Earth’s Mystery School by Molly Remer

“Earth is a mystery school complete with initiations and discoveries that you only experience by september-2015-123living with your feelings, touching the earth, and embracing the fullness of your humanity.”

–Queen Guenivere


On Samhain morning, I wake early and mist is rising out of the forest and dancing through the field and out of the trees. I have a moment of sheer awe to see it…the veil was literally thin.

Over the weekend, I visit the nearby river to connect in personal ceremony in appreciation before the park closes for the year and also symbolically to those at Standing Rock. This river eventually meets the Missouri River. I run my hands through the water. I anoint my brow, neck, and hands. I whisper my prayers into the ripples. I sing: “I am water. I am water…I am flowing like the water, like the water I am flowing, like the water.”october-2016-065

I am hurrying outside to get some work done. I feel tight and hurried with the length of my to-do list and my superhuman plans for the day. The bright red flame of a bloom on my pineapple sage plant catches my eye and then…the perfection of a bright yellow butterfly alighting on one slender stamen. My breath catches and I stop in wonder. I smell the flower and it smells of pineapple, just as the leaves do. I can hardly believe this treasure and the tightness melts into nothing. The rest of the day is full of joy.

I am once again healed by flowers.

About twenty feet outside my house, there is a small building with a little porch and a peaked roof. Inside, there is red carpet and a purple wall, goddess tapestries draped from floor to ceiling, and goddess sculptures in abundance. march-2016-002In this building I write, work, create, and hold small rituals with a circle of friends. I call it my Tiny Temple and it is the proverbial, “room of one’s own” described by Virginia Woolf in 1929. Having a dedicated work and ceremony space in the midst of a home-based life, which includes a home business shared with my husband, and four homeschooled children, has changed my life profoundly. In the tiny temple, I feel most wholly myself: connected, powerful, free, authentic, and completely alive.

One morning, as I walk to the temple, this beautiful rose makes me drop to my knees with delight. Yes. This right here. This is a beautiful moment. As I kneel beside the rose, the Body Prayer song* wells out of me until I have tears in my eyes.

september-2016-077  “We may need to be cured by flowers. 

We may need to strip naked and let the petals fall on our shoulders, down our bellies, against our thighs. We may need to lie naked in fields of wildflowers. We may need to walk naked through beauty. We may need to walk naked through color. We may need to walk naked through scent. We may need to walk naked through sex and death. We may need to feel beauty on our skin. We may need to walk the pollen path, among the flowers that are everywhere. 

We can still smell our grandmother’s garden. Our grandmother is still alive.”

–Sharman Apt Russell, in Sisters of the Earth

I create personal ritual almost every day in my tiny temple, sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, sometimes tearful, sometimes joyful, sometimes hurried, sometimes leisurely, sometimes distracted, sometimes astonished at the wonder of it all. The week of my rose worship experience, I smudge the temple with sage I grew in the flowerboxes by my front porch. I ring my bell 13 times. I sing “I Am Fire.” I lay out cards and tiny goddesses and create a mandala out of fallen leaves. I leave an offering of flowers from the herbs and let rose petals drop from my fingers. Ritual captivates all the senses…in this sacred space, I invoke my own senses of smell, touch, sight, sound, and wonder and the result is magic.

“Through ceremony we learn how to give back. When we sing, we give energy through our voice; when we drum, we allow the earth’s heartbeat to join with our own; when we dance, we bring the energy of earth and sky together in our bodies and give it out; when we pray, we give energy through our hearts; when we look upon our relations, we give blessings through our eyes. When we put all these activities together, we have a ceremony, one of the most powerful forms of gift-giving we humans possess.”

–Sun Bear and Wabun Wind

May we each be healed by flowers, time to ourselves to sit on the earth and sing, and the simple, every day beauties and miracles that surround us each day.




Molly has been “gathering the women” to circle, sing, celebrate, and share since 2008. She plans and facilitates women’s circles, seasonal retreats and rituals, mother-daughter circles, family ceremonies, and red tent circles in rural Missouri and teaches online courses in Red Tent facilitation and Practical Priestessing. She is a priestess who holds MSW, M.Div, and D.Min degrees and finished her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S. Molly and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses, original goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, and jewelry at Brigid’s Grove. Molly is the author of Womanrunes, Earthprayer, and The Red Tent Resource Kit and she writes about thealogy, nature, practical priestessing, and the goddess at Brigid’s Grove

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  1. I love this! It is just want I needed to read this morning. <3


  2. Thanks Molly. A comment on your rightly stated image — “Earth is a mystery school complete with initiations and discoveries.” Yes and how wonderful that is.

    I live in a crowded city, with tall buildings all around, but my block happens to be quite old and from my window high up in my building, I can see a large number of very tall trees planted over time to keep the city full of oxygen, and that’s true on most of the streets now. But I can also see lots of birds, mostly pigeons, and they fly in exquisite formation, swooping together between the buildings, and above the trees and up into the sky. They seem to do that just for the sheer delight of it, and for no other reason that I can figure.

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    • Sarah,

      My daughter lives in Brooklyn and when she lived in her last apartment, it was close to a pigeon loft. She told me there were quite a few pigeon fanciers in NYC, so you might be seeing a flight from one of them (they fly in formation).


      • Thanks Nancy, yes there are often people feeding the pigeons on the rooftops, etc. And yes they often do fly in formation, so magnificent to see, especially when they swoop. The birds have to move around the buildings though carefully, but they seem to know how to navigate it all very precisely even as a flock. And that’s so beautiful too.

        I just went to the window to see what sort of birds might be out there now and I actually saw a flock of crows, beautiful blackbirds. It’s very cold in NY right now, also, so maybe to keep warm they need to do more flying. When spring comes, it’s amazing the chorus of bird calls — I love listening to all that chirping. But the increased bird population is the outcome of a great number of new trees having been planted all over the city. NYC also plants small flower gardens around the base of those new trees, and that’s so lovely too. There’s an organization called Million Trees NYC — and they made a commitment some years ago to plant all those new trees throughout the city and they actually did it. Hooray!!

        I linked my name here to a bird picture I took in NYC, it’s amazing the variety in the bird population, and how beautiful those birds truly are. But bordering Manhattan the Hudson River (you’ll see in the picture) helps bring in those birds too.


  3. So beautiful, Molly! Love your tiny temple!


  4. Beautiful – your words express so well the depth and wonder of earth-based spirituality. These words you quotes “We may need to strip naked and let the petals fall on our shoulders, down our bellies, against our thighs. ” remind me of how I feel often when I look out at a field of gently swaying grass. It make me long to lie in it and merge myself with the fecundity of Mother Earth. Your gentle reminder of these things are such a beautiful way to start the day.


  5. Beautiful! Blessings to all your work in your Tiny Temple and in your gardens.


  6. Lovely, Molly. I didn’t know you had a tiny temple. When did you build it? Happy solstice!


  7. What a beautiful post, Molly! You’ve inspired me to do much more with my rituals. Your Tiny Temple is darling!


  8. I love your posts. Like yours, my Goddess spirituality is rooted in the earth, more than in the Goddess myths.


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