She Loves It All by Alla Renée Bozarth

Alla Renée Bozarth, Philadelphia 11, Philadelphia ordinations

when god was a girl she loved
to play dress up with hydrogen
and nitrogen, she wiggled her hips
and blew kisses from her voluptuous
lips and wiggled her fingers to toss the stars~
she juggled them and tied ribbons on them
when she wanted to create new dimensions,
to open all the directions she hurled them like a salad
that no one told her not to play with, so she giggled
and played until all the ingredients stuck on the ceiling of sky,
but then she’d coax them back into action and let them decide
where to go and how far and when or if to land, and

she would go far out, way, way out to play
with her dolls, the gaseous, luminous balls of delight,
hold them in her cool hands for a millennial minute
to turn them into planets and things of that sort,
with what we call substance, solid stuff 

but there was precious little of that compared
to the zillions of light years and miles of raw energy
she stores in those closets disguised as nothingness,
dark matter if it’s just out there and going nowhere
(we think), and dark energy if it seems to push
the many verses ever outward from each other~
for epic cosmic poems gone lyrical and operatic wild

there is always music as silence and vice versa
going on in the movement between beings

Dancing Joy!

and yes, she likes those comets, never lost
her taste for new things, plays with galaxies and constellations
of beautiful toys and wears them like jewelry in living colors,
lots of necklaces and rings, baubles on Christmas trees, then turns them
into mirrors of herself, better than hot melted many-colored glass spinning
in the fire~ though sometimes she is shy and covers them with night invisible,
that brilliant dark country that covers the map of heaven, and she does it

the better to show her curls, her graceful arms, her reach into fire for love,
her laughter-made comets~ and sometimes she braids their tails

and sometimes she says, you are simply gorgeous,
delicious as roses on a birthday cake, scrumptious
as a coarse lemon poppy seed wedding cake with
thick passion fruit frosting, with gold leaves and silver
bangles and pearls, with marionberries and cream

and she then gets distracted and remembers it’s lunch time
and she cooks up something new to serve variously
here and there around the place~ and to her, the future
is not in front or ahead or out there but inside, always
inside everything, where the past is pretending to govern
what we call the present but she calls Beloved, and where
nothing yet imagined is just about to happen

next week we’ll talk about when god was a mountain,
then how all the kinds of rocks became her feet

until she wanted to run again with a bird’s eye view
and became a baby giraffe
and later, about how she tried on the whole zoo,
and then settled down for several millennia
as an entire evergreen forest, yes,
the ancient sequoias, the redwoods mingling
with blue spruce, and then she became an etude,
a fantasie-impromptu, a symphony, a garland
of roses, a garden of petunias and pansies
and marigolds which she served in salads
to strengthen the blood of her mammals,
and dandelions, which doubled as tonic and
oh~ maybe she’d like to be a mermaid
and swim all the seas, yes, that would
be fine, she says

and about then god the old woman decides it’s time
to figure out what to do about all the beings who suffer
in pain, sorrow, confusion, anger or fear, which she knows
from being all of them, and asks us please to pray for her . . .

After Eucharist at the Sea of Galilee, Scene from the Grave of Rachel, Jewish Poet and Hero, 1987

After Eucharist at the Sea of Galilee, Scene from the Grave of Rachel, Jewish Poet and Hero, 1987

Alla Renée Bozarth
The Frequencies of Sound, copyright 2013.

Alla Renée Bozarth is A Russian, Celtic, Osage American mongrel poet, Episcopal priest, Northwestern University Ph.D. in performing arts and Gestalt psychotherapist soul caregiver who lives at the foot of Mt. Hood in Western Oregon. She has published 20 prose and poetry books on feminism, spirituality, grief, hermeneutics of performance and most recently the Vietnam War— and 4 audio albums, with 14 more large poetry collections and 2 CDs ready for publication. Alla has written award winning poetry for over 40 years. Her poems are widely used all over the world, often in collaboration with visual artists, singers and dancers. For permission to reprint a poem, please send Alla your request at

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13 replies

  1. A process-relational Goddess who is “in” everything and who cares about everything conjured up in words swirling with the energy and particularity of so much life. How could we not love her back?

    Blessed be.

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    • Yes and Amen with Alleluias to Infinity! Lovely to be reading your exciting new research and thoughts here, Carol, especially the labrys as wings, as in butterfly, bird, or women dancing. Thank you so much for the dynamic inter/ intra-dance.


  2. Love the idea of sitting down a few millennia to wipe our brow, before getting back up again to finish the exercise. Amazing and delightful your goddess journey here, Ms. Bozarth!!

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  3. I smiled all the way through ….. lovely!

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  4. A beautiful expression of divine creative intimacy and self-manifestation!

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  5. Beautiful! Please keep us tickled pink ( ;D)

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  6. Love this poem Alla! Heading out to play in my garden near Chicago..

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  7. Out of curiosity is there any Queer Goddess poetry? I’m wondering what other kinds of Goddess thinking there is for those who may not identify with this particular expression of femininity.

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  8. Beautiful words…

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  9. Utterly magnificent, Alla! I’m praying!

    To Life

    Dear Life, oh dearest,
    come with me wherever
    I go, even when I drop this
    fading body, come, beautiful
    Life, and keep on coming,
    flowing, streaming, dreaming
    fearless, loving, wanting,
    sweet Life, with your magic
    dance of miracles and juggling balls
    of light, your supreme womanly form
    laughing down the cosmos—
    your myriad jokes and jewels and truths,
    your pure happy Self that ensouls the universe.

    Come, my Love, and always be and never leave,
    beloved Life.

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    • Cosmic Love, Embodiment of All, Exquisite in Her Diversity, Full of Yearning, a Rage for Growth and a Passion for Healing, with the steadfast patience to achieve it through many processes and over time~ understanding, accepting, weeping and raging with us each, dying and birthing again, practicing Mother God’s and Mother Nature’s home economics in Her constantly recycling re-newing multiverses. Thank you, Janine, and Thank you Carol for referring Laury to Janine!

      Storm Dancer

      She dances peace in
      the wildness. In the midst
      of the wind, in the heart
      of the torrent, destruction
      and chaos around her—
      she takes leaves for her lovers,
      dry branches fly to her arms
      like dance partners,
      and sprout green again.

      A fragile flower playing
      against type, she embraces
      the lightning, she kisses
      the wind, sets fire to God’s
      mind with her passionate love.
      Against the violence of death
      she dances. She lives.

      Alla Renée Bozarth

      From The Map of Longing, in Quartet, copyright 2013.


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