Woman of the Isle of Women by Annelinde Metzner

Gratitude to the FAR community for welcoming my poems as of April of this year.   Various earlier poems have been my way of introducing myself.

     My work as a poet and composer has been centered around welcoming the reemergence of the Goddess in all Her forms.  So this time I’ve submitted two poems referring to two of the many Goddesses who have influenced my life so profoundly.

Ix Chel is a Mayan Goddess of childbirth, midwifery, medicine and the moon. She has been especially honored and featured in artwork and sculpture on the Isle of Women (Isla Mujeres) in Mexico. She appeared to me in Her aspect as a young woman, the Jaguar Woman. In my mind’s eye, I associated Ix Chel with my beautiful son Peter who passed away in 2004, imagining them living joyously together in the Otherworld. Thanks to Deb Pollard for showing all aspects of the Moon above our heads as we sleep.

My second poem was born on a trip through the just-blooming peach orchards of South Carolina. A vision came to me of the Peach Maidens reaching out over millennia to the young priestesses of ancient Crete, dancing in celebration of each other’s beauty. And also sharing of their truth-telling and hard-earned wisdom. 

Ix Chel in My Window

Goddess of the Moon! Ix Chel,
translucent and ever-changing Weaver Woman,

creator, destroyer, healer,
Lady Rainbow,
sleek jaguar of stealth and grace,
how You awaken me each morning!
Long before the sun’s rise, now in early Spring,
You are there, Ix Chel, in my window,
sparkling bright mystery upon my sleepy eyelids.
I pull the blankets up to my eyes, and give gratitude,

oh most lovely Woman of the Isle of Women!
Before the day begins, You awaken me tenderly,

fresh from dreams, half asleep.
“Remember me! I pass here each night,
I touch your forehead with my luminous beauty,
I bless you, I reach for you,
I am Ix Chel, your sister,
gracing you once more
with my lightest spark of transformation
and truth. I only ask
that you receive me gladly.”

Annelinde Metzner

March 21, 2014

The Peach Blossoms and the Temple Maidens

“It is 2016,” say the rows of peaches,
all in bloom, orangey-pink, on this Spring morning.

“We billow out our petals, our sweet fragrance, and later,

our piquant, sweet-and-sour fruit,

to delight the heart and bite the tongue.

We are so wet and soft,
we will run rivulets down your chin.”

The temple maidens of Crete

gaze lovingly and knowingly upon the rows.

“But still,” say the peach blossoms,

“still, even though we bloom,

men fight and kill and die in bloody heaps
running red into our roots.”

“Somehow we sang of this, though three thousand years ago,”

call out the temple maidens.

“Though we danced circles upon your grassy knolls,
though incense burned deep and cleansing all around us,

we ran barefoot to the shore and saw
the ships full of men, headed for war.

They moved on, heeding no more
our delights of the body and the soul.”

“Temple maidens! Come again and dance among our rows,

with your lilting song and compelling drumbeat,
calling all people to rise in ecstasy,
in our beauty, among our orangey-sweet rows.”

“We come, we come, oh Peaches soft and wet,

it is of You we sing,
it is of You and Her, Her boundless joys,
Her endless cacophony of creativity

to which we all are born. It is for You we sing,

and we come here today, come from Crete
to celebrate and sacrifice,
to burn late at night in the groves,
to Priestess the rising energy of Your heated sap

until all Human’s blood runs rich and hot,

magma from the soul, from all our roots,

for us, for You, for them, for now, for all.”

Annelinde Metzner

March 28, 2016

BIO: Annelinde Metzner honors the Divine Feminine with her poetry and music. She has composed many praise songs included in her songbook, “Lady of Ten Thousand Names,” and has created and produced concerts for the Goddess including most recently, “Feminine Faces of God.” She directs the choir at the UUCSV in Black Mountain, NC, and founded the women’s choirs Womansong and Sahara Peace Choir in Asheville NC. http://annelindesworld.blogspot.com

BIO: Deb Pollard is an artist, musician, and professional cook. She lives in the gorgeous and mysterious mountains of North Carolina with her husband and two cats.

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3 replies

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! You have such a gift for bringing the spirit of goddesses to life in a way that is meaningful to our everyday lives. I also especially love your imagery. I can see, smell, and taste the peaches! So glad you have joined FAR and are gracing us with your poetry!


    • Thank you Carolyn for your encouragement and your welcoming words! I had to laugh a bit because my second poem doesn’t actually mention a Goddess! But I think most FAR readers would agree, especially with the influence of Carol Christ, that it must be Aphrodite. I think it was just the springtime youthfulness of the maiden priestesses I was feeling. With thanks to Sappho.


  2. Thanks for all the gifts of words and music that you have generously gifted us with, Annelinde Metzner.


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