Small Business Saturday: Feminist Gift Guide for the Holidays by Angela Yarber

Wondering what to give the revolutionaries in your life for the holidays? Want to support feminist small businesses as you shop? Need some creative ideas with powerful feminist history and theory embedded in each purchase? Would it help if the gifts fused together feminism and religion? The Holy Women Icons ProjectLagusta Luscious,  and Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian Restaurant has plenty of ways for you to celebrate the holidays with empowering gifts to please feminist in your life.

The feminist non-profit Holy Women Icons Project seeks to empower marginalized women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events. For over five years, a different holy woman has been featured each month on Feminism and Religion; we became an official non-profit earlier this year; and we have some beautiful, creative, and empowering offerings suitable for the holidays.

Holiday Cards

Do you send holiday cards to all your friends, family, and colleagues? Choose from a variety of Holy Women Icons cards, including non-sectarian holiday options, or one of our many iterations of Mary in honor of Christmas. We recommend the peace, hope, love, and joy embodied in our Our Lady of Light. Customize the message inside to give it a personal touch.

Prints, Totes, Mugs, and More

Want to give someone a Holy Woman Icon, but don’t want to spring for an original icon? There are a variety of prints (paper, canvas, metal, framed, etc), tote bags, throw pillows, cell phone cases, and even shower curtains available through Fine Art America. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more are available through Pixels – maybe a tote bag for your favorite teacher, mug for the coffee lovers in your life, and a cell phone case for your favorite millennial.


The perfect gift for your favorite feminist reader is one of our books. From contemplative coloring books, practical guides, to theory, click here to learn a bit more about each book.

Online Retreats

If you need a balm throughout the holiday season, or if you want to offer an online retreat as a gift, check out our online retreat offerings. A 7-Day Online Self-Care Retreat is sure to offer peace and calm, and our Advent Daily Reflections can nourish the spirit every day during Advent. All retreats embody an intersectional ecofeminist philosophy, no matter the theme or focus.

Donations to Your Favorite Non-Profit

As always, the Holy Women Icons Project welcomes any donations. You can even make a donation in honor or memory of your favorite holy woman (all donations are tax-deductible).

Whether it’s a creative holiday card, a metal print of your favorite icon, commissioning a new icon, a coloring book, an online self-care retreat, or making a donation, the Holy Women Icons Project offers an array of creative and empowering gifts for everyone on your holiday list. And we’re tremendously thankful for your support. All money raised through these sales helps us empower marginalized women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events.

Is this an absolutely shameless plug for my non-profit? Yes, it is. Does every penny earned off of holiday sales go directly back into the non-profit? Yes, it does. I never want to encourage anyone to buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. There’s nothing ecofeminist about that. So, if your mom doesn’t need a tote bag, don’t buy her one. But if she wants to rock an image of her favorite feminist with an environmentally-friendly reusable grocery bag, go for it. If your daughter already has a dozen cell phone cases, don’t get her another one. But if hers is broken again, and you want her to see the face of an empowering women each time she uses her phone, pick out your favorite cell case. Or print. Or book. Or t-shirt. Or commission.

If offering a gift to those you love during the holiday season is a meaningful practice for you, and you want to support a feminist non-profit while you shop, then check out what the Holy Women Icons Project has to offer. If you do, we are tremendously grateful. If you can’t, share the opportunity with others who may be interested; I hear that Oprah is always empowering women, so maybe we should all send the Feminist Holiday Gift Guide to her. For every purchase, every view, every share helps us tell the stories of revolutionary holy women who have otherwise been excluded from our canons. Help us tell their stories, for they deserve to be heard.

Lagusta Luscious is a completely vegan and feminist chocolatier located in New Paltz, New York.  From their organic chocolate to their use of 100% recycled packing materials, everything this company does is focused on social justice, environmentalism and animals rights.  Check out their huge selection of chocolates and don’t miss the amazing Furious Vulvas which were named by Noel Furie, one of the collective members of the…

Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian Restaurant, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  This is a feminist restaurant-bookstore that serves vegan and vegetarian options with an emphasis on local, seasonal, and organic food.  The restaurant is known for lively political conversation, but also for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent food.  They have calendars as well as a variety cookbooks for the vegan cooks in your life.


Please use promo code SAGDSG to receive 10% off all purchases through Fine Art America and Pixels. Also, if you do want to give someone an original Original Holy Women icon, get $50 off through December 15. Commissions are also $50 off. See the available original icons by clicking here. Contact us at to purchase an original or to commission a new icon.

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber is the Founder and Creative Director of the Holy Women Icons Project. She holds a Ph.D. in Art and Religion. A professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, she is the author of seven books. As an author and professional artist, she is creating a retreat center with her wife and child on Hawai’i Island as a part of the Holy Women Icons Project non-profit. 

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  1. So cute and fun! What a great idea. I like the opportunity to send a great message with a gift. We could all use some feminist encouragement in our Trump era. Thank you!

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