A Dance Between Fear and Trust by Jassy Watson

jassy I have been deep in thought about TRUST.

There was a moment of realization recently when I saw clearly how in every moment of every day we place trust in the hands of others, many of whom we do not even know. Every time we step onto a bus, train or plane or take a ride in a taxi, we are doing so in faith that they will get us to our destination safely. Every time we drive a car we trust that all those driving on the road with us are safe drivers. We place trust in schoolteachers and childcare workers to care for our children often without knowing anything of their background. We place trust in doctors and healthcare workers, many of us never even questioning treatments or procedures.

Every moment of our lives requires some level of trust and faith. Of course, I know this – we all do, but I have never really questioned this trust or taken the time to think about how much trust it actually takes just to do the everyday. Our lives are immeasurably built on trust. But what happens when fear and doubt start taking over? 

Fear is becoming rampant on the planet. The media plays on it and every day we are showered in stories of death, destruction, betrayal, corruption, lies, disaster and cruelty. Bad news is plastered over the front pages of newspapers, it comes at you as soon as you switch the car radio on, and the nightly news replays global disasters over and over again. Social media sites have news feeds filled with negativity that we are exposed to on an almost continual basis. It is overwhelming.

The fear that this creates in society can be crippling, especially for children. The mind, innately a survival machine becomes inclined towards fearful thinking because fear is what it is being fed. As a result, fear becomes bigger and more powerful than what it really is and often what is feared is not even real or true. When fear gets its grip it permeates into all areas of life. Fear can shut the doors of opportunity, keep individuals static, it can make people blame the world, it can lead to suffering, limit a person’s worldview and breed poverty. Is it any wonder why the media and the powers that be breed an over-culture of fear?

As I age I have noticed seeds of fear and doubt starting to sprout over things I had once never even given a second thought too. Death, disease and tragedy, things I only saw happening to others became a reality in my close circles and the fragility and unpredictability of life was right in front of my eyes. In this vulnerable state I found myself succumbing to this over-culture of fear. Maybe I have cancer too? What if there is a terrorist attack when I am due to travel? What if there is an earthquake and I can’t make it to the school to pick up the kids? What if that truck swerves off the road and hits my car? Yes, these fears seem unreasonable, for it is highly probable that these incidences will never happen, but they are there all the same.

I spoke to close friends and asked if they also feared such things. Yes, was the resounding response.

I’m sure you have them too.

It is comforting to know that we are not alone, but also frightening to know that so many of us live with varying degrees of unreasonable fear. How can we move out of fear into trust?

Well I’m sorry to say that I do not have any overnight solutions. From my experiences however, I can say that learning to dance the dance between trust and faith and fear and doubt is an integral part of life. Sometimes we dance gracefully, sometimes with two left feet, but the more practice we have, the better we get.

Fear and trust can also perhaps be seen as choices. I can choose to let fear take over or I can choose to remain in a place of trust. I recognize and am aware that the fears are there, I cannot run away from them and switching myself off from the world is not going to rid them either. Rather, I choose to let that voice of fear know that it’s not welcome. With trust on my side I believe that not matter what is happening in my life, or the world, everything will be okay. Trust enables me to go outside of my comfort zone and allows me to grow. Trust is empowering and catalyses transformation and healing. Trust takes courage.

In the circles of women I gather in, fear and trust are common themes. Women have not only been led to mistrust the external, but also our innate, instinctual, intuitive essence. Trust in our bodies, trust in our inner voice, trust in our wisdom, trust in the divine, trust in following our heart, trust in what our soul wants and trust in what it is to ultimately be woman. But, we are learning to find it again. Acknowledging our fears in supportive spaces with other women and realizing we are not alone is one of the biggest steps one can take to overcome fear.

Recently, at Goddesses studio the women gathered in circle to paint Cerridwen, keeper of the cauldron, Celtic goddess of transformation, inspiration, wisdom and rebirth. The theme of the gathering was ‘release’. We stood around the medicine wheel with a fire burning and released into the flames what no longer served us. I released my fears and as I brought Cerridwen into being, I gave her my fears to put into her bubbling brew of magic so that they could be transformed into trust. I asked Cerridwen to guide me in letting go of what not only no longer served me, but what no longer served the highest good.

She reminds me that there never really is anything to fear.

Why not take a sip of her powerful brew?

