Breathing a Big Sigh of Relief by Carol P. Christ

During the past few days I have begun to breathe again. As I exhale, tensed muscles relax and feeling comes back into my body. I realize that I have been holding my breath not only for the days it took for the election results to come in, but for the past four years. After a long wait, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were finally declared the next President and Vice President of the United States. Their ability to pass legislation now hangs in the balance in the two Senate run-off elections that will be held in Georgia on January 5.

The outcome of these elections is uncertain, but we can take hope in the fact that Stacey Abrams will be doing everything she can to turn out the vote. If you are thinking of donating to the Georgia Senate races, please contribute to Abram’s Fair Fight, which registered almost 800, 000 new voters over the past two years, in order to ensure that your money will be spent on an on-the-ground campaign to get out the vote and not just on advertising. Continue reading “Breathing a Big Sigh of Relief by Carol P. Christ”

Wisdom from our Ancient Female Lawgiver and Judge Traditions by Carolyn Lee Boyd

Carolyn Lee Boyd

As I have witnessed both the joy of so many across the world at the nomination of Kamala Harris for Vice President and the deep sorrow at the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I am struck by the fact that, in 2020, supremely qualified women still need to be trailblazers to hold high office. After all, goddesses and wise women gave a number of cultures their systems of laws and governance and have been celebrated for their wisdom as judges for millennia. 

Here are a few of the goddesses and wise women lawgivers:

The Goddess Themis
  • the Italian goddess Egeria gave Rome its first laws and taught the correct rules for Earth worship; 
  • the Babylonian Kadi, was goddess of Earth and justice; 
  • Ala of the Ibo people of Nigeria is both the Earth Mother and lawgiver of society; 
  • the Greek Themis, daughter of Gaia, symbolized the social contract and cohesion of people living on Earth; 
  • the Inuit Sedna both gave humanity abundance from the ocean for life from her own body and withheld it when her laws were broken;
  • Marcia Proba, whose historical reality is unclear, is said to have created the ancient Celtic system of laws known as the Marcian Statutes that may have influenced later British law;
  • past and present Women’s Councils and Clan Mothers of the Iroquois and other Indigenous peoples as well as those of Societies of Peace have brought harmony and well being to their people for tens of thousands of years.

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Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice President for 2020 by Anjeanette LeBoeuf

August 11th saw Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden announce his pick for Vice President. This pick broke open the history books; California US Senator Kamala Harris. Kamala has been steadily rising as a political force for over ten years. Her nomination is groundbreaking on so many levels. So, let us talk about Senator Harris.

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Kamala Harris! “I Feel Heard” by Carol P. Christ

Shortly after Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s choice for his Vice Presidential running mate, a panel of black women were asked, “How do you feel right now?” “I feel heard” was the simple yet profound response of one of them. As is well-known to those who follow the polls, black women voters are the backbone of the Democratic party. In the primary election, black women in South Carolina delivered the Presidential nomination to Joe Biden. Yet all too often black women have felt that their votes were taken for granted.

Instead of focusing on the needs and priorities of black women and their communities, all too often the Democratic Party’s strategy has been to reach out to other groups—for example working class white men or white suburban women. To feel heard at this moment means to be taken seriously as a political actor and as a person. Right now, the fact that a black woman was selected is what matters most. There were other qualified women and out of all of them. a black woman, Kamala Harris was chosen. And because of this, black women feel heard. It’s about time. Period. Continue reading “Kamala Harris! “I Feel Heard” by Carol P. Christ”

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