The Egg by Annelinde Metzner

Art by Deb Pollard Materials: Watercolor, markers, and vintage pearl button on paper.

In 1989 I was 37 years old. My body’s sacred work, centered around eggs, hormones and fertility, strongly governed my everyday existence.  I’m sure that influence is strong for all women of that age, mothers or not, body conscious or not.   I was directing a large women’s choir in Asheville, Womansong, composing and arranging for the women’s voices, as well as leading ritual-like rehearsals in a seated circle on the floor (pretty sure I can’t do that any more!) where I would often read my latest poems.

     Now I know that the egg of our own existence was carried in our mother’s wombs while in our grandmother’s bodies. I can see how my imagination in 1989 would go further and further afield, to women’s relations with all the egg-bearers, flora and fauna, of our amazing Earth. Quite a family we are!

     I give great thanks to my musician and artist friend Deb Pollard who was inspired by “The Egg” to create this beautiful magenta colored egg art.

The egg                                                                          

The egg, elliptical, luminous, whole,

separate, indivisible, complete,

nexus of life, invisible, unspoken,

unnamable ancestral pearl of power,

chosen one: you are my pride, my treasure.

I nurture and guard you with all my life,

a green dragon whose jewel lies hidden

in the humming recesses of her dark-red cave.

I share you with the mammals, and the fish too,

the birds, amphibians, insects, snakes:

our common inheritance, our common being.

All of us, whether we fly or swim,

trot, slither or leap beyond our height,

we all love you the same, and commend you

with lifetimes of attention and lavished care.

There are others, too, ferns and firs,

and maybe fruits, too, our cousins

guarded within the muscled trunks

of our rooted green sisters who grow in the Earth.

There they pull from the black nutrition

the crystals of power, the amino molecules,

fuel from which you radiate light

in fruit, in flower, in ovule, in shell.

I feel you well, with every moon,

through thirteen moons in every year.

You arise and make yourself plain,

crown jewel in the parade of our homeland,

flowering, intoxicating, odoriferous, fecund,

temple priestess of life everlasting

in burgundy velvet, concealing and beckoning.

It is easy, and not easy, to court you, egg,

and find you whole, enthroned in all life,

at once at the center and imminent in all things.

It is easy, and yet to properly seek you,

one must have peace, and presence, and life,

abundant life, and love without question

that leaps into the future, many times ones own height.

I bought a dozen of you today,

to boil you and color you, an essence, a symbol,

a ritual item more real than words

and you’re everywhere, among baskets and bunnies,

colored and white, foam and fluff,

and children’s hands under the bushes.

It is Eostar, your long-ago day

when Russian mothers baked you into bread,

and Czech mothers painted you for hours,

and my own ancestors walked for miles

to gather you one by one from afar,

all of us looking to the reborn world,

the flyers, the creepers, the unfathomable sea-swimmers.

These eggs are ours, our hours, our years,

the perfect pearls of our lives.

BIO: Annelinde Metzner honors the Divine Feminine with her poetry and music. She has composed many praise songs included in her songbook, “Lady of Ten Thousand Names,” and has created and produced concerts for the Goddess including most recently, “Feminine Faces of God.” She directs the choir at the UUCSV in Black Mountain, NC, and founded the women’s choirs Womansong and Sahara Peace Choir in Asheville NC.

BIO: Deb Pollard is an artist, musician, and professional cook. She lives in the gorgeous and mysterious mountains of North Carolina with her husband and two cats.

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  1. Beautiful! I love your language about how the egg is perfect and whole, and we come from eggs so we, too, are perfect and whole from our very beginnings. That is a perfect start to a spring day!

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