Oscar in the Year 2050 by Marie Cartier

Thank you to –the Oscars!

My movie SCAVENGE FOR YOUR LIFE. I’m so thrilled to be nominated and to WIN! Thank you!

In the year 2050—and here we are, right? Am I right? Right!

SCAVENGE FOR YOUR LIFE. In the year 2050 when we are lucky to have this beautiful theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Here we are! I mean…we are eating and drinking in the gorgeous ambient light of street lights! And first, I want to make sure to thank and appreciate all the efforts made here to create this stage on the site of the former Dolby Theater!

I, as many of you know, was a fixture on the performance art scene in Los Angeles. In the 90s! With the advent of anti-aging multi-vitamins, I am still alive—I am 106 years old and as we famously said “back in the day” …we used to say that (ha!) “back in the day” – well, today I can still do a five minute yoga plank!

Anyway, I decided to write SCAVENGE FOR YOUR LIFE as we began to hope to once again celebrate the Oscars! It has taken so much time and effort – but I, for one, believe it has been worth it.

Look around—we are in the ruins of…did you ever see SUNSET BOULEVARD? I think we are projecting it later this week, the LA Film Preservation Society is projecting it on the side of the Film Van this Friday. That movie when Gloria Swanson stands in the ruins of a theater? Saying goodbye to film of the past?

Well, here we are in the ruins of a theater…but we are not saying goodbye, we are saying hello– to the future!

Here we are! Look around!! We have beans, tortillas, salsa and an arrangement of greens. Please take whatever you need, whatever you want.

We are the future!


We made a movie!

It’s short—thirty minutes long! This has not been done since the year 2035 when we lost the grid! Fifteen years! But here we are!!

We are back! Ocean energy has given us life! Ocean energy—we should have done it so long ago—but thank Mother Goddess we finally…made the world turn with ocean energy!!

And the first thing I wanted to do—was make a movie!! For us to make movies!

So, why did I make a horror movie? A movie about an angry, shaggy beast treading the street of Hollywood Boulevard gobbling up whatever it can get its hands on?  Because I have been an angry, shaggy beast gobbling up whatever I could get my hands on.

And I got my hands on electricity by joining the Ocean Guild and I got people to help there, and I got a camera and I got our fabulous actors. And I gave them lines! And when we rolled camera and that first line was what…?

Say it with me, “We are scavenging for our lives!”

And there was the monster holding up a movie camera, and all the people in the street (well as many extras as we could get that day, many of you here!), were screaming, “We are scavenging for our lives!”

That was priceless. Priceless!

What a memory.

Well, folks, what else can I say? I think that’s my time. We’ll have the after party here, too…Hollywood never sleeps.

Before I go—let me just say I love you all! I love you! Love you—mean it!

And thank you again for this honor; while it’s true I was the only nomination for writer and director—I still thank you! From the bottom of my heart—the movies are back!

So—I thank you.

The movies are back!

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