Resurrection by Sara Wright

Tufted Titmous

 This morning the skin of the earth turns white and wild winds howl.

Yesterday, rain, fog and mist lifted the snow into sweet moisture – laden air.

I rest in peace.

 A little gray titmouse wakes me up.

Spring weather is “bewildering”.

 The origin of the word bewilder helps explain why I find these radical changes so comforting.

 The word bewilder is a combination of two words  “thoroughly,” and “wilder”…to lure into the wild.

Perhaps to return to the source.

 The weather is still wild….

 Although Earth’s wilderness is fragmented to such an extent that it doesn’t exist anymore at the moment except as weather, it lives on as potential.

 Without human interference this pulsing blue –green planet spinning through dark space is more than capable of rewilding herself.

  This is Resurrection.

BIO: Sara is a naturalist, ethologist (a person who studies animals in their natural habitats) (former) Jungian Pattern Analyst, and a writer. She publishes her work regularly in a number of different venues and is presently living in Maine.

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12 replies

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely moment. :)

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  2. Thank you for reading… I notice that I am doing more of this kind of writing focusing on the present moment.

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  3. You’re right: springtime is the true resurrection, not some tortured man. Beautiful photo of the bird. Bright blessings to springtime!

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  4. Wonderful. Thank you for this. I’ve been stressed out and this has soothed my soul.

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  1. Resurrection by Sara Wright - Local Cincinnati News

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