What Feeds Your Soul? By Cathy Dundas-Reyes

The following is a guest from Cathy Dundas-Reyes, Ph.D.

I have finished coursework in Leadership Studies, but feel like I could use another three years to read all the additional leadership literature out there. I took comps two weeks ago and now get to wait…for the results. I had prepared my mind before I headed back for my test. I knew it would be hard to switch gears – having nothing to really study anymore. But it has been harder than I thought.

For a few days, I was restless and irritated. I tried to study for lit review but was not productive. All I felt was exhausted. I napped everyday and still wanted to sleep at night. I realized I could use the time to minister to my own soul. My feminine soul to be more specific.

I had a glimpse of her in my mind. She was a runner in a race and was worn out. She had kept up for the race, but she was done. Her head was down and she needed to rest. She was toned and in good shape – she had been a faithful companion. But now she needed something from me. Could I just sit and listen? When was the last time I did something that fed my soul?

What feeds your soul? I thought about lots of things that feed my feminine soul. A visit to the Getty museum, exploring the coast for unexpected beauty, a massage, dancing…chocolate ice cream. So that is what I will do…while I wait.

Interestingly, I had another image of my feminine soul almost a year ago. She was a slave, in chains, at the mercy of the task master. She was malnourished, neglected and in torment. I was struck by the contrast of the two images. Now, she may be tired, but she is powerful and strong. She grew from a slave to a powerful running partner. Lady Wisdom says “I am understanding, power is mine” (Prov 8:14). Find out what feeds your feminine soul – find that deep understanding and power. I would love to hear your comments about what you discover.

For more about the feminine soul – see Janet Davis’ book, The Feminine Soul: Surprising Ways the Bible Speaks to Women (2006).

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2 replies

  1. That is a good question!
    And I wish I could more consistently answer this question for myself… I, like many women these days, have been struggling with unemployment. Some days I can bring my full self, my passion, my feminism and my hope into my search for work and other days, well other days my soul retreats as I wonder whether I can wait to find a job that engages my passion or if I need to break down and, doctorate and all, get a job at the new office store opening down the street because all the good jobs at the grocery store (with highly applicable discounts!) are taken.
    I think today I fed my soul by reading blogs on this site and looking at other feminist web sites– they remind me that my feminist family and I have something to say. They remind me that this feminism stuff matters, a lot.
    I feed my soul by calling the one friend I know who won’t let me get away with the statement: “I don’t know why I’m upset.”
    I feed my soul by meditating and singing. I feed my soul by making paper dragons. ;) … and being one of those *sick* ;) people who really enjoys cleaning, by reorganizing my closet and drawers.
    I love the way you talk about the image of your feminine soul… I was challenged recently by a good friend of mine to ask my soul or my “higher self” to show me that she was there in a way that I could not ignore… this was a very powerful experience for me in a physical way, but also something I didn’t know how to translate…. Your blog post and the very powerful images you describe are inspiring me to consider the image of my soul.
    Thank you :)



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