She Changes Everything She Touches by Deanne Quarrie

Deanne QuarrieShe Changes Everything She Touches and …
Everything She Touches Changes….

As a way of entry to this post, I wish to let readers know that this is not a typical kind of post for this blog. It is however, the work of an accomplished priestess and about how she has been reminded of what she knows about manifesting wants and needs in her life. It is personal and it is real. In my professional life I was big on accountability and know that it applies to my magical life as well. This post therefore witnesses my intentions!

I have been feeling horribly scattered lately, almost as though I have acquired ADHD in my old age. Each day is incredibly busy and yet at the end of the day, when I reflect on how busy, I realize I have not gotten anything productive done! I have a lot of irons in the fire and recently have added even more. I added them because they seem important, as they might prove helpful to me for accomplishing some of my goals.

So, I was talking to my friend and fellow Priestess, Letecia Layson, on the phone the other day, lamenting about this as well as other things that I wish to develop in my life that have to do with family and friend connections and spending more time with in-person relationships.

At the end of our conversation, in which my friend used her skills at listening, she remarked, “Bendis, you are a remarkable woman and have accomplished so much in your life. You have shared marvelous things with your students, but in listening to you, I can clearly see that, right now, you are not using what you teach in your own life.”

She Changes Everything She Touches and …
Everything She Touches Changes….

I stopped and took in what she had just said and realized that she spoke the truth. When I have used my own skills at manifesting, magic happens. I am a very good at manifestation. How could I not apply what I know to my own life? Of course, it is all part of the apparent ADHD that I really don’t have. What I have is a lack of goal setting, a lack of organization. I knew I had to create an action plan and include in it, a heavy dose of manifestation magic that has been lacking.

A synchronistic event followed on the very next day when I attended an all-day training that is part of my part-time job with local digital inclusion efforts. The topic for the day was Goal Setting and Goal Achieving. Step-by-step I was taken through a process that is identical to what I teach my students when they first come on board in my mentoring program. Duh! Did I need a two by four?

I was encouraged to pick one goal. That immediately put a road block in front of me because I had at least five goals that sat at the top of my list, not one of them any less important that the others.

She Changes Everything She Touches and …
Everything She Touches Changes….

So here is what I am working on:

Goal Setting and Achievement

Part One – Self-Analysis

  1. Where are you right now in terms of your goals and satisfaction level?

I am not where I want to be. I am feeling scattered. I feel completely disorganized. At the end of the day I feel as though I have not accomplished anything.

  1. What do you feel needs to be done?

I want to improve my writing skills. I am a published author but I want to find more venues to publish my articles. I am exploring art as a therapeutic process and want to make time for it. As a teacher/facilitator of personal growth I want to add audio and visual medium to my classes I teach. I want to finish my new school, Dancing with Goddess. I love to learn and need to complete the classes I have started. I need to make sure to allow time for spontaneity in case social opportunities arise because I need to strengthen my support system here where I live.

  1. What are your professional liabilities and weakness that you want to minimize and/ or eliminate?

I am currently not at all organized. I have great organizational skill that I am not using. I have not created a schedule for myself in order to complete things. I am spending way too much time on things that are not productive. I am not practicing what I teach! I am not using my magic!

She Changes Everything She Touches and …
Everything She Touches Changes….

Goals and Action Steps

Goal # 1 My Own Learning Path

1. Create time slot on schedule
2. Start the classes
a. Do 2 – 3 units per week on #1 priority classes
b. Fill in, if time is available, with fun ones
3. Stay on track

Goal # 2 My Online Schools for Others

1. Create time slot on schedule
2. Figure out how to get classes to front page
3. Figure out payment set up
4. Networking

Goal #3 Personal Support System


1. Pay attention to what opportunities are right for me
2. Make sure to go
3. Show appreciation – follow up with “thank you” and express the desire to be included again.


1. Express needs to family
2. Be supportive of theirs as well
3. Communicate often

Goal #4 Writing – Improve & Publish

1. Create time slot in schedule
2. Write every day
3. Network to find places to publish blogs and anthologies
a. look for anthologies (books) to write for.
4. Use books on hand for writing improvement

Goal #5 Get Healthy – Lose Weight & Workout

1. Begin a different eating schedule – breakfast early
2. Stop eating by 7:00 pm
3. Eat small portions – use small plate
4. Plan menus ahead
5. Schedule 1 trip to 24-Hour fitness weekly
6. Walk 2 days weekly

She Changes Everything She Touches and …
Everything She Touches Changes….

Magical Goals and Action Steps

Goal # 1

Create an altar in my home where I can sit at the beginning of each day to plan and review resources and again at the end of each day to review what has been achieved.

Goal #2

Create a Vision Journal to set intentions and record achievements. The Vision Journal will live on the altar.

Goal #3

Include art each week at least on one day for 2 hours. Include magical intent built within art pieces.

I am currently creating my calendar, with a plan to make each day look the same as if I was heading out to work. My job is to accomplish the goals I have set out for myself. I will go to work at a certain time, accomplish my listed tasks for the day and then close my business day. I will allow for flexibility and spontaneity should I have an opportunity for social engagements that will build my support system.

I will be posting this on my own personal blog Her Breath along with follow-up as I accomplish these goals. I will make every effort to include any changes I make as well as fun magical things I will be doing to make these goals manifest in my life.

She Changes Everything She Touches and …
Everything She Touches Changes….

