The Wonder that is Being Born: How to Live Out Loud? Sacrilegious or Evolution? by Karen Moon

Karen 2006Yesterday, I went to a Women’s Circle, the description follows:

Our next circle will honor this journey of Venus or Innana as she was known by the ancient Sumerians. We will gather on Sunday, July 26th at 3 PM at my house. We will celebrate the divine feminine energy of Innana/Venus through meditation, song and dance. I encourage you to dress as your inner goddess, embracing your personal divine feminine energy. We will have our usual potluck munchies afterward.

I had spoken to the host on the phone previously and know her via Social Media.  My husband gave his helpful advice to be sure that it was not a “cult,” and yes, I do think any time you find things via social media, a big dose of common sense is needed. 

Meanwhile, I did some research on exactly what a “cult” is.

According to Wikipedia, a cult is a social or religious group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices.

Gee, so when Christianity started, it was a cult then, right?

It was a lot of fun to try and find something that looked like a “Goddess” dress with my six year old.  She went into a discourse how she had one:  a sleeveless purple gauzy fairy dress, but said we really needed to go out and get me one.

She painted my toe nails and picked out some Leopard shoes.  Okay, yes, I could have been attending a Christian Bible Study, but somehow, I don’t think it would have been as much fun getting ready for it.

Why not?

I consider myself a Christian.  I believe in Jesus and grew up Catholic.  But here’s the thing; lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to how one-dimensional, flat and powerless women have been portrayed in Christianity.

I remember being taught that we are all made in God’s image

…but why has that image always been portrayed as a white male?

Part of my thinking has been spurred by my recent reading, books such as Kathleen McGowan’s The Book Of Love:  a trilogy of Mary Magdalene as Jesus’s wife and a powerful, loving force in herself.  Wow.  What a concept.  And why is it that it changes everything to contemplate the possibility that Jesus had a .. wife.

Should it?

“Heresy! Sacrilegious! Satanic!,” my mother’s voice in my head cries.  “Stay with your Catholic upbringing where Mother Mary was given a prominent position of veneration and honor with her demure veil.”

But does Mother Mary ever really say or do anything??

And why is this?

Is it sacrilegious to attend a Women’s Circle in honor of Venus?  If I had a college course in Roman Mythology and studied about Venus, that would be okay, because it is a scholarly manner learning about history, culture and what certain groups of people believed at certain times in history.

Damn, it all went downhill once they started allowing women to go to universities and start thinking for themselves…

Because here’s the thing, at some point, wasn’t every religion sacrilegious and a pioneer in its thinking?

Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time we evolved to a point where we realize that things are not so ‘black and white’.  Gender relations, race relations, religions, cultures … pretty much every one of them has the potential for good, and the potential for bad.

Pretty much every one of them comes down to the simple choice:  are you choosing love or are you choosing fear?

Are you uniting all of us or are you dividing??

Venus historically and culturally was revered as:

the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life.   Her male counterparts in the Roman panthenon, Vulcan and Mars, are active and fiery.  Venus absorbs and tempers the male essence, uniting the opposites of male and female in mutual affection. – Wikipedia

In ancient Roman history, a lot of silly things such as animal sacrifice were done in her name.  Christianity with its theme of “do unto others as you would want them to do to you” was an evolutionary movement for humankind.

But perhaps it’s time we kept going.

What does it mean to reclaim the feminine?  It means to honor our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment.  It means to realize that life is one whole and begin to recognize the interconnections that form the web of life.  It means to realize that everything, every act, even every thought, affects the whole.  And it also means to allow life to speak to us.  We are constantly bombarded by so many impressions, by so much media and advertising, that it is not easy to hear the simple voice of life itself.  But it is present, even within the mirage of our fears and desires, our anxieties and expectations.  And life is waiting for us to listen:  it just needs us to be present and attentive.  It is trying to communicate to us the secrets of creation so that we can participate in the wonder that is being born.-The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Growing up, Karen Moon ‘coulda been somebody’ as she had the brains but lacked discipline and motivation.  She pursued what she wanted most:  Mommeehood and a large loving family.  She tried so hard that she and failure collided often but along the way she figured out she had been somebody all along.   Nowadays, in addition to raising her four children aged two to thirteen in a blended family, she holds her moon lodges on the new and full moons, meets and supports other wild mamas and continues to work on making her home first in her heart.  Her writings can be found at elephant journal and on her website:

