My Goddessy by Dale Allen

I am passionate about sharing the image, essence and energy of the sacred feminine.  Having presented this material to thousands of men and women at universities, conferences, corporations, expos and theaters across the US, Canada, from Kauai to Dubai, to the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and twice to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, I have humbly witnessed its healing effect.  (I return to UNCSW on March 21, and welcome you to join this free online event, which you can find here.

When I first encountered the word, “Goddess,” I didn’t like it.  Using it felt strange, and I wondered why I should bother.  The word “Goddess” felt uncomfortable and unnecessary.

I didn’t imagine a God like Michaelangelo’s white-bearded patriarch reaching out to Adam.  The term “God” for me describes a Loving Energy behind all things, the Creator, imbued in all of us, in all the earthly things and all the universe. Since I did not suspect that there was any kind of gender imbalance in my understanding at the time I encountered the word, “Goddess,” I didn’t feel the need for the term.  I didn’t like that it brought personification and gender into the matter.  However, I did not expect the inner and outer shift that occurred for me when I embraced of the term, the imagery and energy of “Goddess.”  

My Goddess journey began at a crossroad in my life.  It was a time that challenged my beliefs and trust in Life; a time of personal crisis – a fall.  These times of life serve to hone us; they help us to see what we are made of, and what beliefs we are operating from.  We all hit crossroad moments, they take different forms and may differ quite a bit for each of us, but the magnitude of our inner shifts, of our awakening, puts us on common and compassionate ground.

At the time of my crossroad, I felt very sad and frustrated.  I very consciously pulled into myself.  I wondered what might emerge from deep inside myself if I stayed in the void for a while. I started writing poetry again, as a way to give voice to a well of deep feelings.  My poems revealed new metaphors, at least new to me.  They had a soft, feminine quality, and an undeniable strength as well. 

Mother Soil

The black night of the soul

The great black void

Is where with bare hands

I till and turn

Rich mother soil

Sacred emptiness

The very place of the inception

of the seed of infinite possibility

It was at this time that the term “Goddess” started to cross my path. It was everywhere, and I noticed that I didn’t like it.  It was my very resistance to the term that caused me to turn and go toward it.  I wanted to find out why I so disliked the word, “Goddess.”

I began to study the sacred feminine – the work of anthropologists, psychologists, archeologists, feminist scholars, poets and historians. What I discovered was that the more I persisted in my studies of the sacred feminine, the more it was revealed to me just how deeply imbedded the “masculine” hierarchy had been within my psyche. 

I witnessed my personal shift in perception and expanded my studies to explore the cultural correlations of Goddess veneration and right-brain values.  I studied the historical Goddess of Paleolithic and Neolithic eras.  I looked at the start of male monotheism and the way the Goddess was subjugated as humanity moved into left-brain dominance.  I looked at contemporary matriarchal, right-brain oriented cultures around the globe; cultures that operate not on hierarchal rule, but on cooperation and interdependence. I discovered that in matriarchal cultures, women are not in power over men, there is a balance of the genders. These are not societies based on hierarchy, they operate more cooperatively.

Because I uncovered such richness in my journey, I began to share it publically through creative projects – theatrical productions, writing, poetry and now a new film. For me, the issue isn’t a religious one, or an assertion of any particular gender of the deity or the even the existence thereof. What I am interested in, is the progression of human consciousness. I’m interested in creating a global community and a way to share this precious earth. I’m interested in finding what unites us, our common history before the rise of the world’s religions. I am interested in the historical evolutionary development of the human species, with a balance of masculine and feminine, and of right and left hemispheric intelligence. Our evolution spans a great chasm of time, reaching well before the point where we tend to start the human story, which is with our written history. 

Across the globe, we dwell in different cultural and religious silos. The world’s religions offer beauty and wisdom inside those silos.  We don’t need to change each other or make one religion right or wrong.  And much of the wisdom in the world’s religions is on common ground. But there is an urgency now. At this time of weapons of mass destruction and environmental peril, we humans need to come up out of our silos and meet at the heart. I believe that our collective, pre-literate history, a history we all share, a history that speaks of the balance of masculine and feminine, can help to inform us, and unite us now. 

A world of peaceful co-existence, harmony with the natural world, honoring of the human body and all life forms – a world in which children are safe and can thrive in the expression of their own unique beauty and divinity – this is our birthright.  We can look at history and contemporary matriarchal cultures to see pieces of what is possible.  A sustainable world cannot be built using the old, out-of-balance model.   The feminine face of the divine has been missing for far too long. Thankfully, “the Mother has left a memory in us all.”

Click here for a YouTube trailer of the film In Our Right Minds.

BIO: Dale Allen is a veteran of corporate, commercial communications.  Her extensive resume includes hundreds of voice-over, on-camera, theater and live presentation projects.   An accomplished presenter and workshop facilitator, Dale was honored to twice present to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, her one-woman show, In Our Right Minds™, Guiding Women to Their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength Without ArmorHer encore wasrequested by the Vice President of the Commission, Ambassador Carlos Enrique Garcia Gonzales. Her new film version of the piece was presented to the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions.  She has brought her talents to scores of audiences – across the U.S., into Canada, and from Kauai to Dubai. Described as having the energy of “a Cape Canaveral lift-off,” she thoroughly engages and inspires her audience, which ranges from highly educated corporate leaders to teenage girls seeking their place in the world. Dale is also a contributing writer for Girl God Books by Trista Hendren, The Great Mother Bible by Mare Cromwell and Womb to Thrive by Julie Ryan Gerland.

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  1. Thank you for this. We so need the feminine divine in the world. I loved your “we need to come up out of our silos and meet at the heart.”

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  2. When did all this happen to you? When did you feel a fall and discover the Goddess? How splendid that you found Her! Good for you for all the work you’ve done on Her behalf! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Keep up the good work! Speak to more people about Her! Bright blessings!

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    • I wrote my play about the Goddess in 1998/99 and put it on in Westport, CT with a cast of 7 women of different ages, shapes, sizes and colors. This evolved out of my own remembering of the sacred feminine at the time. The experience was so personally transformative that I had to share with others. The journey all these years has been so powerful, and has touched many good hearts along the way.


  3. Love that word that you have coined, My Goddessy! Describes it perfectly, the journey so many of us have made to the Goddess.

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  4. Thank you so much for this post, Dale! I especially love the line “A sustainable world cannot be built using the old, out-of-balance model.” This is so true. It takes so long to really examine the assumptions within us that keep us from being able to follow our true paths. Your struggle with the word “Goddess” will ring some bells with a lot of people, I think. I’ve found that there is great commonality among most people in wanting the kind of society you describe, but when you get to the word “Goddess” a wall just goes up! I’ve learned to talk around the word until someone is ready to hear it, but, as you say, when they really hear it, the experience can be transformational. Please keep writing for FAR!

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, I have been at this for a couple of decades and have seen how transformative this message, this energy is! It’s just so needed. I am very excited now to have a film that can go out over the digital world and hopefully reach many.


  5. So good to see this here! Love when my favorite people and organizations come together. Surely the work of the Mother. ;)

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