I am grateful, even if I was a little embarrassed to admit the truth, to be reminded of my own ability to make things happen when I need to. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday living and bogged down by what we take on. I look at all of this and ask myself if perhaps I really am taking on too much, but we’ll see. I will do the work and back it with some powerful magic and then, just let it be!

Deanne Quarrie. D. Min. is a Priestess of the Goddess. She is the author of five books. She is the founder of the Apple Branch where she teaches courses in Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, Northern European Witchcraft and Druidic Studies. She mentors those who wish to serve others in their communities. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Ocean Seminary College and is the founder of Global Goddess, a worldwide organization open to all women who honor some form of the divine feminine.

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19 replies

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    • Deanne,
      Your blog post was very inspiring according to my circumstances right now! I really appreciate your ideas on getting a routine going. I’m learning that busy schedules wouldn’t feel so busy if there’s was a routine, which includes making time for yourself. I personally love going to the gym to exercise at the top of the day and enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards. We both have the same desire to make time to thrive more with our artistic capabilities, so your routine list is very similar to my own. I’m a musician from Los Angeles and it’s easy to lose sparks of creativity while focusing on school. But I’ve found creating a routine to feel good sets the tone for the time I make to pick up the guitar. I really enjoyed reading your post and wish you all the luck on your new daily routine!

      Andrea D


  2. I sympathize with your story. I too am going through a time when I can’t seem to get things done that need doing. At the same time, it seems to me that life/Goddess spirituality is not all about manifesting and achieving. The idea that we need to make things happen or they won’t happen is one of the ideas I had to give up. We do have free will, and our choices and actions do make a difference, but for me, a big turning point was realizing that “I” don’t have to “do” “everything.” Sometimes we can and must just “let it be.” Even now my friends are telling me to take it easy and not expect so much of myself all the time.


  3. My word Deanne, what I lot you are working on – no wonder you’ve been feeling scattered. I honour your desire to work and serve and be engaged in so much and your planning towards achieving all you hope for. Be very kind to yourself and keep finding fun and delight in this world of so many possibilities.


  4. Hello Deanne Quarrie. I have to ask, how did this post find its way to my inbox? And Why?


  5. Don’t forget to have some fun Deanne. Maybe with creating something tasty for your smaller plate? Or teaching your class? or with other “to do’s” on your list. And read Carol’s post above at least once a week, or maybe each evening.


  6. I bet everyone who reads FAR has a full list of things to do every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year. Your advice and model are good! Hang in there!


  7. I am, unfortunately, tired of hearing all about how people out there are ‘working to ‘help”, and yet the help that i cry out for, over years and years, is NOT THERE.


  8. Your post resonates with me so much, Deanne. Thank you. I too have felt scattered with too many irons in the fire. I had hoped to ‘retire’ this year from my high-stress and long-hours job in IT, but could not do it for financial reasons, yet I have been determined to introduce some of the creative arts and other interests into my already burgeoning schedule where I am High Priestess to a growing coven (I will start teaching eight new students this weekend), very active in my greater Witchen/Wiccan community teaching public classes and facilitating them twice a month, and busy with family and gardening! Just reading your schedule made me realize I cannot do it all. I must be gentle with myself and sometimes just allow myself to JUST BE.

    Blessings to you and I do hope to learn how you are doing on this new routine! Maybe there is hope for me yet!

    Tell Letecia Hello for me! Met her at an ASWM event in California many years ago. Lovely lady. I love following your work. Thank you.



  9. Thank you, Faelind. Goal #1 seems to have fallen by the wayside for now. That is ok because of all the goals listed, currently that is the least beneficial. That can change and that’s ok! I am getting closer in Goal #2 and have accepted another teacher into the fold to broaden the offerings. I am working on social connections but an asthma flare has been interfering for now. Connections with family is out of my control as I rely on them for actual in-person connection. I have a new great-granddaughter (2 weeks) that I am going to meet for the first time on Tuesday, a belated Mother’s Day present.

    I did not even include on my list my involvement with Digital Inclusion here in Austin. I have been working in a program called LAP which is bringing personal one-on-one education on the use of computers to low income residents of the Housing Authority of City of Austin. I have just been accept as a Digital Ambassador which will involve more teaching as well as behind the scene creation of programs and classes and networking. This brings a great deal of satisfaction to me in helping others and also a small amount of income which is much needed. I am still acquiring what I need for the vision journal but have set up the altar. I am busy now finalizing the workshops I will be sharing in Brazil during the month of June. So nothing has really slowed down. I just have a better view of what is important at the moment.

    Please say hello to Raven, if you see her. She is a very long time friend. She and I went to rainbow classes in the 80’s together!


    • Oh Deanne! I will say hello to Raven! She is my Tradition’s Matriarch. She started the Wiccan Tradition, American Tradition of the Goddess here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the early 90’s. Many of the Tradition’s High Priestesses and High Priests will be attending a Third’s Getaway to Oklahoma next weekend where we will get to practice ritual, learn from each other, and just visit with our busy family-of-the-heart.

      Hopefully, some day I can meet you, we are so close!

      I’m glad you have let some things on the list slide for now. I find that if I pack my days so tightly with all I “have to do” I won’t be open to the opportunities that come my way for things I might “want to do”!

      Blessings to you!


      • Yes, we were in Rainbow together – When I hived from the Dallas Dianics (now McFarland) I started my work creating the Apple Branch byt combining, over the next 9 years, Feminist Dianic and Faerie Faith into what I had. That was in 1991 – same as Raven’s work with Amtrad. I have celebrated many rituals at her place!


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