Pandemic Grace: A FAR Message from Xochitl Alvizo

Xochitl with hairHello FAR friends,

I hope you are each doing well – that you are holding up ok during these trying times. It’s Xochitl here. I’m the behind-the-scenes co-weaver keeping things afloat (to varying degrees!) on this collaborative endeavor we call Feminism and Religion.

You may have noticed some gaps in our postings these last couple of months; I want to reassure you that it’s all ok. The gaps are an indication that we are giving one another a lot of pandemic grace. These are tough times and we are all doing what we can to make it through.

FAR will keep publishing as our contributors are able to submit their pieces. We always also welcome new voices and contributions to join in. I will do my best to keep up with the correspondence, but I do appreciate your patience. We are an all-volunteer project and everything we do is done out of our heartfelt commitment. And for all of it, I am grateful.

May we all be well, may we be safe, and may we find our peace.

Rage on, friends!

~ Xochitl

P.S. I’m growing my hair out! I figured quarantine time was a good time to experiment…we’ll see how it goes :)


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24 replies

  1. You do an amazing job. Stay well, happy, and not too productive ☺️🌈👐🏼❤️

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  2. Pandemic grace! I love the phrase. You are beautiful whatever length hair you wear. Have fun experimenting! Thanks for all you do, dear Xochitl!

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  3. Thanks for all you do for the site!! There’s certainly enough going on these days that requires much quiet reflection as well as activism.
    No hair 👍. Short hair 👍.
    Take care of yourself!

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  4. Hair is so important- such a great symbol for change and transformation! Thank you, thank you for all your work.

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  5. Oh, its so good to see your face. I do miss YOUR posts but I know that you are weaving as best as you can without adequate help…and working tirelessly behind the scenes… FAR is a life line and if there are gaps so be it…the important thing is that it continues – this sacred space for genuine VOICES to be heard… Take care…and Thank you for your tireless devoted efforts.

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  6. You rock, you rage, you passion on Xochitl. I hope you are giving yourself some pandemic grace as well! (I agree with the others, an awesome phrase.) Thanks for all your weaving from which we all gain so much. You are a true spider spirit.

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    • Oooh, I love that – spider spirit! Yes! And thank you always for your contributions to keep FAR going too <3


      • Glad you are taking care of yourSelf. Female spiders do all the web-weaving and they are very patient while they persevere. . So “spider spirit” is a fine feeling indeed to invoke right now as we recognize our need for “pandemic grace.” Love love your phrase, And, offering a heartfelt homage to SpiderWoman and her tall sacred red rock far into Canyon Cheilly.

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  7. Thank you so much for FAR! I appreciate it every time it arrives in my inbox. Take your time, keep yourselves healthy, and continue to publish FAR into the future.

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  8. Thank you for this post that is so reassuring not only that FAR is doing well in this challenging time, but that you are also giving yourself some grace and some space to experiment. This is such an amazing community you and so many others have created. This is a good time to rest in the embrace of this community and not worry about deadlines and expectations. Know that all you and the other volunteers do is so appreciated.

    And I love your hair! But I loved your very short hair, too!

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  9. Thank you for keeping this awesome space where the “f” word is word. May may this site and its readers and writers thrive!


  10. You’re the only person I know to use the phrase “pandemic grace.” How optimistic! I hope we’ll all keep up.

    And be sure to keep us posted with photos as your hair grows out. Now I’m wondering how you’ll look with a ponytail. Haha.

    Brightest blessings, clever sister.

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  11. Thanks so much for all you do for this community!! Love the phrase “pandemic grace” It’s a good reminder to me to not be so upset with friends and family who maybe are having a hard time and for that not always that easy to communicate with. I need to apply pandemic grace!

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  12. Thank you for your gracious words. I am a firm believer in Sabbath, too; it may be that we need more Sabbath than usual, so we could even consider intentional post-free days. PS. I absolutely love your hair. <3

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