Cerridwen The transformation of fear into trust by Jassy
                                        The transformation of fear into trust                                                                by Jassy

Jassy Watson, who lives on the sub-tropical coast of Queensland Australia, is a Mother of four, passionate organic gardener, Intuitive/Visionary Artist, Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach and a student of Ancient History and Religion at Macquarie University, Sydney. She is the Creatress of Goddesses Garden, Studio & Gallery; a school for the Sacred Creative Arts. Jassy teaches regular painting workshops in person, nationally, internationally, and online based around themes that explore myth, history, earth connection and the Goddess. Regular creative events and presentations are also held that have included visits from international scholars, artists and musicians. Jassy’s next painting adventure is in Greece where she will guide an intimate group of women in bringing their Mediterannean Muse to life. You can see more of her work here: http://www.goddessesgardenandstudio.com



Author: Jassy Watson Earthist

I live on the Sub-Tropical Coast of Queensland Australia. My most cherished role is that of mother to four. I call myself a Contemporary Earthist as I am an artist who uses creativity as a vehicle to express not only my love, but also my concern for the earth . I am a passionate organic gardener and am also completing a Bachelor of Arts program with Majors in Ancient History and Religion through Macquarie University in Sydney. I am also an Intentional Creativity Coach hosting creative workshops and events from my space "Earth Circle Studios" which fosters Earth Connection and Creative Expression. You can view my work and read more over at www.earthcirclestudios.com

12 thoughts on “A Dance Between Fear and Trust by Jassy Watson”

  1. Jass, been thinking about this all morning.

    It seems to me that there are issues that need to be unpacked. Are fear and trust emotions? Or thoughts, even reflected thoughts? It certainly does not make sense to live life in terms of the emotion of fearfulness of everything. On the other hand, trust that “everything always works out for the best” which is an emotion based on a thought, is not necessarily a good alternative, because in fact, everything does not work out for the best for everyone all the time. In fact, blind trust in the universe or in other people or groups of people is often not a good idea.

    As for the Goddess: is she in control of everything? If not we cannot “trust” Her to make everything work out for the best. For me Goddess is trustworthy, but She is not omnipotent, so what we can trust Her to do is always to be with us and for us and every other individual in the universe, but not to make life turn out “fair,” “just,” or in accord with our wishes.

    Underlying these questions is another issue. Can any one of us “create our own reality” or “maintain control over what will happen to us and those we love.” The answer to this, I suggest is “no.” So in relation to the desire to control everything ourselves, we do need to relinquish control. On the other hand, who should we trust and not trust is not answered simply by recognizing that “I” cannot control everything.

    If the world is created by a multiplicity of wills, trust must always be relative. Hopefully we never “trust” religious and political leaders or even our friends, children, or life partners without always keeping an eye open to the fact that they may not always be trustworthy.


    1. I agree with you, Carol, that an attitude based on “everything will turn out all right” is unrealistic. However, an attitude based on “everything’s all right in this moment” overrides the unnecessary fear that many face daily.

      I also agree that for me it’s not an opposition or fear and trust. And it’s not about creating my own reality. It’s about embracing the reality that I am experiencing. That allows me to experience the joy in my life, and that overrides the fear. Joy for me is the opposite of fear, because you usually can’t be fearful when you’re happy.


      1. Good points Nancy, however I disagree with joy dissipating fear. I, like many I know are full of joy. I am brimming with it, but still experience fear. But an interesting thought. Thank you :)


    2. Great points Carol, and I too suggest the answer is no, we cannot control everything. Even in telling myself that ‘everything is going to be ok’ is said with an (or not). :)


  2. A meaningful post for me especially right now, Jass. My previous eye doctor didn’t treat my glaucoma and now I’m in danger of losing my sight. I trusted him, and now I”m trusting my new doctor to do all that’s possible to prevent blindness. (surgery on Friday for your positive energy, prayers, or whatever word you use in support of others)

    I think of the levels of trust I have. I trusted the doctor – up to a point – and then trusted my sense that all was not good and changed doctors. I’m renting a basement suite and hear the loud male voice upstairs that triggers my childhood urge to hide. I keep reminding myself that he is deaf, and he’s not my father. Summer traffic is abundant on the roads and it seems that every day there is an accident. I don’t trust other drivers (or myself!) at all! When I see the front wheels of a car turn, then I believe that signal light isn’t a mistake. I look both ways before going through an intersection even when I have a green light.

    The balance between fear and reality, caution and paralysis, perhaps only comes through time and experience and awareness. I find it important to socialize, get out of the house and enjoy other people, especially energetic young people and optimistic, positive seniors. Most of all, to enter into that place within myself where I find peace and strength, and the presence of ‘the Other’ who, as Carol wrote, can’t fix everything but is always here in love.