15 thoughts on “The Wonder that is Being Born: How to Live Out Loud? Sacrilegious or Evolution? by Karen Moon”

  1. It’s so touching to know women are still finding the Goddess and to read your story. And I don’t believe for a minute that you won’t continue on to question the stereotypes that reserve “active and fiery” for male divinities–your blog is active and fiery!


    1. Thank you Carol! What a lovely way to start my morning waking up to see an article of mine on Feminism and Religion. It prompted me down this path of thinking that never in a million years would I have envisioned my life the way it has been: four children, a blended family, and now … ahhh, meek, shy, conforming me … a ‘feminist’ among the worthy thought-provoking writers on this site. I would not change it for the world: all I have learned and all I am becoming. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Great title, where you say, “How to Live Out Loud? Sacrilegious or Evolution?” To live out loud is to courageously live the life, or follow the path, you yourself choose to follow. And you choose that path according to the promptings of your innermost heart. Otherwise, as you suggest, there can be no evolution for humanity, no promise of true liberation. And so that last line is equallyt right on, thanks Karen — “Perhaps it’s time we kept going.”


    1. Thank you Sarah. One of my main beliefs, Confucius famous saying to heal the world, we must first start with our own hearts and yes, live out loud. <3 I am heading towards 50 but learning how to do this. Thank you for the read.


      1. Okay, lol, added the ‘live out loud’ part:
        To put the world in order,
        we must first put the nation in order;
        to put the nation in order,
        we must put the family in order;
        to put the family in order,
        we must cultivate our personal life;
        and to cultivate our personal life,
        we must first set our hearts right.
        ~ Confucius


  3. Love your honesty, Karen. Thank you for posting. Found the following on your blog:

    “I no longer speak to any of my family, his family nor my ex’s. Not because I refuse to, but because when I got honest and stood up and started speaking my truth, they disappeared.

    I may not have that picket fence …

    But the birds are singing

    And I hear them.”

    Your experience, on many levels, mirrors my own. To hear the singing of birds is worth the cost!


  4. Thank you for this moving post! If you enjoyed Kathleen McGowan’s books about Mary Magdalene, you might also like The Maeve Chronicles (by me ;-) ) four novels that follow the adventures of a very lively, outspoken Magdalen. I won’t put the url as that seems a red flag on this blogpost, but they are easy to find and have just been released in audiobook form. Apologies for promoting the work here. It just seems so apropos.


  5. Oh, thank you Esther for the read and for continuing on to my blog. I believe (and have connected with via this wonderful internet) so many similar women out there! And all the time, I remind myself that I don’t carry on in spite of them (my family), I carry on For Them (my family). An evolved world will allow all of us to sing the song in our heart. <3


  6. Just love that quote Esther copied from your blog, Karen, and your sharing here.
    In my interpretation of events, the early followers of Jesus were members of a Jewish cult which included women on an equal footing. As some of the men struggled with this change and as the cult became “respectable religion”, the women were silenced and pushed to the background, along with the lovely female images of Wisdom/Sophia, the mother hen, the eagle teaching her young to fly, etc. Respectability isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! It certainly can hinter growth and evolution!

    If you can, do read Elizabeth’s books about Maeve! And I’ve just finished Mary Sharratt’s “Illuminations”. Besides being great fun to read, I think the most important thoughts are in novels….because they can be free.


    1. I so agree Barbara! I believe that is one of the reason I am so passionate about women’s circles as you find like-minded women who are supportive and loving. In my real life, I had very few if any role models, but what saved me were books, beautiful books! One of my dad’s favorite sayings, ‘a mind once stretched never returns to its original shape.’ So true! Once you see all these other possibilities and perspectives, oh my! Thanks for the read.


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