Personal Musings by Deanne Quarrie

Deanne Quarrie

If I Tell You

If I tell you what I feel
Don’t be offended or take on some sort of guilt.
If I tell you what I feel
Don’t think that my feelings imply blame.

If my feelings rise to the surface
Allow space for the thought that they are mine
For in their expression, simply wish to be spoken.

As I learn to tell you my feelings
I will search for an honesty of expression
Sharing – simply sharing what is felt.

For without words coming to the surface
there will never be a way to know me.


I Don’t Know

I don’t know where I came from – really
Except that this form birthed from my mother’s womb.

I don’t know really – what comes after my body is no longer
able to hold who I think I am.

I don’t know really – what I am supposed to do
With this life I have been given,
Except to be open to whatever comes along
or to what I create.

I don’t know really – where anything comes from
Or is going.

I do know really – that we all came from the same source
And will always be together.



When I deeply listen to you
It is as though
All the walls I have built around myself
That space between us
No longer exists
As a boundary between strangers.

The oneness of who we are
And the whole of who we are
Creates new patterns of being.
When I deeply listen to you
Understanding and a deep knowing
of our shared experience
Connects me to you in a way that is holy.


All that I Can Be

Oh, that my eyes be open
May I see to every side
Above and below me
Within and all about.

May my words speak my feelings
So that you can understand
The depth of my emotion
My joy and yes, my pain.

Oh, that my heart be open
To give and to receive
May love be what moves me
in all that I can be

As the hawk flies above me,
May I be like he
My far seeing eyes missing nothing
As far as I can see.

As the sweet rose before me
Unfolds as it must
May I open fully
In love and in trust

As water flows over rocks
And down this wide stream
May words come like healing
Through prayers and in dreams



Deanne Quarrie, also known as Bendis, is a Priestess of The Goddess, and author of six books. She is the founder of the Apple Branch – A Dianic Tradition and the Liminal Thealogical Seminary.  She is an Adjunct Professor at Ocean Seminary College. In 2002 she created Global Goddess, a worldwide organization open to all women who honor some form of the divine feminine. Deanne is a priestess hierophant within the Fellowship of Isis. Her most recent work, dedicated to Hekate, is the creation of a group practice called Hekate’s Tribe, open to both men and women. It is available in Austin, Texas as well as online. Those who come to Hekate’s Tribe may also enroll in the master’s degree program within the Seminary. This creation brings Deanne full-circle after dedicating her work to Hekate in 1986.

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6 replies

  1. Oh, these poems are so beautiful… I read them over and over.


  2. I definitely was in a deep feeling place with each. Thank you, Sara.


  3. Your poetry is exactly what I needed this morning – as balm on the place that is hurting and showing a way to be with what is. Thank you.


  4. Thank you. May you be well and happy.


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