A Ritual to Bless Our Children by Barbara Ardinger

It was maybe twenty-five years ago that I first got addicted to the Sunday morning news/talk shows. I’d turn on the TV at 7 a.m., watch an hour of local news, then Stephanopoulos at 8 a.m., then MSNBC until noon or later. Not anymore. This morning, I turned the TV off at 10:00 and immediately got into the shower to wash off what I’d been hearing. I’m worn out by the news!

Now don’t get me wrong. I am totally against any “normalizing” of the Troll-in-Chief. In fact, I’m convinced we ought to pack him into capsule with about a hundred cheeseburgers and without his phone and fire him off to one of the outer planets. Maybe Saturn, which astrologically forces us to face ourselves and to get to work and learn our life lessons.

My mainstream metaphysical friends tell me it’s best not to watch the news at all. I disagree. We need to know what’s going on. But at the same time, we need to work in as many ways as we can to save our Mother Planet so there will still be a functioning (not dysfunctional) world for our children to live in. Let’s begin by doing the following small ritual at least once a week. We in this FAR community follow different faiths, but I think it’s safe to say that we can all speak the words of this blessing for the children of the world.

Begin by finding a photo of earth taken from outer space. Print it (preferably in color) and set it on a table between two white candles. Next, if you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, foster children, or neighbor children, get photos of them and lay them in a circle around the photo of earth. Find photos (print them or maybe cut them out of magazines) of children from the various cultures on earth doing whatever those children do. They can be children separated from their parents for whatever reason, migrant children, hungry children, enslaved children, poor and rich children. Lay these photos in a big circle around your own children, our Mother Planet, and the two candles.

Now sit at the table, light the candles, close your eyes, and take two or three deep, easy breaths. Feel the blessing energy of the light as it rises. Spend a few minutes thinking about ordinary kids doing ordinary things. Do they make you smile? Think about your own childhood and some of the things you did. Think also about kids you don’t know, kids who are hungry, poor, wounded, struggling to survive on a planet being abused by dictators and wars. Think about the state of the planet today and where it seems to be going if we don’t act: clear-cut forests, polluted air and water, exterminated species. Is this what we want our children to inherit??

Now that you’re ready, read the following blessing (or tape it beforehand and listen to it).

Children of our Living Earth—

I bless you.

Children of our Living Cultures—

I bless all your ways.

Children of Our Hopes and Lives—

I bless your dreams.

I bless your games, your work, your learning,

I bless your ambitions and your reaching forward.


But our earth is imperfect!

Our lands, air, and water are wounded,

People are at war,

And you, our children, are wounded in so many ways.


Children of genocide and ethnic cleansing and dictatorships—

I bless you.

May you live in peace.

Children of poverty—

May you always have enough to eat and drink.

May you have medical care and schools to go to.


Precious children of our wounded and stumbling planet—

I bless you

And I promise you

I will act to ensure you a future.

I will act to restore your home.

So mote it be! Yes, so shall it be!


I invite you to add your own words to this blessing if you want to. With your eyes still closed (or closed again), visualize just one child living a good and blessed life.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath and open your eyes. You can either extinguish the candles and get up and do whatever tasks are yours today or you can stay at the table and let the candles burn down and send their energy as far as it will go. When you’re ready, eat some sort of earthy food (veggies, potato chips, corn chips) to ground yourself,  then take another deep breath and get up and do what you’re called to do.



Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. (www.barbaraardinger.com), is a published author and freelance editor. Her newest book is Secret Lives, a novel about grandmothers who do magic.  Her earlier nonfiction books include the daybook Pagan Every DayFinding New Goddesses (a pun-filled parody of goddess encyclopedias), and Goddess Meditations.  When she can get away from the computer, she goes to the theater as often as possible—she loves musical theater and movies in which people sing and dance. She is also an active CERT (Community Emergency Rescue Team) volunteer and a member (and occasional secretary pro-tem) of a neighborhood organization that focuses on code enforcement and safety for citizens. She has been an AIDS emotional support volunteer and a literacy volunteer. She is an active member of the Neopagan community and is well known for the rituals she creates and leads.

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14 replies

  1. Beautiful and so needed. This is a ritual not only for the children, but a ritual that allows us to hope, and then work for a future for children and our planet. Thanks so much. The best rituals are simple and with a minimum of words. I like prayers that are non-denomonational. We all fill in our own God Goddess Spirit Energy in prayers like this, but they allow us to pray together, which is also important.

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    • Thanks, Carol. I agree that we all fill in our own God or Goddess energy in our prayers and rituals. Every time I think about all those children still in cages and all those other children living and dying in bombed cities, I nearly begin to cry. It’s important that we pray together.

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  2. Gorgeous, profound and powerful.

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  3. Beautiful! I will also pray for the children of all creatures, whale, salmon, elephant, bees, butterflies, trees…Thank you, Barbara!

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  4. Thank you, Barbara A. I’ve been praying for the children and parents being separated at the US border every day. Your ritual expands my awareness and gives words that speak my heart. I have a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, with the children running to take refuge under her cloak. May all the children suffering violence find refuge in our hearts, minds, and actions.


  5. You are a hoot!! Thank you, what a lovely ritual. I do have small children and all children could use extra protection at this transitional time. Blessings to our inner children as well, may we hold and be sweet to each other.

    Roses to you..

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  6. As regards what we are called to do. And also as Americans we are deeply aware of our beloved Statue of Liberty and all she stands for also. The message inside the Statue of Liberty in the harbor in New York City says simply and wonderfully:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


    • Thanks. I wrote about America’s two national Goddesses in July and quoted the poem on Liberty’s pedestal. I’m glad you’ve reminded us of that poem.


  7. Beautiful! I so agree with your assessment that we need to be aware of what’s happening, but take the time and energy to do what we can on many different levels. It’s so easy to let ourselves be mesmerized by what is on our tv screens but that doesn’t move us forward. Your ritual is wonderful – thanks for creating and sharing it.

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    • Sometimes it’s the simplest rituals that, while they’re not great theater, are most effective and most touching. I’m hoping everyone will remember those kids in those ICE cages and act to get them reunited with their families.


  8. Beautiful ritual Barbara, and so needed!

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  9. its a wonderfull ritual i need so
    thanks sr.


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