. If you want an ice cream cone, you need the vessel, the cone to hold it. But you don’t lose your connection to the ice cream pouring out and can access that as you need/want it.

    This lesson was driven home to me when I went to an assembly give by the Rev. Dr. William Barber III. This was pre-Covid. He has ankylosing spondylitis which is an extremely debilitating type of arthritis that deforms the spine and is very painful. When he walked across the stage I was actually concerned as he ambled so slowly it was painful to see. But then he started talking – more like preaching. He was so animated that he enraptured the whole audience. He stood up for well over an hour, maybe two, engaging us and teaching us. I was inspired not only by his message but by his personal energy and how he leads. He tapped into something. In Huna, we would call it the limitless energy of the universe. I am sure there are other ways to describe it as well.

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  4. So many wonderful ideas in your post! This spirituality is exactly what is needed on this dreary January day. And… I tried your pink fog technique on a difficult situation this morning and… it worked! Not only did everything work out well, but I made a connection with a wonderful person I hadn’t expected.

    I wonder if perhaps we can expand the definition of feminism to anything that helps the world overcome not only gender inequality specifically but also all those ideas and attitudes that uphold gender inequality. I think the kind of spirituality you are talking about is important to that effort, so I definitely think it belongs in the realm of feminism.

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    • Thank you Carolyn. I am delighted you found use for the pink fog. It is pretty cool how it works. And you’ve tapped into Adventure Shamanist part of it all.

      I also like your addition to the definition of feminism. I agree, there is a spirituality that does help the world overcome and that has all the earmarks of feminism. I think I will post this near my computer. Many thanks.

      (I am using a different browser which seems to be making a difference in my ability to post.)

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  5. Totally agree about expanding definition of feminism


  6. Thank you so much, Maik’ai, for describing this beautiful way of being. I’m guessing that women are highly respected in this lineage with or without the word “feminism.” Your path seems to have ways built in to take oneself lightly, to have fun and let go. I can so relate to the idea of “everything is alive.” More and more, I converse with everything around me, animate and inanimate. As you illustrated, everything likes to be praised!

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  7. Thank you Annelinde for zeroing in on this important aspect. That concept of “everything is alive, aware and responsive” becomes so apparent when we practice communicating with everything around us. And yes, its fun too!


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