The Impact of Marija Gimbutas on My Life and Work by Carol P. Christ

Last winter FAR contributor Glenys Livingstone lovingly and professionally edited all of the interviews for the film on Marija Gimbutas’ life and work, Signs Out of Time, by Donna Read and Starhawk, and posted them on youtube. Though I received a link to my interview from Glenys, I was too busy (or too depressed?) to watch it at the time.

As I watched and listened to my twenty years younger self yesterday, chills went up and down my spine. How, I wondered, did she know so much way back then? Maybe (I thought) she really was drawing on the underground spring described by Marija Gimbutas as bursting forth from time to timε to bring us wisdom from the ancestors of Old Europe.

Thank you Glenys for the fantastic editing job.

* * *

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Author: Carol P. Christ

Carol P. Christ is a leading feminist historian of religion and theologian who leads the Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete, a life transforming tour for women.

12 thoughts on “The Impact of Marija Gimbutas on My Life and Work by Carol P. Christ”

  1. Carol I am so glad you got to watch and enjoy. My dear partner Taffy Seaborne also helped with some of the technical support to get these interviews to YouTube.


    1. Thank you, Carol, for writing about your video and the others that are now available; I’ve wanted to watch those interviews in their entirety for over a decade, so this is such a pleasure … to hear more from the women who have had such a positive and inspirational impact upon my life. Blessings! and thank Gaia for you and Marija Gimbutas and all these women who supported her and took her work into other areas.


  2. I loved this interview and have watched it a couple of times. I don’t think there is any question about the fact that you were able to tap into that underground spring for wisdom, then and now…

    Gimbutas’s work did the same for me. It literally changed my life because it supported my belief that the Ancient Goddess was already present in my life at that time, manifesting through clay sculpture. When I first saw my images in “The Language of the Goddess” I was stunned because there they were on those pages! Up until that point I thought I might be making them up. Today, my connection to Her primarily comes out of my experiences in/ with Nature, most of which are routinely dismissed by others.

    Just this morning I had a troubling dream in which I felt so alone as I continued to defend my land against invasion by those who wanted to tame it…

    We are up against so much here.

    This post reminded me that I am not alone.

    Thank you.

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  3. Wow, Carol, your interview is great! You answered some questions I had and now I realize I must re-read Marija’s books. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for all the wisdom and knowledge you have shared with us through your works and pilgrimages.


  4. BEAUTIFUL and BRILLIANT!!! Karolina, I teared up watching this, for your beautiful thought, voice and demeanor. And, it takes me back 20 years ago as well to the feeling of relief and recognition of the Goddess. Congratulations on this gorgeous piece, both to Glenys Livingstone for her editing and to you, Karolina, for your life’s work!

    This piece is a wonderful crystallization of your books, with the added appeal of your personal delivery. I hope it will be shared widely. I think immediately of several people who will be deeply interested.



  5. How many men have you consulted in your studying? I find your points convincing, but cannot help but notice the fact that arguments are being exchanged only on one side of the gender spectrum. I am afraid this wonderful site is becoming an echo chamber for poor ideals. What do you think?


    1. Are you suggesting that what we learn in college and university is for the most part gender balanced? Well, it isn’t. What we are taught is overwhelmingly written by powerful males, most of the European and white. So it is time to hear another point of view. This interview was focused on Marija Gimbutas who offers a different point of view.


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