    Well, all that just to say “thanks” for your post Jass! I’m now going to put on my visibility vest and walk with the dog!


  3. I know Rosanne Barr has left the “show biz” industry and is speaking out about the inundation and brain washing of violence we are subjected to in the media. I have seen her speak on this via YouTube videos where she participates in conferences on the subject. I also know that our right brain only believes what we tell it and there is a great deal of research on this. Hence I believe intentional thrust towards left brain ways of knowing. Right brain ways are linked with connection, creative problem solving, mystical states of spiritual realms, Oneness with Source etc. The left brain feels isolated, disconnected from Source, sees everyone as “other” etc. Severe orientation to the left brain causes states such as lack of faith and fear. From this place we are far more easily manipulated. The media is intentionally crafted to disempower our right brained ways of being. As I identified this I got ride of cable television. Seperately but connected to this discussion I almost died from terminal metastatic breast cancer back in 2011. But I kept puling oracle cards saying things like “healer/healed”, “miraculous healing” etc. I was incredulous knowing the diagnosis. Oracles are a right brained activity. My visiting nurse encouraged me to do affirmations – giving thanks for my healing as if it was already accomplished. Even though I was not supposed to live more then six months, I finished 5 1/2 months of treatment, and my Pet CT showed I was completely clear of cancer! And it was everywhere! I learned so much from this experience. The day I came home after these exciting results, a voice said ‘now take what you have learned (about right brained ways of knowing and affirming) into the rest of your life’. Today even though I have a few recurrence tumors (I am still on maintenance medicine) I recently had blood work come back showing my tumor markers at 30 – completely normal. This is quite extraordinary and my oncologist is scratching her head over this one but not unhappy about it of course. But I continue to affirm my wholeness and I have learned that cancer is part of the “Mantle” of Mother God as well and if we can surrender fear – which I consider anti-Christ consciousness and continue to turn towards her love instead of turning away from what She has to show us in every situation – we train and work on trusting and letting go of control – we can be present and learn from a place of love and compassion for ourselves which then can extend to others. I have found that the most important work I have engaged in, in life has been from the hardest and worst events I have had to endure. I consider these modern day forms of initiation These are the ones that have opened me, helped me to see my own shadow and bring healing and make peace within myself and my world. As I transform, my world transforms. I think if we all under went this type of inner work on a regular basis collectively we could bring about great change. But we have to unplug from the artificial drama that is perpetuated in violent and mysogenystic gaming, horror movies, created very intentionally to keep us from right brained connection and I also think we need to take our children back from the public school systems which I see as further imposing conformity consciousness on our children. I believe we are divine humans and we are being fed a lot of lies about who we are and how we should be from the media. The more we unplug from the artificial fomenting of fear from the media and instead switch our plug in to Source directly the more we feed ourselves loving, healing life affirming messages which give us the strength to deal with the real problems of our time. But we all have to choose to stop participating in the artificial consciousness. It is about taking our power back, taking our children back, taking our hearts and our minds back, and if we do, Mother will be there as it is said in prayer in both the gross and the subtle. I really think this is all part of Her way of waking us up. Thanks for listening …


  4. Brava! Excellent blog. I, too, think about these issues, and I live in a “perfectly safe” neighborhood in Southern California. Well, not altogether safe. But is anywhere safe? Whom are we to trust? Why are we so fearful? As you explain, there’s a lot of fear, and for good reasons. I like your idea of throwing our fears in Cerridwen’s cauldron. Thanks.


  5. Good post, Jassy. It reminds me of a book review I just read about _We believe the Children_. This book is about the McMartin pedophila case in the early 1980s and how it has changed our ways of thinking about how parents should hover over their children to keep them safe. Although it was eventually proven that no pedophilia happened in this case of the many subsequent cases, American parents expect themselves to always be physically present with their children (and sometimes if they’re not, they are arrested, for e.g. when an 11-year-old was alone at a park). I think our culture is extremely safety conscious lately (maybe also in Australia?), and that makes us fearful. Knowing ourselves is part of the answer, it seems to me. I realize that I’m a very empathetic person, so I DO switch myself off from the world from time to time in order to rejuvenate and find the energy to oppose the fear-mongering so prevalent in the U.S. Maybe you could use some of that rejuvenating time, too.


  6. Yes, it is the same here in Australia. Parents are scared. We have times where we all switch off. There is a fine balance in staying awake and present to what is going on in the world and not letting overwhelm you.


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